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    I am facing a strange problem. Somehow new registration/ password reset and other emails are not being sent to users with email id. I tried with Yahoo and it worked fine. What could be wrong?.

    I find this a very good question - it is something that I personally want to check out on my forum.

    The Hosting Provider I use for my Forum allows me an infinite amount of Email Addresses - including of course the one for setting up the
    Email system for the Administration.
    However, they told me to use (set) the email settings in my ACP to PHP - not to use SMTP.

    So, my question is: IF there is going to be a problem with people Registering on my Forum who use (I have the Registration Settings as "Email Confirmation"), then are you saying (Alexander Ebert) that I would need to have a different Email Address System established within my Hosting Account, from what I have currently, in order not to have a potential problem with people using ?

    Two questions:
    WHERE do I go in the ACP to CHANGE the original Password given to me by Woltlab (when I had the forum software installed
    on my Domain Name)?

    UPDATE: OK, I know where this is located

    HOW can I BLOCK GUESTS, VISITORS, USERS from viewing the Listing of MEMBERS?
    I only want REGISTERED MEMBERS (and of course the Admin) to be able to see who the members are.

    UPDATE: But I still need to know HOW to BLOCK EVERYONE from viewing the MEMBERS' AVI and Profile EXCEPT for Registered Users
    (Forum Members) and the Administrator!

    Problem solved .... or at least part of it!

    Apparently there has to be APPROVAL of any Thread/Post started by someone other than the Administrator (as in this
    particular case, my Super Moderator of the Form)- or at least that is the way the permissions are currently set?

    So my only question is:
    Is there - in the ACP - an area to set the permissions so that the Super Moderator does NOT have to have APPROVAL
    from the Administrator when creating Threads/Posts?
    I am assuming there is ... am I correct?

    P.S. Found area in ACP whereby these permissions can be set for individual users: >User>List Users>Edit Forum Permissions.
    So I think this can be marked 'problem solved'

    In making Threads - and a Post to that specific thread - I have encountered a situation that I have not experienced before with Forums:

    >Logged in as Administrator, I set up several Categories and Forums in the ACP.
    >Then I logged into (again as Admin) to my Forum's main page.
    >I proceeded to make an entry (post) to several of those Categories.
    >Everything I did could be seen (viewed) by me as Admin or by Guest or by Member. AND, the read out for each is: 1 Thread 1 Post

    However, when my buddy (and he has been set up as a Super Moderator) made an entry (post) to another Category I had set up
    (but had NOT entered anything in there - as Admin or otherwise) there was NO indication of there being anything posted in that Category.
    On the main Forum page it shows:

    0 Threads
    0 Posts

    The posts I made to 5 different Categories - one post in each - shows:

    1 Thread
    1 Posts

    Not only is the reading "0" Threads and "0" Posts, but when the named Forum under that Category he (Super Moderator) made a post to,
    is clicked on by a Guest, it opens up with this message:

    There are no threads in this forum.

    When logged in by EITHER Admin or Super Moderator, there still shows 0 Threads and 0 Posts - HOWEVER, when the Forum Title is clicked on
    by either Admin OR Moderator it does show the Post - and that can be opened.

    So WHY are the Posts I made as Admin showing on the Forum Page, i.e., 1 Thread 1 Post,
    but when my Super Moderator logs in he sees 0 Threads 0 Posts OF THE CATEGORY he added a post to.

    Of the ones I made as Admin, he sees what I see: 1 Thread 1 Post.

    Can anyone explain WHY this is happening?


    I know there is a way to add or modify CSS in Styles for selecting - one at a time - so that a Category Title can be made to show in a specific color.

    But what would be much better - and definitely more convenient 8) - would be a Plugin (APP as I know it by) which would be included in the ACP under Forums>List Forums>and the steps which follow.

    The ability to color ANY Category Title would be by selecting a preset Color Scale (maybe of 10 colors or more) while in the Category / Forum mode, then clicking on that color,and then proceeding with the other settings one wants to make for a specific Category / Forum. After everything is set the way the person wants it, then would click on Submit and it would be created (just as is now in 4.1.7) but with this Plugin there would be also the setting for coloring the Category Title.

    I know this is possible to design / program because there is an independent app contributor to another forum software I use to have, and he made such an App.
    He also made one for coloring FORUM TITLES as well.

    The REASON for having such an App (or Plugin) is so that by coloring some Category Titles, the Forum Administrator can draw particular attention / notice to certain Categories.

    For example, in my new Forum using Woltlab 4.1.7 software, I have a Category at the TOP of my Forum Page which states: IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE ADMINISTRATION - and following below this are Forums which discuss Rules of the Forum, etc.

    Thanks in advance to ANYONE who can - and is willing to - put the time and effort into making this Plugin available for I suspect many people besides me! :)