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    Alexander Ebert it possible to find the old sentence between french translation and english

    I have 600 sentences more in french , probably old sentences , it is the french translation woltlab 4 , after correction to 4.1 after 5 and now 5.1 , thus probably a lot of sentences from old plugin too?

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

    RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

    order allow,deny

    deny from 46.229.168.

    deny from

    allow from all

    this work for me


    this is my htaccess , it is in the public_html

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off

    RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

    Order Deny,Allow

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Deny from

    Allow from all

    and i see the try to connect in guest


    I have a lot of guest on the forum

    46.229.168. from 131 to 153

    I have a htaccess with a deny for all this IP

    I exclude all the Ip in the forum in ACP sécurity

    and now if i look in member i have this

    41 guess with the adress IP deny in htaccess and in security

    An idea ?

    Hello , this is the vimeo create key

    It is the two first line , i must to incorporate in Woltab in ACP ?

    And what option in generate token i must use ?

    I try but i don't have in gallery the information and the miniature générate

    Thanks for your help

    No many answer :(

    It is possible just in manage phrase when we validate to test something

    the odd number of ' , we use a lot of ' in french

    the number of { must be equivalent the number of }

    the number of ( must be equivalent the number of )

    the number of " must be pair

    and if it is possible to have a color différence between ' and ’ (alt 0146)

    and make the inverse of the radio button check , if there are someting in alternative sentence use them except if you validate the button .

    I have a crash when i try to update the site to 3.1 , i make a mistake because i forget to put my site in english when i try to UPgrade (Perhaps add this in bold in the help guide )

    And since monday , i try to find where i make a mistake in my translation .

    My solution to find it export all the sentence of english and all the sentence in french in xml , change the en , in fr , import all my site work because french=english

    troncate my export in french in two parts , reload the first part of french , my site work thus my error is in the second part .

    truncate the second part in two parts , reload the first second part , error in my site thus the error is somewhere in this part , i reload the french english , the first part in english and a small part of the problem's part to find where is the problem

    I find finaly my error, i have forget a ' .

    this the error in woltlab

    ad the log file


    Thu, 04 Oct 2018 15:46:13 +0000

    Message: Undefined index: allowedFileExtensions

    PHP version: 5.6.38

    WoltLab Suite version: 3.1.5 pl 1

    Request URI: /gallery/index.php?image-add/


    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/69.0.3497.100 Safari/537.36

    Peak Memory Usage: 13533936/268435456


    Error Class: wcf\system\exception\ErrorException

    Error Message: Undefined index: allowedFileExtensions

    Error Code: 0

    File: /home/phorumbe/public_html/lib/system/WCF.class.php (346)

