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    It seems that there are still remaining a few "glitches" regarding how my forum site appears when a "visitor" (anyone arriving at the forum but NOT logged in yet) - primarily with the "Users Online" data in the Forums' Footer; e.g., it has "disappeared" again.

    I have this nagging feeling that one or more Plugins I have installed on my forum are conflicting with each other.

    Here's mine:

    1. Avira since 2011.
    2. Windows Firewall Control (from BiniSoft to MalwareBytes) set to Medium Filter.
    3. CleanBrowsing (Family Filter if I'm not @ home / Adult Filter when I'm home). Previously I used OpenDNS but switch to CleanBrowsing for YouTube filter.
    4. UAC to the highest level as Alexander mentioned.
    5. Block ads on your browser.

    Hello Ramiru,

    I logged onto the website of Avira. It appears they offer a variety of internet protection levels as good as anyone else; and at reasonable prices.

    I'm using bitdefender for quite some time now. Only the file security annoys me a little bit.

    Hello SoftCreatR,

    I tried Bitdefender once a few years ago; cannot remember why I did not stay with them but at least they were not as "bad" (frustrating)

    as G-Data. That was an experience I don't ever want to experience again!


    It took awhile but now have everything working as planned!

    Visitors OR Members to my forum (NOT logged in) can view the Users Online Statistic in the Footer from the Dashboard Page.

    Viewing the Main Forum Page, "Statistics Data" displays in the Footer.

    I also uploaded a Plugin which shows a lot of Forum Statistical Data - accessible from a Drop Down Menu.

    Added a Plugin for "Statistics"

    Plugin Credits: Batarjal and BlackRider - whose Plugins made it possible to achieve my objectives regarding my forum.

    Thanks to Modelcarforum and e.meneses who offered their help and comments.



    This should work.

    Hello e.meneses,

    I did clear the "cache" as you suggested.

    However I still have the problem of getting my forum set up as to WHO can view WHAT when they arrive at my forum site with regards to being a

    "visitor" - NOT logged in; and as a Forum Member logged in.

    Please see the 3 attachments I have uploaded here as this may make what I am trying to accomplish, clearer.

    If you (or anyone else who sees this post) can tell me what I need to do in order to make this work out for me, please offer your help - thanks!



    Thanks to Alexander Ebert and Modelcarforum for your reply.

    After a very frustrating experience with trying out G-DATA security software early today (got locked out of my own computer, and it took me three hours to figure out how to get around that lock-out and get to "uninstall") I decided NOT to get involved any more with security software companies!

    I will use Windows security only.


    Thanks Modelcarforum !

    After I have looked into these I will come back here and "report" on what I think about these two.

    One thing I can add (generally speaking) about "free ware" internet security software:

    I have this friend who refuses to spend money on internet software protection services. So about 8-10 months ago his computer got hacked into and he lost ALL his files - much of which he put a lot of work into. So that experience sort of turned me off of "freeware".:rolleyes:


    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone reading this suggest a reliable, trustworthy internet security software which helps protect one's computer, phone, website, etc., from malicious hackers and intruders

    without that same software company deliberately (or otherwise) actually doing more harm sometimes than the malicious intruders and hackers?

    Would appreciate hearing from individuals who have had "hands on" experience with Internet Security System Software companies.

    Over the past 20 years I have tried several different companies, and not one of them would I go back to - the last company I tried turned out to be a real "bummer" (bad experience).

    Hello Marcel Werk,

    Regarding the label "5.4.x", how far away (when) will Version 5.4 be available ?

    Since WSC is currently 5.2.8, that could be quite a few months from now. Am I correct in assuming this?

    Regardless though, it is good to know that my suggestion for enhancing item numbers in the ACP for Forums is planned!:)


    In other words, it is working now?

    Kaspersky is another topic.

    Hello Modelcarforum,

    Yes, everything on my forum site appears to be working (functioning correctly).

    The "Users Online" data statistic is appearing in the Footer as I want it to - for both Logged in members, and visitors not logged in.

    A friend - who also sometimes monitors my site as Moderator - told me he sees no problems currently.:)

    As for "Kaspersky", I really would like to find an Internet Security Software that protects my computer and Smartphone without that

    "system" trying to do a "number" (malicious activity) on me! But every internet security I have ever tried .... all have some very unwanted and sometimes disturbing consequences connected with it.:rolleyes:

    Hello Modelcarforum

    The "Users Online" setting is working correctly now - BOTH for when logged in and when NOT logged in ("visitor" to forum).

    However, the description I gave regarding the settings for "Everyone" and "Guests" in Post #3 above had, apparently, nothing to do with it working properly; as I set and reset those particular settings several times in the last 48 hours - but always coming up with the same problem, e.g., the

    "Users Online" not showing up for "visitors" to my forum - only showing for Logged in Forum Members.

    So why, just in the last 15 minutes or so, did the "Users Online" statistic in the Footer begin showing / displaying as I intended it to?

    The answer apparently comes from another problem I have been experiencing for the last few weeks, but becoming increasingly annoying

    in just the last few days; and that was my SLOW (and often "timing out") internet connection.

    To wit, an Internet Security Suite I had uploaded to my computer fairly recently was responsible.

    And I would not have known about it if it were not for a VPN service I subscribe to.

    Here is what their Tech Department told me:

    "The details of this support request indicate that you are using Kaspersky.

    This antivirus software has been identified as having numerous security concerns that could compromise the safety of its users.

