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    Hello BillMB,

    I also have thought about this - deleting it or perhaps putting in the Footer my own Title: "COOKIES". (Read what I said below)

    You can simply disable it in the modules section in the ACP. But please note, that you may be required to show this information, depending on your local laws.

    I understand that deleting this altogether could possibly cause some legal problems.

    However, instead of "deleting" :

    "This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies."

    Perhaps that sentence content could be made shorter by replacing it with one's own Footer notation: "COOKIES".

    And the explanation content explaining "use of cookies" edited in such a manner as to make the content much shorter but still cover oneself legally ?

    What do you think, SoftCreatR?

    Regardless or ease or repercussions, it shouldn't be done unless you pay for the removal. That branding is one way WoltLab makes new sales.

    I fully agree.

    What leads to a person desiring the removal of the Woltlab Brand?

    For me, I have no desire to remove the Woltlab Brand - on any of their products/software; Even if they charged only $1.00 USD for doing so!

    Somehow, it just seems that those individuals who want to remove the brand are "afraid" of something.....

    Perhaps they believe their members OR visitors to their forum/website site are going to click on the Woltlab Name and not come back to their website/forum? Or???

    If that is the case, then they should be more concerned about what they can do to improve their own forum/website content rather than worrying about someone clicking on the "Woltlab" Brand link.

    And if their reason for eliminating the Woltlab Brand should be something devious, or even criminal, shame on them.

    The preferred version is the newest version that supports all your apps and plugins. Apps and plugins from us will support PHP 7.3 just fine!

    Hello Tim Düsterhus,

    At the present time my Hosting Provider has the PHP set at 7.1

    Thus regarding what you stated in your response to me in Post #5, do you think I should have them change the setting to PHP Version 7.3?

    I haven't as yet purchased an install from Woltlab for uploading Version 5.1 to my website (I intend to do this on or about July 1st)

    so if I should have the PHP setting changed FROM 7.1 TO 7.3, now would probably be the time to have the change made.

    Hello everyone!

    I'm encountering an error whenever I try to uninstall any package and can't really understand why.

    Hello SupaHigher,

    I may be mistaken, however I seem to recall Alexander Ebert stating that the preferred PHP Version to use is 7.1; additionally, using version 7.2 OR 7.3 can lead to various problems with various apps and plugins - among other problems as well.

    Even on the PHP website they say to use Version 7.1 (and they further identify this version by stating it as 7.1.30)

    If you continue to have a problem with uninstalling packages perhaps you should open a support ticket with Woltlab ...;)

    The install seems to fail because of this part here in the error log. I have tried this morning dropping down to PHP 7.0 version and still the same problem to rule out it wasn't a PHP 7.2 thing causing it.

    Have you opened a support ticket? One of the Woltlab Team should be able to give you a definite answer and a solution.

    Question: When you say: "I have tried this morning dropping down to PHP 7.0 version .... "

    exactly how did you proceed with this? I mean, did you just log into your control panel and change the PHP Version number, OR, did you have your Hosting Provider make the change for you from their end?

    The reason I ask is, there is a difference between those two procedures - and depending upon your Hosting provider, it can be a huge difference.

    Hello GTB,

    I noticed you are using PHP 7.2.19

    Somewhere here on Woltlab I thought I had read something about there being problems (of various sorts) by using PHP Versions above 7.1.x

    Do you think possibly this could be your problem?

    The main website of PHP recomends using Version 7.1.30 - as it is the latest Version (30 May 2019) - as the only fully supported version of PHP currently available.

    I may well go the 'donate' route in that case, but I'll give it a bit more thought.

    Ruff Seas I wasn't intending to use AdSense to promote my forum. That's not its purpose anyway. It's a revenue generator.

    Having said all that, I have seen a few sites where the ads are quite subtle.

    OK, got it!

    Well whatever decision you make on this issue, i.e. AdSense or Donation LInk, I hope it all works out for what you want to accomplish.:)

    There are other ways to promote a forum instead of going the "ad" route.:)

    I made a little (very little) bit of money with Adsense years ago, that was before everyone had adblockers. People have adblockers for a reason, they hate seeing advertisements on every website that they visit. I think you are going to annoy your current members by adding them now and would probably be better off with a simple donation link. I don't watch television with commercials anymore and I try not to listen to commercial radio either.

    PJK: Good advice you gave, especially the part:

    "I think you are going to annoy your current members by adding them now and would probably be better off with a simple donation link."

    A few days ago I searched out forums which included a variety of subject matter and format to perhaps find some worthwhile ideas regarding my own soon to be made live Forum.

