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    The software itself requires no license to be run, therefore there is no need to "physically" swap out a license key or something. A valid license is only required to both obtain official support and receive software updates.

    Thank you! Thats perfect, I just wanted to check before we did anything as I didnt want to end up with issues where the software stopped working or anything silly like that :) Thank you all for your assistance!

    There's no need. You just have to contact WoltLab in case you want to have a licence transfered from one account to another. However, in this case, you have to pay a fee of 15 EUR.

    Okay, that makes sense. Is there no way to just completely replace the license that she has used to install it with our own then, or will we only run into issues when it comes to future updates?

    Depends on the server ;)

    WBB updates for example require the license info, while plugin updates from the plugin store require your regular WoltLab account informations.

    Ahhhh That makes sense (I think :) ) I have just heard from her and she's updating everything for us now (So that is amazing because its one less thing I have to worry about messing up xD) but what I did want to know is if we need to migrate the license in the future without there being updates, is it possible? Or will we need to contact you guys? Or is updates the only issue??

    After buying a license, you just have to replace the license info in your ACP with your own.

    Thank-you! That is reassuring. Being a bit of an idiot when it comes to these things where would I find this in the ACP? I've had a look under the bits that look obvious but I cant see it...

    Hey All,

    So I am hoping that you guys may well be able to give me a hand. Long story short we have a good friend that owns a copy of Woltlab, we wanted to launch a forums for our musical group and as some of us have used WoltLab in the past we asked if we could use it. She has said not a problem and she installed it all for us and got it up and running, cutting forward to the present day she has become incredibly inactive with us, we dont talk a lot and we are aware that we need to update the software (We are told its good practice and we dont want any sort of vulnerabilities). We are able to afford the software, but we are not sure if we are able to migrate over to our licence and off of her license?

    If someone could explain if it is possible or if we just have to try to get her to do the updates I would very much appreciate it :)

    Thanks all!