    Most recently it has been confirmed that the software has been injecting unique identifying information into sites to enforce an allowance

    for them to track their visitors, effectively circumventing any attempt to use 'incognito browsing.

    Additionally, in the past, the software was revealed to intentionally provide a backdoor for Russian hacking.

    As your system is susceptible to the aforementioned issues, we will be unable to offer further support without the removal of Kaspersky."

    So I uninstalled Kaspersky and now my internet connection speed (among other things), are back to normal.


    Hello Modelcarforum

    Thank you for your reply!

    I did set the permissions in "Guests" and "Everyone" in the ACP as follows:

    "Yes" with regard to viewing Online Users

    I have not given a "yes" to everything with regard to the settings "Everyone" OR "Guests"

    as I do not want everything on my forum to be visible for anyone who arrives at my forum.

    Right now if I log onto my forum - as a registered forum member, OR, as Admin of the Forum,

    I can view who is online.

    However, if NOT logged in (e.g., just as a "visitor" who has arrived at my forum by pointing their browser to my forum's URL),

    the "users online" statistic does not show ..... however I do want that information to show!

    There must be a way of accomplishing this. Right?

    At first I thought about opening a Support Ticket for this, however there may be other individuals interested in this, so I decided to post my question here.

    I have set "permissions" for my forum to only partially show to "visitors" when first coming to my site - (NOT logged in)

    When Logged in as "registered", anyone can view the entire forum (with a few exceptions as to specific Categories).

    I have managed to get "Users Online" to show in the Footer Box area when a forum member or staff member has logged in.

    However, when anyone first arrivies at my forum - anyone NOT logged in - I have thus far been unsuccessful in getting the "Users Online" feature to show (display) in the Footer.

    I Would greatly appreciate help with this issue.

    Please refer to the two screenshots below.


    RE: "Reactions"

    I too, would be interested in how this can be changed.

    It does seem logical that a different choice for "liking" some post could be made available.

    If the change is not possible within the WSC itself, them perhaps there is a Plugin which would suffice to offer more options?

    For quite some time I have noticed a need for improving upon the appearance of the "numbered items" with respect to "Categories" and "Forums".

    Currently there are no differences between these numbers.

    It would be easier to quickly identify "Categories" from "Forums" if there were font emphasis between these two.

    Please refer to the Screen Shot I took from my Forum for a more detailed explanation.

    Relative to my Post directly above this one, I ran into a what appeared to be a "problem" with securing my forum

    as accessible to only those individuals I want to view the established forum content.

    I was able to correct this apparent problem with additional settings in "User Groups".

    But that has led me to a couple of questions - please refer to the two attachments I have included.

    I would appreciate a response from all those persons who are a part of this Thread, as well as from Alexander Ebert.


    Hello Throwholics,

    Yes I know about this - it is what I have been using (as I checked "Yes").

    I may still look into HideForGuests by the_waiters - as this Plugin appears to extend the possibilities of limiting what "Guests"

    can access and what they cannot.

    As for the "Forced Login" setting in the ACP, it has some good points but also some which are negative.

    In order to alleviate some of the negative (the draw-backs) of having a Forced Login, I created several Logo Headers for my forum which show

    "what's inside" my forum should someone serious;y consider joining my forum as a Registered Member.

    These Logo Headers are auto-rotated, using the Header Rotation Plugin.

    I haven't given up on possibly going back to the "standard" look vs. the Forced Login look.

    However, my experience with "adjusting" the Guest Permissions has not yet worked out to my satisfaction.

    Thanks to Throwholics, I now know how to prevent certain Threads from being shown to "Guests".

    However, that still leaves the opportunity for Guests to access other areas of the Forum.

    For example currently on my Forum the following forum features will appear even if I 'block out" all Threads to "Guests":

    Dashboard; Articles; Forum

    With regards to "Dashboard", that would mean Guests could still view and read what is on the Dashboard.

    The same for "Articles".

    For "Forum" I am not sure what happens because I haven't yet tried to block out (deny) ALL Threads to be seen by Guests.

    But this also leaves yet another question:

    What happens when I purchase and upload (this coming month) the following APPS: Blog, Calendar, Gallery

    Are these going to show to "Guests"?

    The only other way of handling this issue that I can think of, would be to have an "introductory page" when someone goes to my Forum.

    After looking at this page (which would display some basic information of what the Form is about),

    the "Visitor" would click on a LINK which then goes to the Main Forum Page OR to the Dashboard.

    However, I do NOT know how to make such an "introductory page". This probably involves having someone design the page,

    upload it to a specific area of my Domain Name, and also provide a LINK to the Forum within that introductory page.

    Am I correct in assuming this?

    Does any know for sure about how this can be accomplished?

    If you do, let me know, thanks!


    NEW UPDATE 2: July 29, 2020

    Success! Have accomplished what I originally set out to do:

    Everyone MUST Register in order to see the Forum - (except for those Threads/Topics/Posts and Visitor Statistics) that I want everyone

    to see / view.

    Additionally, it is necessary to make "restrictions" via User Groups in the ACP for the Group "Everyone". The number of restrictions and as to exactly what these are, depend upon what affect or goal one is trying to achieve relative to the forum's Landing Page!

    Some settings can be done through the following areas of one's forum (as Admin of forum > ACP):

    Apps > Forums > Permissions > "Everyone" and "Guests"


    Articles (Categories)

    AND whatever APPS one has added to his/her forum

    I have uploaded 3 Screen Shots in case anyone who has read, or will read this Thread, and is interested in restricting their forum to

    Registered Forum Members only.