    Some very nice forums out there ..... however those forums which had ads displayed on their site was a complete turn-off and annoyance to say the least. Furthermore, it visually distracted from the subjects and content they were attempting to present with their forum.:rolleyes:

    Ruff Seas WoltLab Suite 3.1 is compatible with PHP 5.5-7.3:

    1. Anything below PHP 7.1 should not be used at all. There is absolutely no security support by the PHP developers for these versions.
    2. PHP 7.1 will pretty much always work, making it a safe, but neither recommended nor favorable pick.
    3. PHP 7.2 introduced a few backwards incompatible changes, which may break some old plugins.
    4. PHP 7.3 is the most recent version, but also has a backward incompatible change that may conflict with old plugins.

    Our recommendation right now is to use PHP 7.3 and only downgrade to a lower version, if there is an essential plugin that does not run with the selected version. However, you should absolutely always work on getting the latest stable PHP version to work, offering better stability and superior performance.

    And most important: Do not use Alpha/Beta/RC versions of PHP in your production environment, unless you are absolutely aware of the consequences and are able to solve any issues that arise. We do not support unstable PHP versions at all.

    Hello Alexander. Thanks for the information you submitted!

    For those of you who are interested in even more information, here is a listing of the latest information on PHP from the PHP . net site

    (Full URL's are shown below).

    Unsupported Historical Releases

    We have collected all the official information and code available for past PHP releases. You can find more details on the current release on

    our downloads page.

    Please note that older releases are listed for archival purposes only, and they are no longer supported.

    Newest PHP Release is: 7.1.29


    This Version was released on 16 AUG 2018


    This Version was released on 30 MAY 2019



    Downloads Page URL:

    PHP 7.1.30 Released

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.30.

    This is a security release.

    All PHP 7.1 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

    For source downloads of PHP 7.1.30 please visit our downloads page,

    Windows source and binaries can be found on

    The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

    30 May 2019

    PHP 7.2.19 Release Announcement

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.19.

    This is a security release which also contains several minor bug fixes.

    All PHP 7.2 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

    For source downloads of PHP 7.2.19 please visit our downloads page,

    Windows source and binaries can be found on

    The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

    30 May 2019

    PHP 7.3.6 Release Announcement

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.3.6.

    This is a security release which also contains several bug fixes.

    All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

    For source downloads of PHP 7.3.6 please visit our downloads page,

    Windows source and binaries can be found on

    The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

    Current Stable PHP 7.3.6

    30 MAY 2019

    I am interested in what all of you in the above posts have commented on regarding PHP because soon I will be launching my newest forum project;

    and I have taken note of the previous recommendations by Woltlab Developers - particularly Alexander Ebert - that PHP 7.1 or 7.2 is the preferable version to use.

    I contacted my Hosting Provider and they told me I can have them activate any version of PHP of my choice.

    Then I did some searching on the Internet regarding PHP, and this is what I could find:

    7.1.x is a viable, currently supported version.

    The latest supported version is 7.1.20 - but not after September 2019; at that time (October 2020 onward),

    7.2.x will be the current, fully supported version of PHP UNTIL Version 7.3

    Additionally, Version 7.3 is currently in Beta mode.

    No date is given as to exactly when this version will be the "active", fully supported version, of PHP.

    So my question:

    What should I ask my Hosting Provider to use (set up for me) with regard to the Hosting Plan I have with them:

    Version 7.1.x, OR Version 7.2.x, OR 7.2.20 ?


    I just looked at the screenshot and noticed one typo (“ignore” instead of “ignored” for “do not check”). But as none of us are native speakers: Could you clarify where you would make changes?

    Here is one sentence I discovered that should be changed:

    "The database is carefully maintained, but it there will be always be a margine of error, ..... "

    Change to:

    The database is carefully maintained, but there will always be a margin of error, ....

    The features above: "Stop Forum Spam", and, "Delete Users Content" are what interests me the most - and a good reason why I will upgrade from 5.1 to 5.2 when the final completed version is available.

    One thing I noticed - and hopefully Matthias Schmidt and others at Woltlab Development - have noticed the several misspellings, and words which are not needed, in a few of the sentences under "Stop Forum Spam".

    Looking forward to 5.2! Good work guys!!:)

    The only exception is an EV certificate. But in most cases, you don't need one.

    Generally speaking, the decision to purchase an EV Certificate would be based upon the type of website the individual or company has -

    (like a complex commercial/commerce website) - am I correct?

