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    I want the features I listed. I know you've suggested that before and I believe I told you it doesn't so what I want.

    It's not just the virtual credit system, but what users can do with them that's important.

    Again, I want users to be able to:

    • PIN ANY THREAD for a predetermined period of time using points
    • BE REWARDED POINTS when their thread gets pinned BY ANYONE
    • UPGRADE their account for a predetermined period of time - a month, for example.

    I mean really, I want what the features I listed and I'm looking to hire someone to make this for me. Did you even read what I requested?

    I need to hire someone.

    I want to create a system based off of the forum "points" system.

    What I'd like this app or plugin to do is to allow members to buy things with their points, such as:

    • upgraded memberships (group assign) for themselves or another member - to last for a predetermined time. Like a one month membership, for instance.
    • be able to pin any thread by using points. The pinned thread would be marked with a special pin marker different form a normal thread pin and the thread would be pinned for only a specified length of time.
    • award points to members who have their thread pinned


    I would like users to have a point "bank" that can be spent or saved. It would be based on the built in point system but would not affect the points people have from the system. In other words, the built in point system would not be changed in any way.

    My points system could be based on the built in system though. So any points that users earn or lose during the normal ways would add or subtract from the custom point system "bank", but when someone "spends" their own points, it does not subtract from the system point system. The system point system would remain unchanged.

    I don't know how difficult this might be, but I know it's possible. I've seen it in operation via a custom app on a very old forum software.

    This would be a hired gig. I want to hire someone who can do this.

    Please contact me if you are able and willing!


    I posted in the plug ins section last month about someone designing me a forum logo, header and customised sytle etc, but there was no reply, so I'll post it over to the Admin Zone instead and not bother with such requests here again.

    As per your earlier query to me, points is not a priority for me at the moment, so it's not something I would want to get a developer for - at the moment, there are just too many other things that need doing.

    It would be nice if people that ran mature forums, posted a checklist of what you should do if you want to start a forum, to help us newbies out.

    I wasn't sure where the best place to post my request for a developer. Maybe it would be good to have a forum for such requests?

    I'm still looking to hire a developer for this and other things I would like to customize for my forum.

    Can someone contact me, or let me know who I should contact?

    Thank you!


    p.s. I've never hired a developer before and I don't know how the process would normally work or where to look outside of Woltlab's community. Would someone I hire need to be familiar with Woltlab software for this to be done?

    What about jcoins.have you looked into that? Maybe UdoZ could implement that pinned threads request into the system.

    I'd want this to use the built in point system.

    Probably would be have to be a secondary point system though, so when people spend points it doesn't drop them in rank, or whatever.

    So it could simply be a system that gives members a bank of these points based on how many Woltlab points they earn, but when you use these points it does not change the value of the built in points, only the secondary points system. Maybe call them perk points... or let the Admin name them whatever they want.

    So basically, these "perk" points would be added or taken away based on the built in point system, but when I user "spends" their points it does not change the built in point value.

    I'm still struggling with setting up the basics on my forum at the moment (a manual would've eliminated the bulk of my wasted time...) but I might be interested in this too. Although I suppose there are paypal plug-ins available, so people could upgrade their memberships via that?

    I don't really understand all the points aspect of Woltlab yet, but I guess I'll get there in the end...

    What I'd like is for the built in points system to be able to be used. It would give people incentive to get points.... and post and be active. People love to earn and collect things.

    I have a very social forum and this would be super popular. In fact, my users are always asking me what they can use their points for.

    Please, if you are able to do this for me, please contact me and we can figure out a price.


    I'd like to pay a developer for this. Can someone contact me and give me a price?

    What'd I'd like is the ability for members to spend their points on things. I would like these features.

    1. Ability to allow members to pin any thread by using/spending a set amount of points. Say 100 points and you can pin your own thread and the thread that get's pinned stays pinned for a predetermined time

    2. Use points to upgrade membership for a month. Like, 1000 points and the user can join a normally "paid" membership group for a month

    3. Use points to buy downloads and other things, like trophies.

    I need to hire someone who can do this. Is this possible?

    thats reallycrappy of them not to come backt o you, especially when you pay such a price for the chat..

    I'm sure they would have fixed it but I just got tired of it. It was taking a full day between each email because they're on the other side of the world on opposite times. I was just disappointed after having just gotten it all running and then they put out an update that took it back offline again.

    So when we spent three days just trying to get them to have shell access and still having trouble, I gave up.

    I will look into this. I have no problem spending money on something that works, and what I want is:

    1. to be on my sever, not served elsewhere

    2. group audio and video capable

    3. integrated with Burning board accounts and stats, etc

    ArrowChat should work - i only use it with IPS4, and had it working with WBB 4.1, but they told me to support all versions of WBB (but not Betas). Perhaps that's somethin for you... I like ArrowChat.

    Probably, but we went back and forth for three days because there was some error with file permissions when I gave them shell access to my server and I got tired of dealing with it. I'm not blaming them for that, but I just got tired of waiting a day between each communication with them.

    I had asked them the first time they fixed it if they could please let me know what they did so I wouldn't have to go through this every time their software came out with a newer version, but they didn't even respond to that.

    I only bought their software because their website says that it has an installer specifically for Woltlab Burning Board, ALL versions.

    Black Star , läuft der Chat mittlerweile einwandfrei inkl. Avatar-Anzeige etc?

    They did get all of it working, but then there was an upgrade to Cometchat and the upgrade wrote over whatever custom settings they made to get it to work. The cometchat website says that it integrates into Burning Board but it doesn't with WSC 3.x from what I see.

    So I deleted it from my server and consider it a waste of 200 dollars.

    I'm done trying to explain you the reasoning here.

    Well, I don't think you ever explained the reasoning, only "that's the way it's always been" and "that's how it works"

    I know how it works, I just think it's not logical.

    To me what is logical is that I want a box that can display all the users online, no matter where I chose to display that box.

    The reason I want this is because my forum is my main page. I don't want people to land on the main forum page and then have to click into the forum.

    because then it shows everyone who is online, you are redirected to a new page. and it DOES MAKE SENSE!

    No, it doesn't make sense that a box that refuses to show you everyone who is online when it's placed in a forum then decides to redirect you to a place that DOES show you everyone online. That is not expected behavior at all.

    So you cannot have a simple box that displays all users online, no matter where you choose to show that box ... but if you click on it then it does. Yeah, I don't know what you're smoking but that makes no sense to me.

    Why would a box that only shows who is browsing the forum redirect to show you something else?

    Why can't a box that shows everyone online be placed in a forum?

    Makes zero sense and frankly I cannot believe you do not see it.

    The website has only one category with two forums under it.

    The category is Adventure log.

    The Users online box is in a forum and when you click on it, it shows everyone online no matter where they are locate, which is what I want, but the ox only displays who is in that one forum - UNTIL you click on it... and then it decides to show you everyone.

    I can't understand what you don't get about that and I can't understand how you think that's a logical way for it to be working.