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    No offense, but if you want to learn this, then you should do it correctly: Use a VM on your local PC and skip this control panel nonsense. Bonus points for no longer requiring stuff like CSF because iptables will already make the cut.

    That's pretty much the way I've learned it (except for I used a 400 MHz pc instead of a VM back then), but I learned to set up a system properly without the need for control panel solutions that have turned out to be useless for me more than once. Bonus points for being able to resolve almost all issues on your own because you know exactly what you did during setup and don't have to make wild guesses on how the control panel stuff has screwed up your system.

    LOl, ^that didn't help at all. I'm in no hurry to get things set up and I guess I can start over again with just Ubuntu 14.04 and LAMP but without out any kind of control panel I would be even more lost than I am now. Where can one go to start learning the basics?

    Start by answering this question: Why did you install CSF? What purpose should it serve in your case?

    I have managed VPS with one host and they have taken care of everything I have needed so far, which is great except I have never had the opportunity to learn about my server set up (WHM and CentoS).

    I recently created an account with Vultr (unmanaged VPS) and I was kind of hoping to learn as I went. It was recommended to me that I install Webmin, Virtualmin and CSF. With CSF I was looking for extra protection against hacking, etc., to be honest though, I do not know what protection I already had.

    It's a good question and I won't be so ready to install things in the future without asking it to/of myself.

    While in the process of setting things up with Vultr, Ubuntu, Webmin and Virtaulmin I added CSF to Ubuntu and everything seemed to go well except I'm seeing *WARNING* RESTRICT_SYSLOG is disabled See SECURITY WARNING in /etc/csf/csf.conf.

    I tried searching Google but the only thing I could find that said anything about fixing the problem was for WHM, does anyone here know how to fix the issue with Vultr, Ubuntu, Webmin and Virtaulmin. I'm completely new to using command lines so if you know how to fix it, please explain it to me slooooowly :/ .

    It happened with two different browsers, Chrome and Firefox. I disabled everything I could with FF and it still happened. Guests can't see what the bots are crawling but it's still pretty concerning.

    No, they can’t. They just know the exact URL to this conversation (maybe the URL has been posted anywhere) and just follows the URL.

    The conversation was just created and the link wasn't shared anywhere. I assume that if a guest or regular member views the who's online list they can see what the bots are doing as well? I don't want anyone but the people participating in the conversations to be able to see their titles, how can I prevent this from happening?

    Oh okay, I took it wrong then, my apologizes. I did one for Stripe Donation, makes page "Donation", and various radio buttons to choose your amounts, or arbitrary amount, various currencies supported. But it uses 3rd party middleman site, not Stripe site directly.

    It can't be added to the plugin-store? I bet a lot of people would find it very useful.

    Only to then just come back here and try and pick me apart to start fight with me. Although rather ironic because you're moaning and groaning about woltlab's support here, but when I'm paying customer complaining about something that concerns me, not you, you jump in to take jabs at me.. lmao.

    I'm not looking to start a fight with anyone. I was interested the plugins you created and would have used one if it suited my needs. I'd like to learn how to create them myself but know nothing about doing it.

    Your post was giving someone who creates plugins a hard time because you assume that he will charge more for his plugins, I read it and thought why would anyone want to continue creating plugins for something if that's the kind of response they will get. It does concern me.

    ...and even made own plugins that no one gives damn about anyway, it gives a little entitlement to bitch from time to time lol

    LOL. What plugins did you create? Did you release them in the plugin-store? I just searched through 13 pages of plugins and didn't find any that were created by someone with your user name.

    Wait, what you mean by "split" into modules? Rather than like before, paying one set price for the photos and video features in one plugin, now we're supposed to be paying like 9.xx euro for one thing, but it's divided into multiple things? Example; if you want photo features = pay up sucker, it's 9,95 euro.. If you want the video features = pay up sucker, it's 9,95 euro.. and of course, those with 2.0 version of plugin can't update gallery 2.0 to 2.1 either because the 2.0 gallery extension won't work in 2.1 gallery update. So we're basically "forced" to shell out more and more money... right?

    WoltLab plugin and style creators charge very little for their products compared to other platforms. I wouldn't be so quick to condemn them for what they ask, as far as prices go.

    I want to have my member's website links appear in the message sidebar but when I have the option enabled it looks very bad. Is it possible to have the url appear as an image (or icon) like I have created with Photoshop below? How would it be done if it is possible? Does a plugin already exist for this?