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    For quite some time I have noticed a need for improving upon the appearance of the "numbered items" with respect to "Categories" and "Forums".

    Currently there are no differences between these numbers.

    It would be easier to quickly identify "Categories" from "Forums" if there were font emphasis between these two.

    Please refer to the Screen Shot I took from my Forum for a more detailed explanation.

    Relative to my Post directly above this one, I ran into a what appeared to be a "problem" with securing my forum

    as accessible to only those individuals I want to view the established forum content.

    I was able to correct this apparent problem with additional settings in "User Groups".

    But that has led me to a couple of questions - please refer to the two attachments I have included.

    I would appreciate a response from all those persons who are a part of this Thread, as well as from Alexander Ebert.


    Hello Throwholics,

    Yes I know about this - it is what I have been using (as I checked "Yes").

    I may still look into HideForGuests by the_waiters - as this Plugin appears to extend the possibilities of limiting what "Guests"

    can access and what they cannot.

    As for the "Forced Login" setting in the ACP, it has some good points but also some which are negative.

    In order to alleviate some of the negative (the draw-backs) of having a Forced Login, I created several Logo Headers for my forum which show

    "what's inside" my forum should someone serious;y consider joining my forum as a Registered Member.

    These Logo Headers are auto-rotated, using the Header Rotation Plugin.

    I haven't given up on possibly going back to the "standard" look vs. the Forced Login look.

    However, my experience with "adjusting" the Guest Permissions has not yet worked out to my satisfaction.

    Thanks to Throwholics, I now know how to prevent certain Threads from being shown to "Guests".

    However, that still leaves the opportunity for Guests to access other areas of the Forum.

    For example currently on my Forum the following forum features will appear even if I 'block out" all Threads to "Guests":

    Dashboard; Articles; Forum

    With regards to "Dashboard", that would mean Guests could still view and read what is on the Dashboard.

    The same for "Articles".

    For "Forum" I am not sure what happens because I haven't yet tried to block out (deny) ALL Threads to be seen by Guests.

    But this also leaves yet another question:

    What happens when I purchase and upload (this coming month) the following APPS: Blog, Calendar, Gallery

    Are these going to show to "Guests"?

    The only other way of handling this issue that I can think of, would be to have an "introductory page" when someone goes to my Forum.

    After looking at this page (which would display some basic information of what the Form is about),

    the "Visitor" would click on a LINK which then goes to the Main Forum Page OR to the Dashboard.

    However, I do NOT know how to make such an "introductory page". This probably involves having someone design the page,

    upload it to a specific area of my Domain Name, and also provide a LINK to the Forum within that introductory page.

    Am I correct in assuming this?

    Does any know for sure about how this can be accomplished?

    If you do, let me know, thanks!


    NEW UPDATE 2: July 29, 2020

    Success! Have accomplished what I originally set out to do:

    Everyone MUST Register in order to see the Forum - (except for those Threads/Topics/Posts and Visitor Statistics) that I want everyone

    to see / view.

    Additionally, it is necessary to make "restrictions" via User Groups in the ACP for the Group "Everyone". The number of restrictions and as to exactly what these are, depend upon what affect or goal one is trying to achieve relative to the forum's Landing Page!

    Some settings can be done through the following areas of one's forum (as Admin of forum > ACP):

    Apps > Forums > Permissions > "Everyone" and "Guests"


    Articles (Categories)

    AND whatever APPS one has added to his/her forum

    I have uploaded 3 Screen Shots in case anyone who has read, or will read this Thread, and is interested in restricting their forum to

    Registered Forum Members only.


    Yes also for everyone disallow everything.

    With that setting above one should be redirected as guest. And then there was a plugin by MysteryCode to redirect guests completely.. Maybe he can help? I didn't find the plugin with my smartphone

    Hello Throwholics.

    I could not find the plugin you mentioned by MysterCode.

    The only plugin that I saw with reference to "Guests" is the plugin named HideForGuests by the_waiters -

    which I may purchase.

    Perhaps I am mistaken, however I thought the developer MysterCode joined in with another developer ... but I can't remember who.


    You can enable the guest mode so that guests have a lmited view on the site. Then you can use the guest and everyone userrights to disallow everything but the login/register page.

    Hello Throwholics,

    I have a question for you regarding your above statement.

    [Additionally I thought entering my questions and concerns in this particular thread instead of opening a Support Ticket,

    may perhaps help other forum members.]

    As a "trial run" for my forum site, I disengaged the "forced login" option in the ACP temporarily.

    I have denied "Guests" the ability to view my forum.

    However, they can still view and read all the forums I have - among other parts of the forum.

    Does this mean that the settings for "Everyone" must also be the same as the settings I have given to "Guests"?

    I must admit, I have always been somewhat confused about the "Everyone" Permissions.

    When logging into the ACP area of "Users Permissions" - as relates to the settings for "Everyone" - there is a message

    at the top of the page which warns that the Admin of the forum is also included in this particular permissions setting;

    and that

    " ...changing these settings can result in being locked out of the forum".

