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    Not tested:


    I tried your CSS suggestion (shown above).
    It did not work - gave me this error message:

    And here is how I typed in the info (in CSS) as you supplied:

    I also tried this variation of what you gave me:

    However I still got an error message. NOTE: The "error message" APPEARED when I type in the URL to my Forum.
    I went back into CSS and deleted the CSS code Change regarding the Side Bar change, and CLICKED on "submit" button at bottom of CSS.
    Can access forum ok after this - no error message.

    Thanks for trying to help me!
    Can you offer any suggestion / additional info?


    Thanks to PJK, GTB, and fauha for your comments and help!

    Following GTB's suggestions, I went back into the particular Forum whereby this issue surfaced in the first place and noticed that
    (as Administrator) I had made some Permissions Settings that should not have been made.

    Then I checked the "Moderative Permissions" and "Administrative Permissions" for EVERY USER GROUP that I have on my Forum - of which total 9.
    Indeed, a few had to be "corrected" - as GTB pointed out.

    In the meantime a MEMBER had logged into my Forum and left a comment (of which had to be approved).
    A friend of mine checked it out (logged in as a Member) and told me he couldn't "approve" the comment; so that was good.
    Then I (logged in as Administrator) "approved" the comment; and that worked correctly.

    As for the remainder of the Categories and Forums I have established on my Forum (there are over 100 in total) its going to take awhile
    to make sure I have all Permissions checked the way I want them for every Category and Forum; but perhaps an easier (less time consuming) method is to follow GTB's instructions directly above THIS post?

    Again, thanks to all of you who extended their time and effort to helping me regarding this issue!


    On my Forum, I have set the permissions in some of the Forums so that a MEMBER has to have admin or mod approval when a new Thread is started.

    However, it has recently come to my attention that if the Member who started the Thread which is awaiting approval, logs out and then logs back in again, he will have the Moderation Box highlighted in the top task bar of the Forum.
    Clicking on the "moderation box" brings up the Thread awaiting approval, and if that Member clicks on "approve" at the bottom of the new Thread, the Thread is approved!

    Also, any other registered Member will have this same Moderation Notice, and if he clicks on the notice and then clicks on the "approve" link in that Thread awaiting approval, it does indeed get approved !

    However, I was under the impression that ONLY the [color=#8B4513]ADMIN or MOD could approve[/color] Threads "awaiting approval".[color=#0000CD][/color]
    So what settings am I configuring incorrectly (or perhaps have not configured at all) to make the above described situation occur?


    Yes, that is easily possible with CSS. However to recognize if the video is/was viewed you need JavaScript. You can use an event of the video to add/remove a class to the sidebar div for instance. For this div you can set another width of the sidebar.

    I should have replied to your response on this issue a lot sooner however I became engaged in so many other things with my Forum that I forgot about following up with you on this issue.

    You made the comment "yes, that is easily possible with CSS...."
    but my question is:

    What changes (or text do I write in CSS) to make the change so the Side Bar Area can be expanded (as an option), and then return back to the original size proportion after a member or guest has viewed the video in the Side Bar?

    The only thing I have ever done in CSS is to change the font color for Category Titles and Forum Titles on my Forum.

    Can you perhaps show me what text I have to type into the CSS area for the above to take place?


    The gallery is not a plugin but an application and as such it can be run completely standalone exactly like Burning Board. The cool thing about of framework is, that you can install it just like any other plugin into an existing application such as Burning Board and it will integrate nicely as if it is one product only. Applications only differ from regular plugins by the fact that they can be run independent, but plugins always require an application.

    You might have mistaken Andrea's hint regarding the installation service, it was simply meant as a general offer. As mentioned above, installing it is super easy, just follow the steps described by her :)

    Thank you for your detailed explanation ..... and answer to my question! Greatly appreciated!


    Hello @Ruff Seas,

    You can install the gallery, like any other plugin, directly from the ACP. But you can also buy our installation service, then we will install the gallery for you.