    Extra Information: -

    Stack Trace: [{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/templates\/compiled\/0_gallery_6_imageAdd.php","line":1991,"function":"handleError","class":"wcf\\system\\WCF","type":"::","args":[8,"Undefined index: allowedFileExtensions","\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/templates\/compiled\/0_gallery_6_imageAdd.php",1991,{"templateName":"[redacted]","application":"[redacted]","sendHeaders":"[redacted]","this":"[redacted]","sourceFilename":"[redacted]","compiledFilename":"[redacted]","metaDataFilename":"[redacted]","metaData":"[redacted]","__langCompilerTemplatePluginOutput":"[redacted]","_length5f1b44ceeb05a1a647af0a42423721da97b43278":"[redacted]","_i5f1b44ceeb05a1a647af0a42423721da97b43278":"[redacted]","_foreach_13d90bd6f840c0390d02117b53a9432e38b99883":"[redacted]","_foreach_13d90bd6f840c0390d02117b53a9432e38b99883_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_26e3f93bb684df2667a4d3324e3d9763b7cbbf1f":"[redacted]","_foreach_26e3f93bb684df2667a4d3324e3d9763b7cbbf1f_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_b5b95c9b66ae16fac9d9ef392f026f05324fd22d":"[redacted]","_foreach_b5b95c9b66ae16fac9d9ef392f026f05324fd22d_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_b8713577b69a33bab1a3d90da44bc0029d7f09c9":"[redacted]","_foreach_b8713577b69a33bab1a3d90da44bc0029d7f09c9_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_da86c416cc6ca76f3be98d5605e0d8ffc5aea969":"[redacted]","_foreach_da86c416cc6ca76f3be98d5605e0d8ffc5aea969_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_ff84bc37a047e84b9259c137b0b8158ec7837363":"[redacted]","_foreach_ff84bc37a047e84b9259c137b0b8158ec7837363_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_377d5ca46de51f93bfe33f1e2ef05b9cf6f8a962":"[redacted]","_foreach_377d5ca46de51f93bfe33f1e2ef05b9cf6f8a962_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_a91c7a7050f43bd19585124e257d0a9d52d0230d":"[redacted]","_foreach_a91c7a7050f43bd19585124e257d0a9d52d0230d_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_a843c266a598738f792eff886a020893a24c9eee":"[redacted]","_foreach_a843c266a598738f792eff886a020893a24c9eee_cnt":"[redacted]","_foreach_6fca4864710474d32e1fb633e2d94c1fb0f4b350":"[redacted]","_foreach_6fca4864710474d32e1fb633e2d94c1fb0f4b350_cnt":"[redacted]"}]},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/lib\/system\/template\/TemplateEngine.class.php","line":321,"args":["\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/templates\/compiled\/0_gallery_6_imageAdd.php"],"function":"include","class":"","type":""},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/lib\/page\/AbstractPage.class.php","line":323,"function":"display","class":"wcf\\system\\template\\TemplateEngine","type":"->","args":["imageAdd","gallery"]},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/lib\/page\/AbstractPage.class.php","line":114,"function":"show","class":"wcf\\page\\AbstractPage","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/lib\/system\/request\/Request.class.php","line":83,"function":"__run","class":"wcf\\page\\AbstractPage","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/lib\/system\/request\/RequestHandler.class.php","line":96,"function":"execute","class":"wcf\\system\\request\\Request","type":"->","args":[]},{"file":"\/home\/phorumbe\/public_html\/gallery\/index.php","line":9,"function":"handle","class":"wcf\\system\\request\\RequestHandler","type":"->","args":["gallery"]}]


    If somebody has an idea where to find the wrong sentence with this , it's help me a lot for the next time .. because i use an the wrong '

    It is not a problem of woltlab , it is my error and in english i have any error

    It is possible to have a translation tool to help foreign language to translate.

    My wish

    minimum a sql query to know which sentence is already translate between woltlab or plugin between english and the new language by exemple for me french

    By exemple between woltlab 3.0 and 3.1 80% of the sentences is the same but we must translate again the 80% because how know the change

    A list of change of sentences with the same name between version by exemple

    blog.entry.add in 3.0 : "Add" in 3.1 "Add one or more articles" it is not the reality but just to see what i want

    Translate and maintain the translation between version is very hard ...

    For me, the biggest difference is that there is no longer this notion of mutual help on the forums

    everyone wants to make money with the internet today. Before we found for example free add-ons for phpbb, today templates are paid, plug-ins are paid.

    We want to make money with brushes for photoshop, paid plug-ins before we found them for free on the forums.

    So why come again on the forums if the help is gone.

    I see. Maybe, you can keep a backup which includes deleted personal information. That can be a work around ?

    For GDPR , backup delete personnal information and say to the member all is deleted , it is a great problem ...

    You can just backup the post of ask the deleted information to prove you deleted the information at the request of the member

    How do you respond to a GDPR delete request ? Do you simply delete the account or delete the associated data as well ?

    For me , with a delete request , i delete the account and all data associated if the forum is sensitive and in the data , it is possible to have a problem of tolerance or some abusive post.

    I see a great problem with delete saved ip for the gdpr and the problem of abusive post for non moderated forum , if you delete IP and you have a request for abusive post and you can't send ip and information to the police about the user , it is a normal request...

    In a moderated forum , the webmaster with the validate of the post is responsable with the autor of the post for abusive post

    Five years ago , i'm a moderator of a photographic forum and we have a request about pictures from a photograph because the picture are about a girl of 14 years old in bikini and the parents have a problem with the photograph because other pictures not published on the forum are nude content , the police ask 8 months later , the information about the id , emal and information of the photograph .

    Put a google map on a post is very different , it is just a link.

    Use a map in gallery , you must enter the name of the city , google maps give you a list of , you can move the selector.

    Thus verify your key or create a key , put the key on administration of woltab , it 's work perfectly for me