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    Thank you for your answers.

    1. Please elaborate about media BBcode
    If I understand this for example If I want to embed youtube videos
    I have to write a BBcode for youtube and when I want to embed I have to type something like [youtube] [/youtube]
    or I just paste the youtube link and its all done?

    2. Please tell me the name of bump thread plugin or the link to it.
    I searched through plugin store and couldn't find one.

    I kind of like burning board a lot.
    But I have pre-sale questions

    Do yo have these features in burning board? (if available,please specify built-in / free plug-in / paid plug-in )

    1. responsive media auto embed
    e.g. paste youtube link and the board convert to embeded code automatically. (vimeo , imgur ,twiter facebook post)
    2. bump thread with button without having to post text.
    3. hide content to guest ( only show title or some parts of the text)
    4.Can post before register
    (the post text area always available if guest post something
    the system will create account and send verification to guest's email account and that post can be seen by public)
    5.Latest threads on index page ( before or after forum lists)
    6. virtual currency or points system
    7. Can the share box at the bottom turn on by default without having to switch privacy setting. And can I duplicate it to the top of the page.

    8. If I buy license now , when the new version come out will I get update for free.
    If not, how many years can I use current version until end of life.

    9. Possible to transfer license to new domain name?