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    Hello Alexander Ebert,

    Thank you for the information AND the suggestion about how to find specific phrases easier.:)

    I am including this particular information in my Help Manual Guide I have made - and which I am adding to it issues, problems, questions and answers - like in this discussion. Eventually there will be sufficient information in that Help Manual which will eliminate the need to ask for help on every issue or problem that arises with my forum. ;)

    I would like to modify / change the particular line of text which appears on my Login Page.

    Anyone know where the change is made from?

    I think it is modified in "Manage Phrases", but unfortunately I did not make note of it when I first made a text change to this text;

    currently I have so far been unable to find the particular area where the text change / modification is made.

    Please refer to the attachment I have included with this for further explanation.

    Thanks for help anyone can provide me on this matter!

    Hello Ramiru,

    Okay, I uploaded the CSS Code you gave me (post #11 above), and I like the change (modification) that it made to my

    Gallery Categories in Albums.

    The GREEN font color that appears when an item is hovered over, looks really sharp! And the WHITE background font that appears

    to what has been clicked on, is also a nice feature! [It is actually looks better than the font color emphasis I was telling you about]

    And your CSS Code did not change my other links [Edited: It does apply to "the Content" Box" in Gallery] when hovered over -

    example, "Statistics" in the Right Side Bar >Newest Member (appears in Red); hovered over it changes slightly to a darker Red

    (but not enough to suit me).

    I still want to make adjustment to this feature. [Edited: See Below]

    However, ever since I made the change in "Templates" regarding the Album List, my previous settings for the Font Color with respect to the

    Menu Bar items in the Header, has changed back to what the original settings are with the Woltlab Forum Software.

    So now I have to go back into ACP >Styles >Color Palette to adjust this. [ I had the Font Color of the Menu Bar Items change to a different font color

    when a Guest or Forum Member was navigating my forum so that it would distinctly show in the Menu Bar WHICH forum feature was actually being looked at, e.g., if on "Forum", then the word Forum would appear highlighted from the other Menu Bar Items.]


    ADDENDUM: Edited some parts of this post as pertaining to bracketed items in post above.

    I was successful in making the desired changes/modifications [by going to Styles>Color Palette] to those items I mentioned in my

    original posting here.

    Thanks again for all your help, Ramiru!

    Hello Ramiru, :)

    Thank you for the CSS Code.

    I will check this out. If I don't like it, I can always delete the CSS Code change.

    However, I was thinking more in the way of just placing emphasis on the named items which appear in the

    Album Categories List when anyone HOVERS OVER those items.

    This feature is actually ACTIVE right now - but the change is so faint (very little change between the static presentation vs. when items names are hovered over with one's mouse).

    Maybe I am wrong, but I thought sure this feature is controlled within Styles>Color Palette.:/

    [I think the changing of the FONT COLOR for when a link is hovered over, applies to ALL links which are present in any Side Bar position.]


    Hello Ramiru,

    WOW! It worked! I successfully changed the Album Title FROM "Categories" TO:

    "CATEGORIES - Click on the links below to view additional selections!"

    I could never have done this without your help!

    1, Certainly I appreciate the detailed information you have given me

    2. Your patience with me

    I am in your debt for sure.

    There just is one more "revision" I want to make:

    When hovering over the lists which appear below the title change I mentioned above, those list names change very little.

    There needs to be a more pronounced effect when anyone hovers over the names of the Lists (Categories) I have made in the ACP>Apps>Gallery>Categories

    I think this change can be made from ACP>Customization>Styles>(My Style)> Color Palette. Am I correct?

    I also made a "Help Page" in Microsoft Word files for myself regarding this issue - for future reference if there is a need for

    making additional modifications to other parts of my forum that require Template Editing.

    Thanks again Ramiru!


    Let's just assume that your current style is named MyStyle. To create a custom templates for this particular style, you need to do the following:

    • Add a Template Group
      • Set a name, i.e. MyStyleTemplates
      • Set the directory, i.e. MyStyleTemplatesDir/ - you need to add a slash after its name.
    • Go back to Customization > Styles > MyStyle -> Data Tab -> Template Group and select MyStyleTemplates then Submit.
    • Go back to Customization > Templates and search for the template that you want to modify.
    • Click on the "Copy Template" icon then select MyStyleTemplates as the Template Group.
    • Go back again to Customization > Templates and on the "Filter", select MyStyleTemplates then click Submit button.
    • You can now then see the list of the templates you have copied to MyStyleTemplates. Click on it's name to edit :)

    Hello Ramiru,

    I followed your instructions but I was unable to make the modifications take affect which I wanted regarding the Album Title "Categories"

    1. When you said: "Let's just assume that your current style is named MyStyle. To create a custom templates for this particular style ... "

    do you mean that I must use the current Style (located in Styles) - which includes my forum Header Logo, and everything else of my forum ?

