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    Can't uncheck whichever boxes you do not want shown on a page? If you uncheck every box that's shown on a gallery page you shouldn't have a sidebar.

    It's just really weird that someone would come here to promote a competitor. Maybe the people at WoltLab don't care; I find it to be very disrespectful and I wouldn't appreciate it.

    tunhj1 try this. I'm not sure what the identifier is for Filebase and statistics so the might have to be changed, if you give me a link to your site I can check.

    whats the error ?

    I've added this code to the stile undependent css section and it works perfectly, maybe you added it inside another block or missed a bracket?

    This is the error that I get. I added the code to a style that does not have any other additional CSS styling.

    Thanks for replying Aze and Hitman . None of the CSS seems to work from the link Are provided, Google translate must be leaving something out. I was trying to place a comment icon next to the word "forum" in my menu and other icons with the other menu items.