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    could it be that some kind of antivirus software “helpfully” clicked the links before showing the in order to check them for malware? Could it be that the email was delayed and the link expired?

    No, it was nothing like that. I tested it myself by having the email for the password sent to me and I tried to follow the new link and got the same thing.

    Here is an analogy.

    Say you are in a building and you have a video monitor on your cell phone that says "show people in the building" and that's what it does. It shows you all the people who are in the building and their location, but as soon as you walk into a room it switches to only show you who's in that same room.

    You don't expect that to happen and it doesn't make sense. You want to see all the people in the building from wherever you are, but it refuses to allow it.

    So when you are in a room, "show people in the building" does not show all the people in the building anymore.... BUT, if you click on the text "show people in the building, THEN it will give you a list of everyone in the building and where they are located even when you are in a room.

    That's exactly how users online is functioning and it is NOT logical.

    I tried to help out with a suggestion. If you think you have configured your forum as you like it then let it be. The forum online box is only showing who is browsing adventures log. That's it and that's never gonna change in woltlab software

    It is logic to show only the users browsing per forum. If you are in the overall forum landing page it shows everyone who is online that's the difference.

    You could remove adventure log category and have the invisible forum still showing.

    To me it's not logical to have a users online box that does not show all of the users online.

    Also... did you not see that the box, users online, when displayed on a forum WILL show all of the users online if you click the link in the box to show the users.

    That is not logical behavior. If it is only showing the members browsing a forum then why would it change to show all users when you clink on it's link?

    To me it's simple. If there is a box that will show all the users online, then that's what it should do no matter where you feel like showing the box.

    I guess someone could make a plugin, but that's really ridiculous.

    Here is a common sense reason for wanting the box to show ALL users, even in a forum:

    I want my users to be able to see all the people who are logged in.... wherever I decide to show it. Is it that hard to understand?

    You can make it your main page also.. ? just remove the category and put the forums underneath one level up. This would solve your problem. I can help you if you don't know what I mean.

    There is a hidden forum that only logged in members can see. I have it laid out exactly how I want it to be, other than I can't get a forum to be the landing page... which is also very irritating.. So I have to redirect things to make that work like it does even.

    So the users online box, working correctly in a logical sense would really solve my problem.

    Does it make sense that if no one is on the dashboard page, the users online box on the dashboard page will show everyone logged onto the forum (users online) but when you want to use that same box to display that same information on a forum, you can't? It's called users online... after all, and that's the function I'd like it to do no matter where I decide to put the box.

    Also, when you click on the Users Online from the forum to show the users.... THEN it shows all of the users online anywhere in the forum.

    That makes ZERO sense.

    So I see from the "forum" users online that there are three users online and when I click the link to show the users, it shows me 10 users who are logged in.

    Don't tell me that's a logical way it should be working, lol.

    OK I try to explain how it's works... ?

    I suggest to use as the forum main page. Then you wouldn't face that issue on there.

    Yoi can simply remove the adventure category and put all forums underneath one level higher.

    Then it should work as you planned it

    I don't want that to be my main page.I only have ONE public forum and I don't want people to have to click an extra click to get into it. I want people to go right to it, as that is MY MAIN PAGE

    The box should behave the same if I decide to display it in a box on any page I want. Why wouldn't it? I mean, if I put it on different pages it shows all user online no matter where they are.

    For instance, when displayed on the dashboard page it show everyone logged on when no one goes to the dashboard. That's just not a logical way to have that box display. Users online means users online to me, not browsing a forum.

    I understand your explanation for why it's behaving the way it does, I just don't agree that it should behave that way.

    Is the problem still going on? Currently I see no differences in the boxes.

    Yes. It's always different between the two. Right now it says three users are online on the forum page (my main page) and theres more than twice as many showing on the other pages.

    Also, the box on the other pages display the history of the most ever online and the one on the forum does not.

    They are the exact same boxes too.

    Here's my front page…hp?board/2-adventure-log/

    If you look at the users online box on the right sidebar, then go to the dashboard and look at the box, the numbers will be totally different. Always higher.

    The users online box displays different numbers on different pages

    on my main page, which is a 'forum' page (app/forum), it displays this:

    On any other page that is an 'app' (forum/wcf) page, it display this -

    When you click on the link to display the full list of users online, you get two different numbers too. The URLs are both exactly the same though.

    I'm not sure which display is correct, but I think the larger number is the correct one.

    Any idea what could be causing this?

    The link to the main forum page is…hp?board/2-adventure-log/

    If you click on the dashboard, for instance, you will see that the users online list does not match what is on the main forum page.

    Wurstdieb I saw that this morning! :)

    The people from cometchat got it to work with the registered users now, but some things are still not quite right. It doesn't show user avatars, for instance.

    Whatever they did must have been minor, because they were able to do it from the cometchat admin login. The didn't need access to anything on my server otherwise. I'm thinking it might have been the cache settings.... but that's just a guess.

    I hope you like women, because that's mostly what we are there!


    Aah. You use the newest WBB. I can't help in this case.

    CometChat works fine with my WBB 4.1. All users will be identified in my database.

    Send a ticket to CometChat support. Usually they'll answer very quick.

    Thank you for having a look, Wurstdieb. I've been waiting for them to help.

    They at first directed me to the install instructions for WBB, but I think they might not know that there is a newer version. I explained it.

    I'm almost ready to pay them the $75.00 to install it for me, but I know it's just a few minor settings.

    Just purchased cometchat

    The install is really simple but I can't get it to communicate with the users in the database so far. They have an install script for Burning Board, and it does install it's tables into the database but I suspect their installer is for an earlier version of WBB.

    I'm waiting on their technical assistance now but thought I'd ask you guys if anyone here has used cometchat.

    The chat system embeds with a script and it works for guests but it just does not talk to the user tables on WBB, so no user integration like it's supposed to have.

    I think it's just a few entries in the .php file that points to the tables but I can't figure it out.

    There are essentially three limitations that can cause this issue:

    1. PHP's max_upload_size is too low.
    2. PHP's post_max_size is lower than max_upload_size, or at least lower than your file size
    3. Your webserver's limit (including any reverse proxies, such as nginx) is too low, for nginx this is client_max_body_size

    Thank you!

    By the way, I am an idiot. The file is 900 MB not GB.

    I anticipate that these files will be up to 5 GB max.