    2. Because what I did was to create a Custom template using the *new name MyRemake1; and this was successfully added to the

    Template Group.

    Then I followed the remainder of your instructions as you gave me. And everything I did was accepted.

    But as I said above, the change (modification) I was attempting to make to the Album Title did NOT occur.

    *I thought perhaps that was the wrong thing to do; so I tried inserting instead the actual name of my current Style I am using for my forum-

    however the system would NOT allow this Style name to be used for a Custom Template.

    Recently it came to my attention that the "Watermark" function of the current Gallery App (version 3.1) is improperly designed, to wit:

    1. Watermarking of images is a controlled feature in the ACP of the forum by the Admin of that forum:

    a) Meaning that, whatever settings the Admin makes with regard to using a Watermark - Text OR Image - it is also applied to the Forum Member's forum - see #2

    2. Visitors and/or Forum Members do not have independent control of the Gallery Watermark feature:

    a) This means that whatever the forum administration elects to use in the way of issuing or dedicating a "watermark" upon his/her images, that "watermark" will also be the same watermark for the images the Forum Member decides to add to Gallery (Albums) regarding his/her

    image uploads to his/her Gallery (Albums).

    Number 2 and 2a above represent several problems - especially with respect to:

    1. Disregarding the independent control of the "Watermark Feature" for the forum member

    2. Raises possible and/or probable legal issues between the Forum Administrator and his Forum Members (with regard to "shared" watermarking)

    3. Raises the distinct possibility of copyright infringement issues - which can in turn lead to lawsuits and other legal complications - both for the Administrator and for the Admin's Forum Members - which has the potential of involving 3rd parties as well, depending upon what and where

    the uploaded images to Gallery (Albums) originates from.


    1. Re-Design Gallery, principally the "WATERMARK" feature.

    a) Re-design so as to make the watermark feature an independent function for BOTH the Administrator and the Administrator's Forum Members


    1. Experienced Forum Software Developers - having worked with creating and finalizing many complicated Apps and Plugins previously -

    should have no problem in making this re-design of the watermark Feature of Gallery.


    1. Several obvious benefits should be immediately apparent:

    a) Adverting lawsuits - which can be down-right nasty and terribly expensive!

    b) Giving Forum Members control over their own projects, uploads, etc., e.g., the forum member may not always be "right",
    but he/she comes "first"

    c) Engineering an App which pleases both the purchaser (Admin) AND the Forum Member - this in turn enhances the reputation of the App Developer, which in turn leads to more sales and increased recognition for having "tread" previously unknown "waters"


    I have an upcoming appointment with my attorney (on an entirely unrelated matter).

    This subject as presented here will be brought up during that meeting; whatever information/advice is given to me at that time,

    I will come back here and add an "addendum",


    ACP > Customization > Manage Phrases > gallery.image.categories - edit this phrase and don't forget to check Use custom value.

    Hello Ramiru,

    Well it would appear making modifications to the Title "Categories" is much more complicated than what either of us imagined, right?

    Making new templates is something that I have never tried - as you can see by my reply to Matthias Schmidt above.

    If you just want to change the text of this specific box, you should not change gallery.image.categories because this phrase is also used in other places (for example by the form to upload and edit images). Instead, edit the albumList template in the ACP, search for {lang}gallery.image.categories{/lang} and replace it with the desired text.

    Hello Matthias,

    I clicked on the Link you provided (in Red), and apparently a Custom Template has to be made in order to alter (modify) the original template.

    However this is new territory for me - and I do not understand what has to be typed in the 2nd box which appears on the page for adding a Template ("Directory").

    I did however locate the phrasing in the Original (core) Template which is what I need to modify.

    And I have Disabled my modification in manage phrases: gallery.image.category.

    The word "Categories" is what I wish to change TO: CATEGORIES - Click on the LINKS below for MORE SELECTIONS

    The reason for making this modification is this:

    Adding "Categories" to Gallery (in the ACP) - especially if there are selections (sub-categories) within the "parent category" -

    these can easily be missed (over-looked) by Visitors / Members of one's forum unless there is some provision made for drawing attention

    to the fact there are additional items (selections) within (under) the main "title/s".

    I think it also would be best to provide for a more pronounced visual effect when one hovers over the titles (categories) the admin may have added to the Album List. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this can be accomplished in "Styles" (ACP) - is this correct?

    I want to change (alter) the Title "Categories" which appears in my forum's Right Side Bar after clicking on "Albums" of the Gallery Drop Down Menu.

    Can this be accomplished?

    From WHERE is the change made?

    Please see the attachment for additional clarification of my question.

    So why don't you just test it out with another "demo account" added on your forum.

    For your information, my reply (of which the "text" immediately below has already been stated in Post 16) is :

    'I will wait until Version 5.2 of Woltlab Forum Software is available before taking any further action on this issue of Articles.'

