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    You selected english as language, so you should write in english too.

    What a stupid and unhelpful comment. marcbelgique started this thread in English and used French when he replied to a post that was made in French. No one has an obligation to make things easy for you to read.

    Yes, that seems to be a problem XenForo have suffered with on and off. These social networking sites like Google and facebook keep changing the login requirements that forums use (breaking things). More trouble than it's worth, it seems to me. Not like people that use social networking sites are that interested in using forums anyhow. Makes you wonder if it's even worth the trouble forums having these social networking site logins - when they keep changing things that breaks it on forums continuously.

    Does phpBB have a social network login function? I don’t ever remember seeing one on your forum.

    Can you explain what you want to do a little better? You can sticky threads but it seems like you want to do something else?

    An app for any modern website is a complete waste of space on a smart phone.

    I can't understand why anyone is still using that Tapatalk garbage app in the year 2018.

    NicoleSophie do you have a Facebook account? I know you don't and you're not the only person on the planet that doesn't have one. There will always be people using forums, just not in the numbers that there used to be. Using WSC is great because a lot of content can be added to a site that uses it and it will get indexed by Google, there isn't much on Facebook that Google cares about.

    BTW, TAZ isn't dead now just because less people use forums, bad management has a lot to do with its lack of activity.

    I can't understand why this isn't already a built in feature with WoltLab but a plugin that resizes an image to whatever predetermined size while it's being uploaded would be fantastic. It's really annoying when you try to upload an image and get a message that the file is too large.

    Forums usage has been in decline for well over 5 years, now it's much more obvious today. The web has changed with how people use it and forums are dying because of it. Everyone is using social networking sites on their mobiles. I've stopped running forums because there's no point running one any more.

    Are you on Facebook or any other social network?

    Alternative lifestyles - offgrid living, festivals, self-sufficiency, living on the road, alternative spirituality, vegetarianism/veganism and so on.

    Basically, hippy stuff.

    I won't post a link because I don't want any trackbacks and like a degree of anonymity.

    Too bad you wont post a link, my wife and I are kind of into those things.

    You should keep your forum open and use the WoltLab CMS for writing articles (as a blog), make the forum secondary to the articles.

    I personally hate Facebook (it's mindless B/S) and look forward to its demise.

    You should be able to install the forum from your ACP under the General > Packages section, try typing “forum” into the search field. You can also download the forum update option from here and install it on the core. You don’t have to delete the core and redo it.

    How can I create a recent images box (for the sidebar) so it looks like the image box on a member's profile?

    This looks nice and it is how I would like the box to look for all of the member's recent images.

    This looks pretty awful in my opinion and it is the only option for a recent images box in the forum sidebar.