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    I wasn't sure if anyone had a clue to fix it, so I decided not to wait around and attempt a new solution. I moved to a new server where I installed Plesk that uses Apache + Nginx together. Previously I was only with Nginx 100%. Now I am using a new combination of Web Server, Apache+Nginx and using .htaccess rewrite rules as per above link posted by Black Rider. Works fine now. Thanks.

    Okay let me share more details:

    See this is a page of one of the boards "Cafe". It works fine at the moment.

    Always Use HTTPS

    Redirect all requests with scheme “http” to “https”. This applies to all http requests to the zone.

    Now let me turn on this:


    Always Use HTTPS

    Redirect all requests with scheme “http” to “https”. This applies to all http requests to the zone.


    Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

    Automatic HTTPS Rewrites helps fix mixed content by changing “http” to “https” for all resources or links on your web site that can be served with HTTPS.

    SSL from Cloudflare has been set up.

    Now lets refresh the same page:

    As you can see above, it does not work. Now we will see if homepage works:

    As you can see, it works fine.

    Now let us "untick" the below function from Options >> General tab under ACP.


    Enable url-rewrite

    Now let us go back to the same page that threw 404 error.

    It works?

    That means when HTTP is getting re directed to HTTPS, the url rewrite function is causing some glitch. I turned off Cloudflare redirect function and added my own http to https redirect code in Nginx Conf file, but the problem was the same.

    Hi good evening,

    So I went over google and clicked a link back to my website which is I got this Google Chrome Unsecured site error. That made me try getting an SSL. So I signed up for Cloudflare and tried it's free SSL. So when I enable SSL and forced redirect to HTTPS, it works fine for my homepage but not for the internal pages. All Internal Pages, board page or thread pages throw up Nginx 404 Error. I then turned off from ACP the enable url rewrite feature that rewrites .index.php?Thread name to /thread/thread name and the site was working fine.

    So it seems there is some url re write issue that needs fixing to make it work. When I turn off SSL or say http to https redirect force from cloudflare, my site becomes unsecured but all links are working.

    Let me share my nginx conf:

    I would have assumed some issue related to cloudflare but when I turn off the Enable URL rewrite from ACP, the site works fine. So somewhere the rewrite and HTTPS is not going well together and with some editing of Nginx Conf, it should get fixed.

    Please advice how to fix it. I really would like to get SSL or else many of my visitors are running away with the unsecure message they are getting.



    Hi there,

    Just this morning out of nowhere something crashed on my database.

    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 144 Table './wcf/wbb1_post_search_index' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

    There is EXCEPTION ERROR everytime I

    Make a new thread
    Make a new post
    Delete a post or a thread

    There is no problem in adding visitor message or chatting in shoutbox etc.

    So it seems problem is specific to posts and probably related to search index.

    All parameters except /pageNo I've made NO URL so they don't get indexed. Like those tag parameters etc don't need indexing. If you let Google not decide. It'll index all I think.

    I made a new duplicate theme and added meta robots no index tags. To my spammy forum sections I'm using that theme so crappy pages get deindexed from Google. I read for Google panda its better to remove low quality pages off google index

    I just went into Google Webmasters, several thousand pages are being shown as Duplicate Meta Descriptions. The problem was two fold: 1st Problem, I have fixed. 2nd Problem, I'd like a solution please.

    1. Parameters: Google was detecting several parameters like ?action=lastPost and one parameter was because of my URL conversion adding some parameter after 301 redirects. I have blocked google from crawling these Parameters that reflect the same Page. Only setting I have allowed is ?PageNo parameter to be crawled as they bring new unique pages that must be crawled.

    2. This is where I am a bit confused as to how should I fix it.

    All threads that have different pages. For example: /thread/1234-mayank/ && /thread/1234-mayank/?pageNo=2

    These two pages which are Page 1 of a thread and Page 2 of a thread are sending same Meta Description, I don't know why. Google is saying. Some threads with upto Page 10, shows 10 URLs with same meta. Atleast 4000 URLs are detected and they are piling up every few days. I think for all the threads that have more than 1 Page, Google says duplicate meta description.

    Matt Cutts is saying, don't duplicate Meta description, better to change the setting to let google decide meta description on it's own than duplicating it >…-meta-descriptions-177706

    Does WBB has any setting to create any meta descriptions? If Woltlab does it automatically, can we disable it? I would like Google to auto create a snippets rather having any duplicate descriptions. Is this possible to achieve?


    What a huge relief from VB 3.8. From having tons and tons of daily spam bot registration on VB to almost no spam bots at all. It is 25 days of me using WBB and not a single spam bot has managed to register on the forum.

    Everytime I goto Users Online, there are many Guests showing as "Registering" but none are actually getting registered. I suspect a lot of spam bots are somehow failing to register on the site. I am not using any Captcha also.

    Right now my Captcha setting is "Nothing". I am not using any Captcha, no Questions or Recaptcha. Re Captcha by google is like even tough on Humans, forget teenagers, half won't make it through. I tried to make a test registration and that time setting was for Recaptcha. They asked me to identify something in images and it took me multiple trials to get through. That is really annoying for anyone. The question was so pretty tough and images were not too clear also.

    Anyway, Is this happening because fewer bots have been taught to register on Burning Board? Or inbuilt honeypots on registration page?

    Ive been reading about this new thing today push notifications. Is it similar to how we get notifications on our phone from various apps? Push bullet and pushover has been mentioned. Anyone implemented push on their forum yet. How does it work? I'm seeing a plugin from Josh but its paid. So wanted to find out more about this if anyone using push notifications thing on their forum.

    Hi there,

    For admins, just like we can goto a user profile and click on Moderate User and then Ban/Warn other things directly from profile. Is it possible to have my Moderators do the same? I have a few staff members. Currently if they wan to BAN a user, I have to give them Admin prvileges to edit/ban users from admin panel. That is a lengthy process. Entering admin panel, searching user, making the user then banning from there. The profile option is very simple.

    My staff members are just given moderator permissions (user group persmissions). Anything else need to be done? Things are different than VB, I am still learning things.

    No its actually like this

    Old quotes link point to the domain I did conversion. Then I moved to main domain. but old quotes still link to the test domain. WWW or non www is not a problem as I've done 301 redirect to www version.

    Can I use above trick to change domain name in posts into new domain? I just want quotes to link properly instead of sending out external links.

    Hi; I converted from vbulletin to wbb on another domain of mine as a test. Later I moved the converted wbb to main domain and removed VB. Everything looked good. Today I was revisiting some old threads and I found all old threads which had quotes (quoting other member posts) are containing a link to the select post but domain is old one and not new one.

    My quotes point to WWW.test etc instead of

    Is there a way to fix this? Rebuild posts?

    I have said this a dozen times and it keeps getting ignored.... But I'll say it again...

    The whole MariaDB issue was not the only reason why I sold my licenses. There are many reasons beyond that.

    For example, This single sentence (above) has NOTHING to do with MariaDB.

    Some or the other problem may be seen/faced everywhere. Nevertheless, one should stay where they are happy and comfortable. Good luck with IPB.