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    During my upgrade from Woltlab 3.1 to 5.2 I had the installer stall out a few times. Basically the spinning icon that says the upgrade is in operation turned into an 'X' and progress bar completes with the % it had installed to. I had to refresh the screen a few times to restart the upgrade. All in all everything seems to have updated. The modules all have the updated version numbers. Just not sure what happened. When I went to check the maintenance mode page, it seems it wasn't in maintenance mode. I clicked it but may not have hit the submit button. Not sure if that was what was causing the stalls. The second issue now is that when I try to rebuild data, the progress icon does the same thing, turning into a red 'X' and operation stops. The first on the list "Convert Database Encoding" stops at 17%. I've clicked around the website and everything seems to be in order, but I suspect their may still be unseen consequences.

    Anybody have any input here?

    Do you allow posting in your newsletter archive forum?

    Currently yes, but nobody's polluted that thread with questions either. I'd imagine I'd make it hard to find an old newsletter if they have to scroll through too many replies. I should have made the first post be a message saying that the following posts are old newsletters and to make a new thread if there are questions.

    I do it this way too. I write my emails/newsletters in a thread called "Newsletter Archive" then leave it there even after I've sent the out the email so there's always a hard copy of the newsletter there in case some people miss it or it gets filtered.

    So I had someone create a user account and created a thread and post in my forums. Although the post wasn't an issue, this individual seems to have been able to create a footer/signature area on the bottom of his post with a hyperlink to a site he's promoting.

    Now what ever he did, I cannot edit the post to delete this because the post HTML seems to end and the smiley. I've checked my settings in the ACP to see if I've allowed something I shouldn't have and don't see anything at first look. I'm sure deleting the thread will likely fix the situation but I'm more interested in how this user was able to achieve this to begin with. Is this a straight up hack or did I configure something wrong to allow this?

    Here's another pic showing the HTML for the link and footer he added.

    Here's what I'm saying. I uploaded a large enough graphic into the ACP which could have taken up the whole tile, but it's not. It's only taking up a corner of the tile. I didn't add the larger tiles for Amazon, YouTube and Steam locally. Why isn't their favicon smaller like mine and super imposed over a screenshot of their website?. I want my favicon to appear larger like theirs without having to do it locally and the graphic I uploaded was large enough to do it. Maybe that was a more clear.

    On the bottom right corner, there is a new button where these quotes have been saved.

    The button appears on pages where you can create content.

    O.K. Thanks a lot for that. They should make the icon shake or something like a notification icon does. I swear I've never noticed that down there before. Awesome feature by the way.

    Just a pic in case someones else needs to find it too.

    O.K., this is kind of dumb, but let me throw this out to you anyway. I've made a custom browser tile for my site that can be used on certain browsers home page like for Chrome or firefox. Normally the browser auto-creates one for a site by taking a random screen shot of the site and adding in it's favicon, such as in this pic below.

    You can however click the tile and make a nicer one by pointing to a custom icon from your computer like this one. And I assume this only changes this on my local computer.

    The million dollar question is this. How can this new tile to show up for other users automatically after they visit my site? Obviously, as you can see, other sites custom logo automatically show up as a nice tile straight off and doesn't use the inferior auto generated one.

    Any ideas on this?

    I know that highlighting a phrase of somebody's post gives you the option of 'saving' the quote, or 'inserting' the quote, and 'inserting' the quote is fairly straight forward and inserts a quote quite nicely in the reply I'm preparing. However, I've yet to understand what 'saving' the quote is for. Where does it save to, and how is this later retrieved? I assumed you could highlight and save multiple quotes and when you finely clicked 'Insert', all of them would be inserted all at once. This obviously isn't the case. Can anybody give me some insight as to how this is meant to be used?

    Yeah I'm starting to waffle on third party sign-in myself. Only seems to transfer a minimal amount of info into users profile and there's nothing stooping them from using the same username and password for my site. Tired of jumping through Facebook and Google's hoops to implement this also. First the Facebook login stopped working for some reason, and now google say's the "Google Sign-in branding" on my site isn't in compliance. I certainly wouldn't be upset if this was stripped out of the product.

    You can do it another way by creating a custom box that pulls latest articles in it and display that custom box on the dashboard page.

    In fact you can create a few that use different methods of displaying articles in the boxes, such as having one article box with least views, another with most views, or most commented, etc. And have them all displayed on the dashboard page.

    Thanks a lot, I was able to figure it out and made my first box. Just made a box to display the last two articles just below the content of the Dashboard page. Worked out well just like you said.

    I've noticed this as well which is why I've searched for this thread here. I know articles aren't user generated content, but a new article on one's website should still qualify as "Recent Activity" and be featured on the front page (Dashboard) of the site for a time. Was the dashboard not intended to be used as front page? Or was it intended to write up a static paragraph above the recent activities box directing users eyes to something "featured" on the site. A 'Recent Articles' box displaying the teasers for the last two or three articles before dropping off, displayed above the 'Recent Activity' box would be great.

    Yeah, doesn't seem to be any way to add your websites logo to your emails through the ACP. The email seems to just print your website title in Ariel font onto the header of the email. My websites logo is just 'EV's World' written in a Comic Sans font and looked into modifying the email template to just use Comic Sans for the title, but the finished email seems to be a composite of more than one template file and it wasn't clear to me how to make the change.

    Hey everyone.

    I'm getting close to upgrading my website to Woltlab 3.1 and had some questions concerning the optional Step 3 of the upgrade procedure. Does anybody have a suggested settings for this. While looking in my GoDaddy cPanel I assume this step is referring to 'max_execution_time' and 'max_input_time'. My site is set to the following variables.

    max_execution_time = 120

    max_input_time = 60

    I'd appreciate some insight what others have set theirs at. My site is small with not a lot of content but I dont want to have any issues with the upgrade. I've found a youtube video of someone creating a user.ini file with custom settings but wanted to know if my setting should be modified.

    I have mixed feelings about this because staff here steered me toward a competitor product less then a year ago because this wasn't apparently a feature Woltlab was planning to add. Is video the only added feature to the gallery?

    Can you GeoTag images and videos using the google maps integration?

    Can you update images and videos without redoing the Title, description, Tags, etc.

    You mention that the video service data import includes Title, Description, Preview image, but does it also include tags? (That wasn't mentioned)

    I like that fact that albums can be mixed media with both images and videos. Wish my current gallery product had this.

    Will there be a feature to import from other gallery products?

    you need only clear cache

    پشتیبانی شبکه

    Thanks for the reply. Clearing the cache was one of the first things everyone here had me try. Woltlab as well as Godaddy tech's have logged on to the site trying to solve the mystery with this with no resolution. This is still an issue even today. I'm thinking there is a bad file somewhere and maybe a major update will just fix it someday. I have had no other issues with the site.

    Woltlab recommends 7.0 for now, due to some possible problems.

    It does not harm your website/server/configuration to set it higher.

    Whats the highest you can select via the dropdown?

    it goes from 2m>4m>8m>......................1gb.

    Which hosting provider has crazy implimentaion? I have Godaddy. Been running 7.1 for a few hours while now I play with EasyMedia. So far nothings blew up on me.

    I logged into cPanel then went to "Select PHP Version>Switch to PHP Options>" and it seems to be set to 2 mb. I noticed the dropdown menu to set a higher amount but I think I'll leave it alone for now. Already have EasyMedia installed and working. I'm just going to make a note where this setting is for future reference. Also saw a note on the top of the page that there is an update to PHP. Currentely set to 5.6. I'll try bumping this up to 7.1 and see what happens.