    I have had a dedicated server since 2012

    Reading over this Thread - and your comment above; and, your comment in Post # 5 - in the Thread I started, i.e., "Best procedure for optimizing Blogs / Forums / Websites?") pertaining to SSL Certificates - I became curious so I logged onto the Hosting Provider you use and viewed their Hosting Plans, but more importantly, which SSL Certificates they sell.

    Interestingly enough, Hetzner Hosting sells Digicert and Thawte SSL Certificates - which the company I do business with - ENOM . com - also sells these brands of SSL Certificates; and they provide a detailed chart of each tier level.

    When I had my last website, I looked into the various SSL Certificates Enom sells; and I spoke with a Tech Advisor about them. He advised me on which SSL Certificates would be best suited for me.

    Then I discovered that my Hosting Provider (247-Host . com) provides a free SSL Certificate if purchasing one of their VPS Hosting Plans - of which I stated earlier in one of these Threads/Posts. I chose to go with their SSL Cetificate; and I was not disappointed in doing so.

    There are real major differences in which grade (Tier Level) of SSL Certificates a website owner could purchse OR should purchase; however it all depends on what is truly needed for the type of website one is operating.

    For me, it wouldn't be logical to invest in a top level SSL Certificate for a rather modest and simple website or forum.

    But on the other hand, it wouldn't be logical for a major world wide business to purchase a low level SSL Certificate.

    Is it possible to change the color of the boxes and txt. And is it possible to make a shadow around the boxes

    I think the "shadow" addition you mention is possible; and Coloring the text should be.:) Not sure if coloring the entire box would be desirable.:/

    I know when I had my last website - using Version 3.0.x - I received help on these same types of changes/alterations you have mentioned here.

    There are several Members on this Woltlab Forum who can help you!

    And Alexander Ebert and Matthis Schmidt I am sure can help you!

    VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans cost more but they are preferable over Shared Hosting!

    Shared Hosting Plans are really not suitable for anyone who operates FORUM Software on their Website.

    Dedicated Servers are a must if you have website / forum which typically has many Members (well over a 1,000).

    And also if the website/forum one has includes a very active commerce site in addition to the many active forum members.

    Additionally, if one's website/forum has many Videos included on it, anything less than a Dedicated Sever probably won't be satisfactory -

    for several considerations/reasons.

    Add to those features and conditions just stated above, an Audio / Video Chat System, a Dedicated Server is an absolute must ... if indeed not a

    requirement; as the "high end" Audio / Video Chat System Software requires such for a smooth running operation; as well as Red 5.

    With my new Website / Forum project I intend to have all of the above - when fully implemented and operational.

    But of course one's best intentions and plans are always subject to a variety of unforeseen events which can "derail" those plans.

    However, it will be a challenge - and fun - as I proceed.

    With Woltlab Version 5.2 coming up in a few months, that makes my pursuing this project I have embarked upon, even more exciting.:P


    *Regarding what I said in #6 above, this is the one disappointment I have with the Hosting Provider I use (247-Host . com) -

    but nothing in this world is 100% perfect!

    However I have a way of working around this one slight obstacle:

    1) I go to my favorite Domain Name Registrar (which is Enom . com).

    There I purchase my Domain Names, and I also purchase ID Protect at the same time for each Domain Name I purchase.

    The cost is quite reasonable for both.

    2) Then I go to 247-Host and select/purchase whichever Hosting Plan I want.

    After that is purchased and confirmed, the Tech Department and the Sales Dept. send me Emails regarding my purchase.

    3) I look for the info I need to make a change in the Nameservers - so that they can be pointed to my Hosting Provider.

    4) I go back to Enom and make the change.

    All of this takes only 15 to 20 minutes at most.

    Should you have difficulty in knowing exactly what to do (in changing the Nameservers and where to go within the Enom website for this purpose), there is a posted phone number on the Enom website to call for technical help. Very convenient.

    The ONLY other Hosting Provider I can recommend is HostGator.

    However, they are not as good as 247-Host - but I have no complaints. Just that they do not offer everything in a VPS Plan that I can get with 247-Host; and Host Gator doesn't show all details in their features list for their Hosting Plans like 247-Host does.

    Both 247-Host and HostGator give a percentage discount for all their plans for the first month.

    Anyone interested in changing Host Providers, or, just starting out, should look at BOTH these websites.:)


    I DO NOT get any monetary "kick back" (compensation) for recommending anyone to the website of either Host Provider mentioned above;

    nor do I receive any other "consideration" for recommending them.;)

    do you have a recomandation for me?

    Can you recomand me another host provider?


    To whom are you addressing here for the recommendation?

    I can of course, but I do not want to offend anyone here by jumping in and assuming you would like ME to recommend a Hosting provider - when possibly you are referring to one of the other persons above.