    You said: "...guest and everyone userrights to disallow everything but the login/register page.

    I don't recall seeing where this particular item, i.e., login/register page is mentioned or listed, but it must be in the same location I assume.

    I would appreciate your comments on what I have said above, Throwholics

    DJ is the site. You land at the dashboard when your go to the site. I allow you to view the forum and threads as a guest. If I didnt I could go to facebook and post links back when people ask for help with something we have the answer to on the forum.

    Hello rabtech,

    Thanks for submitting your URL of your site!

    BTW, looks really great. Your Header Logo is really sharp!

    But to get to your current reason for this Post:

    This is just my "two cents worth", however I think you are allowing Guests to view a bit too much when they first view / log onto your site.

    As for the Plugin: "Exit Intent Popups", that really doesn't solve your issue - as you discovered.

    I think Throwholics has a better suggestion. [In Post #5 - not Post #7]

    I am going to change my site from "Forced Login" back to the standard Login View as soon as I upload all the Apps

    I want to include for my site; however, this time with following Throwholics suggestion he has given you in this Post.

    Hope you get your site arranged to your satisfaction soon!


    Anything actually that will send people to register. I'm tired of people looking at the forum and giving nothing back. I want their email if nothing else

    I know what you are experiencing; and I have tried various ways to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

    However the only "remedy" so far that I have come up with is activating the "Forced Login" option in the ACP.

    But I would be open to suggestions by others reading this Post if there is a "better way".

    I am looking for a way to send GUEST to the register page when they get to my site.

    From what you stated (above), am I correct in assuming when "visitors" arrive at your site they are directed to a "landing page"

    which does not show the Login In / Please Register Links?

    Or what is presented (shown) when one does first arrives at your site?

    Perhaps you could give the URL of your site so that anyone reading this Post can get a better idea of how your site is set up -

    and therefore be in a better position to help you?

    Hello -chris-,

    Noticed your post regarding VieCode Lexicon; so I was curious and decided to take a look at it.

    This may very well be a good alternative for other forum administrators, not just a.chakery; and I am including the possibility of using this

    on my own forum. However, I will still go with my decision to have the Blog App on my forum.

    I think a CMS/"Articles" is often the stepchild of Forum-Suite systems. I know of other software with similar "problems" as well.

    With regard to what I stated in Post 10 above, I believe I am incorrect in mentioning "Articles" as a part of "Woltlab Suite Apps".

    It actually is a feature of the main software core, not an "App".

    "Blog" however is an App; and I am looking forward to purchasing it and making it a part of my current forum.

    I don’t know if you have tried to write an article... if you would like to include some images and make the article user friendly in some cases it is really impossible.

    If there is an article system -in my opinion- it should come with needed standard features for writing. If not, so why we have it in the first place?

    Hello a.chakery,

    I read over twice every post in this thread ... and I definitely agree with what you said.

    "Articles" is certainly not the best part of the Woltlab Suite Software Apps - "Articles" could be made to function better.

    There is a significant degree of frustration when uploading images for "Articles" - and isn't just an opinion on your part.

    I may be wrong in assuming this, but .....

    Instead of spending time on dealing with the inadequacies of the "Article software", using the "Blog" feature will probably be a better

    experience - at least that is what I am hoping for when I add the BLOG software option to my forum next month. :)


    I recently disabled the watermark feature for images being uploaded to the gallery, however after clearing the software (and even my own browser's) cache, rebuilding images, etc. I can't seem to figure out how to have all of the thumbnails and images get the watermark removed from that were already uploaded.

    To be precise, I set "Apply watermark to original image" as "No", but can't seem to get the images to "refresh" to remove the watermark.

    Thank you so much!

    Hello Aquariums,

    Your question here about "watermarking" caught my attention because when I had my previous forum I encountered a similar situation as you describe; additionally I enlisted the help of Alexander Ebert of Woltlab regarding the issue of "watermarking" in general, as well as some specific concerns I had with Watermarking.

    Due to how "Watermarking" is set up in the Woltlab Forum Software which controls this feature, I decided the best thing for me was to completely forget about using the built-in Watermarking features.

    Instead, of those items or photos I wanted "watermarked" for my Forum/Gallery, I did my "watermarking" with my stored computer files

    regarding any photo I wanted to bear a "watermark".

    This allowed me complete control over just those photos I wanted watermarked, and those which I did not want "watermarked".

    TIP for you:

    Additionally, from a strictly legal standpoint when this watermarking issue came up I thought I had better contact my attorney.

    As it turns out, he suggested I be very careful regarding the whole issue of watermarking.

    You can learn much about the legal issues involved regarding this topic by doing some searching on the internet, or, perhaps through your attorney if you have one.


    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share this communiqué that recently occurred between me and someone whom I have known for several decades.

    Would anyone here on Woltlab forum like to comment ?

