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    I’m new in the WBB world and i also had to learn how Categories and Albums are working. Because Categories are working independent from Albums.

    You cannot assign Albums to Categories. That’s the issue here. Therefore I’m only using Albums and hide the standard Category. I’m also not happy with this situation. In the meanwhile I don’t use Categories any longer. They doesn’t make sense to me.

    Especially if you want to import several hundred pictures into WBB. I already tried to assign Albums to certain Categories after the import. Doesn’t work. This has been confirmed by woltab team as well.

    Possibly it may work to setup a complete new gallery using Categories. You have to try it. I made some tests and the final result was kinda strange. Therefore i skipped the idea with the Categories.

    Yes, an Albums is owned by the Creator. And the permission to create an Album or upload a pic to an Album can be handled by Group Permissions in the ACP. If you have further questions feel free to ask.