    Andrea, thank you for your reply!

    However, your reply does leave me with some reservation - meaning, is it in your opinion that perhaps the installation of "Gallery" is a complex Plugin and therefore it would be better to have the installation done by Woltlab rather than me doing it myself through the ACP?

    Since I have never had experience with Plugins such as Calendar, Gallery, Blog, etc., I am wondering if these are more complicated (?) to install than say a plugin (free or pay type) that I would get from independent developers via the Plugins pages of this website?

    If you don't foresee any problems with me installing the Gallery Plugin, I will of course not order the "installation service" as that adds greatly to the cost of my purchase.


    I am nearly ready (as of 31 December 2015) to purchase the Gallery Add-On for my Forum.
    Two questions:

    1st: Is installing Gallery something which I can do via the ACP, OR, does this have to be (or should be) installed by a Woltlab Technician?

    2nd: When I clicked on the "purchase Woltlab Gallery" link on the Woltlab Website, a window popped up asking if this was a license extension or a new license.
    Why did I get this message (question)? And which one should I click on when I purchase the Gallery 31 December?

    When I first began my Forum, I asked if there was a way to load Videos onto the Side Bar Area of the Dashboard Page.
    I was given information as to a Plugin for this purpose. I installed that Plugin and it works fine.

    But here is my problem:

    The Side Bar Area is of a certain size; [color=#000000]and[/color] the Forum Posting Area to the left of the Side Bar is also of a certain size.

    Videos which I load onto the Side Bar (taken from various sources online) usually have Width and Height such as:
    <iframe width="492" height="277" ....
    So, in order to get the[color=#8B4513] entire "Still View Pic" of the Video to display, I usually have to change the settings to: width="280" height="280"[/color]

    That works OK except for one thing: [color=#000000]MOST videos have an "expand to full screen" link to click on ... however with the Side Bar Area NOT allowing for the original[/color] WIDTH of the "Video Still" to display, that [color=#8B4513]LINK cannot be seen.[/color]

    So my question is: Is there a way to EXPAND the SIZE of the Side Bar Area Temporarily? [For the Admin and Visitors and/or Members]

    After viewing a particular Video in the Side Bar, the Size Ratio of the Side Bar and the Forum Posting Area would be changed back to the regular size. Is this possible?

    I have included two screen snap shots of my Forum to illustrate what I have mentioned above.

    Any help on this issue would be appreciated!


    An additional thought: The Side Bar Area has an "expand and collapse arrow", and when clicked on that collapses the Side Bar
    so all that is seen is the expanded Forums Area.

    So my thought is .... if there were the same "collapse arrow" option for the Forum Side - and then when clicked on
    the Side Bar would fill the screen. That would solve the problem of the "width issue" regarding the uploaded videos I mentioned above.

    You can use HTML to format your forum titles. The problem i see in your request is, that if you create such a plugin, there are people requesting more options like font, size, ... And at the end, you'll have the complete WYSIWYG editor on that page and it's still not enough.

    Well of course thank you for replying to my Plugin Request - a reply is always appreciated!

    However, based upon experience with the other Forum software I had (it was IP Board) - and the person who developed the APP for Title Coloring - it was a success for him and for those who purchased the APP.

    Many individuals downloaded his APP; and over a 18 month period I was with IP Board, I was not aware of any complaints or additional requests which would have had him re-designing the APP.

    Do you have the latest version of this addon?
    I'd suggest that you remove this addon for now, as it looks like it has some problems.

    Hello netrix64,

    I uninstalled (removed) the add-on you mentioned. Doing so RESOLVED the problem with the error messages when submitting a New Thread or editing a Thread.

    However, one problem still exists:

    Even though I have *ALL the Permissions set for Guests (Visitors to the forum) so they can VOTE in the Poll I have set up, when I am logged in as a Guest I CANNOT VOTE in the Poll. *[I am referring to the Permissions as presented in the Categories and Forums area of the ACP]

    Is there an additional setting somewhere in the ACP that has to be set for Guests (Visitors) to be allowed to VOTE in POLLS?