    I have already replied to this person, but have not included my reply herewith because I do not want to possibly influence anyone’s opinion who may have the interest to make a comment

    Below is my email sent to a person I have personally known for several decades:

    Hello [Name withheld],

    Can you log in - at your convenience - and view the Categories, Threads, and Posts I have thus far established?

    I also would appreciate it if you could take the time to make a post in one of those Categories.

    There are few at the moment, but there will be more as the days and weeks go by.

    His reply:

    I looked at it. I did not leave a post as I have nothing to say that needs to be posted .I don’t participate in Facebook or Twitter or any of those other sites. Everybody has or can have opinions about everything.

    My opinion about anything would be just one more among billions of others. Anything I say could have the potential to upset, anger or confirm somebody else’s opinion.

    There are already too many people making too many opinions about everything, and anything I say would not impact anybody else’s opinion except to confirm or negate what their opinions are.

    I know people who spend hours and hours daily on social media making comments that either confirm or disparage other people’s opinions. Why? In the end, those opinions are pointless. They either create more anger in the world, or they accumulate more “likes” which feeds their desire to be liked by an many people as possible and makes them feel good about themselves and “accepted”.

    Feeling good about oneself comes from within, not from what other people think about you. Life really is short, so why spend time searching for likes from out there. Instead, spend your time doing things that make you feel good about yourself.

    Ruff Seas

    Hello Alexander Ebert,

    Thank you for the information AND the suggestion about how to find specific phrases easier.:)

    I am including this particular information in my Help Manual Guide I have made - and which I am adding to it issues, problems, questions and answers - like in this discussion. Eventually there will be sufficient information in that Help Manual which will eliminate the need to ask for help on every issue or problem that arises with my forum. ;)

    I would like to modify / change the particular line of text which appears on my Login Page.

    Anyone know where the change is made from?

    I think it is modified in "Manage Phrases", but unfortunately I did not make note of it when I first made a text change to this text;

    currently I have so far been unable to find the particular area where the text change / modification is made.

    Please refer to the attachment I have included with this for further explanation.

    Thanks for help anyone can provide me on this matter!

    Hello Ramiru,

    Okay, I uploaded the CSS Code you gave me (post #11 above), and I like the change (modification) that it made to my

    Gallery Categories in Albums.

    The GREEN font color that appears when an item is hovered over, looks really sharp! And the WHITE background font that appears

    to what has been clicked on, is also a nice feature! [It is actually looks better than the font color emphasis I was telling you about]

    And your CSS Code did not change my other links [Edited: It does apply to "the Content" Box" in Gallery] when hovered over -

    example, "Statistics" in the Right Side Bar >Newest Member (appears in Red); hovered over it changes slightly to a darker Red

    (but not enough to suit me).

    I still want to make adjustment to this feature. [Edited: See Below]

    However, ever since I made the change in "Templates" regarding the Album List, my previous settings for the Font Color with respect to the

    Menu Bar items in the Header, has changed back to what the original settings are with the Woltlab Forum Software.

    So now I have to go back into ACP >Styles >Color Palette to adjust this. [ I had the Font Color of the Menu Bar Items change to a different font color

    when a Guest or Forum Member was navigating my forum so that it would distinctly show in the Menu Bar WHICH forum feature was actually being looked at, e.g., if on "Forum", then the word Forum would appear highlighted from the other Menu Bar Items.]


    ADDENDUM: Edited some parts of this post as pertaining to bracketed items in post above.

    I was successful in making the desired changes/modifications [by going to Styles>Color Palette] to those items I mentioned in my

    original posting here.

    Thanks again for all your help, Ramiru!

    Hello Ramiru, :)

    Thank you for the CSS Code.

    I will check this out. If I don't like it, I can always delete the CSS Code change.

    However, I was thinking more in the way of just placing emphasis on the named items which appear in the

    Album Categories List when anyone HOVERS OVER those items.

    This feature is actually ACTIVE right now - but the change is so faint (very little change between the static presentation vs. when items names are hovered over with one's mouse).

    Maybe I am wrong, but I thought sure this feature is controlled within Styles>Color Palette.:/

    [I think the changing of the FONT COLOR for when a link is hovered over, applies to ALL links which are present in any Side Bar position.]


    Hello Ramiru,

    WOW! It worked! I successfully changed the Album Title FROM "Categories" TO:

    "CATEGORIES - Click on the links below to view additional selections!"

    I could never have done this without your help!

    1, Certainly I appreciate the detailed information you have given me

    2. Your patience with me

    I am in your debt for sure.

    There just is one more "revision" I want to make:

    When hovering over the lists which appear below the title change I mentioned above, those list names change very little.

    There needs to be a more pronounced effect when anyone hovers over the names of the Lists (Categories) I have made in the ACP>Apps>Gallery>Categories

    I think this change can be made from ACP>Customization>Styles>(My Style)> Color Palette. Am I correct?

    I also made a "Help Page" in Microsoft Word files for myself regarding this issue - for future reference if there is a need for

    making additional modifications to other parts of my forum that require Template Editing.

    Thanks again Ramiru!