    The Woltlab Developers must have had a logical reason for upgrading "Articles" in Version 5.2 of the Woltlab Forum Software.

    I am comfortable in waiting for that upgraded Version to be made available.;)

    Simply by not granting them any of the other admin permissions.

    Just think of the forums, just because somebody is registered doesn't mean that person can magically delete posts and threads. Permissions control the ability of each user and especially the admin panel has an enourmous amount of restrictions set up, just for this purpose.

    *I will assume you are 100 % correct - until proven otherwise.

    However, despite your re-assurance to all of us that it is safe to allow an individual access to the ACP for the purpose of posting content

    to ARTICLES, I remain a bit "uneasy" about the procedure.

    It is not uncommon for "hackers" to gain access to "sensitive areas" of a computer or computer program - it happens all too frequently in the

    'real world'; not just with the average Joe, but with military and government sites too.

    Just by allowing / setting up one simple ACP access command (as is being discussed in this Thread) could possibly give the needed edge

    the hacker would love to have, eh?

    I have no burning desire to give unknowingly anyone even the remote possibility that, given an "inch", they can take a "mile".

    I will wait until Version 5.2 of Woltlab Forum Software is available before taking any further action on this issue of Articles.

    *I truly, honestly hope that it is never 'proven otherwise' - for the good of us all; and that of course includes Woltlab.

    How can you give users access to your ACP and the ability to submit articles without them being able to change anything else?

    An excellent question!

    That's incorrect, users can actually be granted the permission to submit articles.

    Can contribute articles controls the ability to submit them, which needs to be paired with the permission Can access Administration Control Panel, because articles can only be created through the admin panel in WSC 3.0/3.1 (the upcoming 5.2 adds the forms to the frontend). Please keep in mind that the general permission to access the admin panel by itself is not a security risk, because you still limit what the users can do in the admin panel.

    Alexander Ebert: After thinking this subject over more carefully today, I must admit the mere thought of anyone getting access to the ACP

    to any degree - especially with regards to individuals coming to my forum whom I know absolutely nothing about -

    scares the "living daylights" out of me!

    So unless you can explain this issue of "limited ACP access" in terms that are more reassuring to me, the upcoming Version 5.2

    (with regard to Articles) is probably the best way to proceed.

    That's incorrect, users can actually be granted the permission to submit articles.

    Can contribute articles controls the ability to submit them, which needs to be paired with the permission Can access Administration Control Panel, because articles can only be created through the admin panel in WSC 3.0/3.1 (the upcoming 5.2 adds the forms to the frontend). Please keep in mind that the general permission to access the admin panel by itself is not a security risk, because you still limit what the users can do in the admin panel.

    This is information I, too, find helpful with regard to developing / setting up my Forum.

    And I especially like: " ... (the upcoming 5.2 adds the forms to the frontend)."

    Yet another reason to upgrade to Version 5.2 when the time comes for me to do so.;)

    I remember what your Woltlab site was based on. I did not judge you for having an opposing viewpoint of my own and I am more than willing to allow you to live your own life. That being said. When you hijack my thread and quote me like YOU are judging me for how I phrased my question (For which I was trying to make my community more inclusive), that proves my point exactly.

    Judging by what you stated in your reply to me personally - part of which is quoted above - it is apparently obvious that you think I targeted you directly and on purpose when I replied to your Thread herein.

    You are sadly mistaken.

    However, I believe everything that happens is for a purpose;

    and with that in mind I can truthfully say your response to me has positively created and established for me a reason to add an addition to my current forum Categories.

    Even though I have had in the past - and at present time as well - Forums which deal with controversial issues and subjects of discussion, I must admit this is an issue, e.g., the use of other gender pronouns, of which I have entirely overlooked.

    As for:  " ..... I know what happens if you are not accepting of people of ANY choice .... "

    What happens???

    You needn't answer that question if you feel it unwise to answer.

    However for myself, I may or may not make changes in the forum software to accommodate a few individuals who might come to my forum and expecting there to be "gender modifications" made so that they can be "show-cased" as being "different" in how they present themselves or who they want to be recognized as - which in all realty, is pure bullshit.

    But if I do make the changes (as it would appear you will be doing so on your forums, kbarg), I will do so because I want to and not because I am threatened or forced to do so by someone who thinks society owes them "special" consideration.:rolleyes:

    It's a pity that there isn't a way to do it with the current version.

    Yes PJK; however IF everything were to be included, fixed, and/or corrected in Version 5.1, then the Woltlab Developers would not have to design another version. And that would lead to less money earned from selling new versions; and that would lead to .... well, you get the idea. It is called: CAPITALISM.

    It's in the ACP -> Configuration -> Users -> Registration. Set Force login (Visitors are required to log-in themselves to access the page.) to Yes.

    EDIT: Oops, a little too slow :)

    Thanks TheSonic for including WHERE the correction or solution is located; in this case in the ACP as you mentioned!