    You should just enter the Number, not the ID: in front of it.

    Yes, tried both ways. It doesn't work either way.

    Do you have this extension installed?

    Yes, this extension is installed.

    Something is obviously wrong, or incorrect settings somewhere, or a bug .... because I have discovered that "error" messages occur IN ADDITION TO with starting a New Thread.

    I also get an error message when I try to EDIT a Thread.
    Also, I have set ALL Permissions with FULL PERMISSION (for Admin, Members, Users, Guests, Everyone) - with regard to the Category named "Polls" - and the result is when I am logged in as a visitor I cannot vote in the poll which I have set up.

    But the problem also extends beyond that: Even Logged in as Administrator I cannot vote.

    I am attaching a series of screen shots below to show what I get when I try to edit the thread, vote in the poll, etc.

    So ... does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing these problems .... any solution?

    ALSO: When I click on: >System>Logs>Errors>Fill in the Error id Box (by pasting and copy method into the box)>Click on "submit"> nothing happens .... it just comes back to the same setting, e.g., "Logged Errors Box" page of the ACP.

    I had two questions posted together in an earlier posting here - and the post got marked as resolved. My fault, I should have listed them separately.

    So I still need an answer to this:

    HOW / WHERE do I set the ACP settings so I can PREVENT any Visitor or Guest (an UNREGISTERED MEMBER of my forum) from viewing the MEMBERS LIST?
    I do NOT want Un-Registered Visitors to my forum seeing (viewing) WHO are the current MEMBERS of my forum.

    Thanks for any help someone can give me on this issue!

    [size=10][color=#000000]I have located where this setting is: >ACP>Users>User Groups>Edit Group/s

    So... I now have GUESTS UNABLE to VIEW Members Lists.[/size][/color]

    So this issue can be marked as [color=#008000]RESOLVED.[/color][/size][/color]

    Can anyone tell me WHY this is happening - see screen shots (2) included with this question

    When I post a New Thread as Admin (or even if my Moderator submits a New Thread) an ERROR MESSAGE pops up.
    HOWEVER, the post (New Thread) does get posted to the forum even though there is this error message.

    When submitting the error message in "search error messages" - see 2nd screen shot - there is no data available on it.

    Would appreciate comments / help from anyone ... thanks!

    Thank you to both Tim Wolla and Alexander Ebert for the information provided.
    AND, sairanjank, you may be interested in the following information as well:

    In the last two hours or so i have sent emails out to the few members that I have thus far, my moderator, and also to myself at my
    personal email address.
    These email addresses consist of: email addresses ranging from > an email address which resides with my Hosting Provider; and email addresses completely separate from my Hosting Provider - such as yahoo . com and outlook . com

    The only problem I encountered was that the email sent (FROM the ACP of my forum) TO members or staff of the forum (including myself) was ONE email which has an email address with OUTLOOK . com

    THAT PARTICULAR EMAIL had my sent message winding up in the recipients email JUNK folder.
    All others went thru without any hitches.

    I also ran a series of tests (dummy accounts) by REGISTERING NEW MEMBERS - and the settings for Registration confirmation (in the ACP)
    were set as "by email confirmation".
    Again, a variety of email carriers were used.
    I encountered NO problems.

    NOTE: In my ACP, I have the Box PHP selected. NOT SMTP.

    WHEN all of the above described was tested by me, WITH SMTP selected, the only thing that worked was the acknowledgement that a Registration to my forum was made (as me being the one Registering); with the message that the Registration Process was INCOMPLETE.

    Nothing else worked - meaning that .... had this been an attempted Registration to my forum from a person in New York for example, I probably would not have known about it; and most definitely the person would not have received in his email box the confirmation email - to have been sent from my forum - in which he would have needed in order to complete the Registration Process.

