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    With the new version of woltlab , the problem of translation is again hard for me

    the biggest problem is the difference between ' and ’ , because one error between this and we have a general error

    French language use a lot of ’ , each sentence contains one or more ’ and the problem is there are sentence with the ' and the ’ , very difficult to see the difference

    Thus i think about a solution , it is possible to replace the ’ by a different typo , by exemple use the caractère $ ,%,µ,§ to replace all the ’ when i see a translation in woltlab and when i write the translation in woltlab , and the sentence is "translate" after with the correct caractère

    by exemple

    D'autre proposition the sentence

    is see Dµautre proposition in woltlab sentence translation but if i change the sentence : L'autre , i write Lµautre but woltlab translate in L'autre

    you can't .

    Guest is a people non connecting

    Users is a people connecting with his name and password.

    Thus a administrator , moderator or blogger are when connecting a user , they have the right of a user

    you must for a guest , choose what a guest can or can not do

    you must for a users , choose what a user can or can not do

    bloggers have the right of a user and you can add some right more to blogger and the same for moderator or administrator

    thus a people is guest if not connecting or user if connecting and more if you want blogger , moderator or administrator

    It is possible to record all the jpg from flickr account. Now if the customer don't have a pro account only the last 1000 jpg are visible, thus many post on the forum lost the jpg.

    An idea ?

    Whith the new rules on flickr , some users ask me if it is possible to put the image on the galery , take the link of the image and use the image on another site and if this image is visible for everybody if i set the properties visible for all ?

    Create a new thread

    Write your text , align , font .... links

    when the text is ok

    Click on the first icon to see html

    You must see something this but different because it is your text

    Copy all the lines and go to acp

    In my forum i have a forum with all the newsletters , i validate the thread to create it but you can delete it

    You can choose email to all user or choose group and send to a specific group

    In email subject type Newsletter November or something you want

    The sender , your name or ....

    In email message , paste the copy lines from the thread

    and DON'T FORGET to validate Enable HTML to have the same as you see in the thread

    .quoteBoxIcon {
        display: block !important;

    Like I've just done here?

    I get this on my forum as per attached. (no avatar)

    I go to your site with F12 to see the properties

    the .quoteboxicon properties display is set to None

    try this and if it is not work , give a link to a post with a quote

    The fields in the ACP use the same names as the field from Vimeo (with an additional "Vimeo" prefix in the ACP). Put "Client Identifier" in "Vimeo Client Identifier" and put "Client Secrets" in "Vimeo Client Secrets". You don't have to manually create an access token, the software will take care of that.

    If you should still have problems afterwards:

    Due to this thread, I have potentially caught an issue with the vimeo video provider and I am currently investigating it.

    thanks for your reply

    this the edit of my app

    i use the client and the secret key and i don't have the miniature when i try to put a link of a vimeo video

    You selected english as language, so you should write in english too.

    It is true that vimeo is less used but as we are in the photo, video for the forum, some prefer vimeo to publish because compression would be less.

    thanks for your comment in 415 post , it is my first time in french , happy you like this and my natural language is dutch , the second french and after english

    merci pour ta réponse

    Thanks for your replies but nothing in german too ...

    C'est exact que viméo est moins utilisé mais comme on est dans la photo, vidéo pour le forum , certains préfèrent viméo pour publier car la compression serait moindre.

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but I'd like to know if it's possible to change to colour of the like thumbs up?

    Maybe green for like and red for dislike?

    for the like

    .icon.icon16.fa-thumbs-o-up {
        color: green;
        background-color: green;

    choose if you want the color of element or the color of the background green

    i don't use the don't like but probably fa-thumbs-o-down