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    How can I add a pageHeader image to the WoltLab Basic style that is not visible in mobile view?

    Also, when I add a background image there is a gap of about 20 or 30px between the top of the image and the bottom of the userPanel, how can I remove this gap?


    The gap was 18px and adding:

    #pageHeader {margin-top: -18px;}

    worked to get rid of it. I just need to figure out how to hide the image from mobile view now.

    Edit again

    I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before but the image is no longer displayed when viewing my forum on a smart phone.

    Fine, you're using 2.0.x version of Gallery - same way I'm using 2.0.x version of FileBase and not 2.1.

    Yes and now I realize that I started this thread in the wrong section. I must not have been paying close attention when I installed the galley from my admin control panel.

    You should install 2.1 version of Gallery just to have a look at differences between both, you can auto add watermark to images in 2.1 (also using member name variable) to show each members name as copyright watermark - and has more features that betters suits using that version with WBB 4.1 (tighter integration with some other forum features). You can do things like display notices on Gallery page with 2.1 (same way forum allows notices to be displayed) and more...

    They can downloaded here:
    Calendar 2.1 RC 1, Gallery 2.1 RC 1 and Filebase 2.1 RC 1 Download

    Thanks for the link, I think I will wait though until the stable version is available to be installed. The gallery as it is, is outstanding. I love that users can add maps to their photos even if their camera's don't have a GPS built in to them, it's a great feature for a region specific forum like mine.

    Hey Paul, you using WBB now. 8o

    Thought you'd jacked in running forums

    WoltLab seems to be the best option available now.

    And, I told you that I would eventually become interested in running a forum again so here I am.

    I purchased and installed the gallery yesterday and I'm having a problem uploading images and accessing any category.

    If I go to "Gallery" in my menu and click on either "Upload Images" or a category I get an error message that says "The link you are trying to reach is no longer available or invalid.". I'm logged in as an administrator when this happens and the user permission for admins is set to allow image uploads, what setting am I missing?

    EDIT: I didn't have a .htaccess file in my Gallery folder, everything is sorted now.