    So ... the bottom line (at least for me and the set-up that I have for my forum) would seem to come down to TWO things:

    ONE: I need to keep the PHP setting ACTIVE in the ACP
    TWO: Somehow - perhaps on the Forum's Main Page - I need to POST A NOTICE reminding potential Visitors that upon Registering, they need to look in their JUNK BOX if they did not receive the email confirmation LINK that they have to click on in order to complete the registration.

    I am facing a strange problem. Somehow new registration/ password reset and other emails are not being sent to users with email id. I tried with Yahoo and it worked fine. What could be wrong?.

    I find this a very good question - it is something that I personally want to check out on my forum.

    The Hosting Provider I use for my Forum allows me an infinite amount of Email Addresses - including of course the one for setting up the
    Email system for the Administration.
    However, they told me to use (set) the email settings in my ACP to PHP - not to use SMTP.

    So, my question is: IF there is going to be a problem with people Registering on my Forum who use (I have the Registration Settings as "Email Confirmation"), then are you saying (Alexander Ebert) that I would need to have a different Email Address System established within my Hosting Account, from what I have currently, in order not to have a potential problem with people using ?

    Two questions:
    WHERE do I go in the ACP to CHANGE the original Password given to me by Woltlab (when I had the forum software installed
    on my Domain Name)?

    UPDATE: OK, I know where this is located

    HOW can I BLOCK GUESTS, VISITORS, USERS from viewing the Listing of MEMBERS?
    I only want REGISTERED MEMBERS (and of course the Admin) to be able to see who the members are.

    UPDATE: But I still need to know HOW to BLOCK EVERYONE from viewing the MEMBERS' AVI and Profile EXCEPT for Registered Users
    (Forum Members) and the Administrator!

    Problem solved .... or at least part of it!

    Apparently there has to be APPROVAL of any Thread/Post started by someone other than the Administrator (as in this
    particular case, my Super Moderator of the Form)- or at least that is the way the permissions are currently set?

    So my only question is:
    Is there - in the ACP - an area to set the permissions so that the Super Moderator does NOT have to have APPROVAL
    from the Administrator when creating Threads/Posts?
    I am assuming there is ... am I correct?

    P.S. Found area in ACP whereby these permissions can be set for individual users: >User>List Users>Edit Forum Permissions.
    So I think this can be marked 'problem solved'

    In making Threads - and a Post to that specific thread - I have encountered a situation that I have not experienced before with Forums:

    >Logged in as Administrator, I set up several Categories and Forums in the ACP.
    >Then I logged into (again as Admin) to my Forum's main page.
    >I proceeded to make an entry (post) to several of those Categories.
    >Everything I did could be seen (viewed) by me as Admin or by Guest or by Member. AND, the read out for each is: 1 Thread 1 Post

    However, when my buddy (and he has been set up as a Super Moderator) made an entry (post) to another Category I had set up
    (but had NOT entered anything in there - as Admin or otherwise) there was NO indication of there being anything posted in that Category.
    On the main Forum page it shows:

    0 Threads
    0 Posts

    The posts I made to 5 different Categories - one post in each - shows:

    1 Thread
    1 Posts

    Not only is the reading "0" Threads and "0" Posts, but when the named Forum under that Category he (Super Moderator) made a post to,
    is clicked on by a Guest, it opens up with this message:

    There are no threads in this forum.

    When logged in by EITHER Admin or Super Moderator, there still shows 0 Threads and 0 Posts - HOWEVER, when the Forum Title is clicked on
    by either Admin OR Moderator it does show the Post - and that can be opened.

    So WHY are the Posts I made as Admin showing on the Forum Page, i.e., 1 Thread 1 Post,
    but when my Super Moderator logs in he sees 0 Threads 0 Posts OF THE CATEGORY he added a post to.

    Of the ones I made as Admin, he sees what I see: 1 Thread 1 Post.

    Can anyone explain WHY this is happening?