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    I upgraded my license recently to include 5.2. Upgraded software and now I can’t figure out how to use the collapsible sidebar. That was my favorite feature... how do I enable it?

    A while ago I spent some time playing with the CSS to make a work-safe style (no pictures displayed, adjust pixels to fix holes left by the missing avatar, etc) but alas that I don't have as much time these days. I bought one theme from cls-design, and I like the coffee theme but it will take me a while to change all the colors to suit my community. Given time, I can arrive at something approximating how things were on 4.1. I suppose I was looking for a fast solution to buy some time while I work on it. :)

    I'm willing to buy an extra license (cost is not an issue, I chose this over VB or XF because this seems like better software, despite less plugins available..), but if it's not technically possible , then I must do what zukro suggested... but I'm not so strong at editing the templates so it would take me quite a long time to figure out. It would have been easier for me to just use an "" for a while.


    I have some users who are preferring 4.1.4. I have a question. In my domain,, (that's not my site, only an example) I have installed core 3, forum 5.0. Is it possible (and is it allowed with my license) if I made a subdomain, where is installed wcf and wbb 4.1.4 instead, but it's the same content and same database? For example, if someone posts at, the post will also be seen at, and vice versa?

    If the answer "no" is because of my license, will it be technically possible if I buy an extra license, etc?

    On the Blog 2.1, I could have a button after my blog entries on a page which said "more blog entries". Well actually, I renamed "blog entries" to "articles" and I got the button to say "more articles".

    I can't figure out how to have such a button in the Blog 3.0. How can I get that button back?

    Ah yes, the one from post 13 is the one. But I discovered something. I tried one last time with this method -

    • I created a fresh, blank copy of the domain, and then did a live migration of WBB 4.1 using the method I described in post #7, successfully had Woltlab working on the new server, uninstalled plugins such as media collection, gamezone, chat, shoutbox, uz bot, etc… basically got my installation down to the core packages of wcf, forum, and blog. Then I rebuilt all the data. Site was working beautifully. I even decided to leave the site on PhP 5.6 this time (abandoned my dream of Php 7 :D ). Then I performed the upgrade to Woltlab Suite 3.0.5, blog 3.0.5, forum 5.0.5 by using the vortex server in acp. It seemed to be working fine, the blog page was appearing how I wanted (arranged like it was before the upgrade), etc.

    Then, I ran the conversion of database encoding. The site still worked… then I did the data rebuild. I’m not sure which step, but one of those data rebuild steps is what broke the forum, and it happened again. Same error message again as post #13. The “Forum” worked, but the Dashboard and the Blog were ruined.

    After all of that, I gave up: I created another fresh copy of the domain/server, I created a subdirectory and performed the live migration to there. Then I installed a fresh version of 3.0.5/5.0.5 to the root, and this time performed an import from “localhost”. It worked much better this time, importing the avatars and smilies… but now I have some different problems:

    -I cannot get the blog to appear the way I want, and,

    -Although the smilies imported, they don’t seem to be actually working, for instance the forum will show :youretheman: instead of the actual smiley, even though the smiley is in the system.

    I guess I will spend time working on both of those things, but I did learn one thing that will hopefully help others to save some frustration:

    There is something about migrating a live forum and then upgrading from WCF to Woltlab Suite that seems to break the dashboard and the blog, and causing the error in post 13.

    Well I thought I had it working close to how I like, but now out of nowhere, half my site is screwed up.

    edit: I had a link, but I decided to point my dns back at the old server. WBB 4.1 worked flawlessly for two years... so this is very frustrating for me:

    It was cyperghost news system. But I already decided to reinstall the server. WBB 4.1 is perfect for my community... I might not even use my 5.0 license until it has more support.

    In 5.0:

    -removed the collapsible sidebar

    -tim's chat not supported

    -I could not update my (darkwoodstudios) shoutbox but had to reinstall it, losing the messages

    -no tapatalk support

    -blog does not behave the same on my site

    I've advocated WBB to many people but I'm regretting my purchase of the license extension. My opinion, 4.1 looks much better, works the way I want it to, has better plugin support, and is much more user friendly in the acp.

    Ultimately I had to take the following steps to successfully "move" my forum to the new server. I never did get the forum import to accept the absolute path.

    1. Change the php version on my new server to 5.6

    2. Download entire public_html with ftp from old server

    3. Upload entire public_htmp with ftp to new server

    4. Use mysqldumper to backup the database from the old server

    5. Create a random database and user for my new server (names could be anything)

    6. Use PhpMyAdmin to change the name of this new database and user, into the same database/username/password from my old installation

    7. Use mysqldumper to restore the database to the new server

    It turns out that after all, my problem was the forced prefix on database and username. But luckily, PhpMyAdmin allowed me to edit it later.

    I hope this is helpful to someone else performing a migration in the future.

    I think my problem here is the forced database prefix. No matter how successfully I migrate the database contents, WHM won't let me name the database what I want (and neither would sentora/zpanel). Let's say I copy my public_html from one server to the other. It's futile because the running installation is expecting a database named zadmin_MySite , but I can only create a database named mistahq_MySite

    That's why I seemed desperate to get the absolute path to work properly.

    Unless there is somewhere that I can edit a file to change the database name that the software expects to see... I think I have no choice except a fresh install and importing via acp.

    Migrate the running installation was my first solution, but it did not work. I received some fatal error, even when I tried to access acp directly. Some problems I encountered:

    -I am migrating from an open-source management (Sentora) to WHM/Cpanel. Sentora forced a database prefix zadmin_ and WHM/PhpMyAdmin is forcing a different database prefix.

    -The sql dump program is not playing nice with php 7

    -Using PhpMyAdmin to export/import also fails because of foreign key error

    It seems like I need to import everything except for images... and then spend all week rebuilding avatars and smilies


    extended my license to the new version of Forum and Blog, but before I upgrade, I want to migrate my forum to a new server.

    I thought about just using FTP to move everything from public_html, but that cause nightmares with database...

    I installed wbb 4.1.14 on my new server, and no matter what I do, I cannot import avatars/smilies/attachments. I even made a php file to be sure of the absolute path. Every time, I'll get this error:

    If I import without avatar/smilie/attachment, the import is successful. When I try to get those, this happens. I'm sure I have the proper absolute path. I'm very frustrated by this.


    I'm thinking about whether to extend the license on my site, and I have a few questions.

    -Will I be able to make the upgraded site look very similar to the current site?

    -I bought a news plugin, I wanted to make a "news" tab and use the community bot to pull news from certain RSS feeds and keep fresh news there. I couldn't make it work right. I know, about plugins I will have to ask the plugin developers, but does the new Suite have a function that will make this easy to accomplish?

    -the site is currently hosted in vultr. I am switching to ramnode (but keeping same domain). If I extend my license, can I install the new forum on my new server, and then deactivate my old WBB 4.1 after I succeed in the migration? In case it matters for migration: the reason for the vps switch is because I want to switch from Sentora (open source server system) to WHM/Cpanel.

    -For a simple forum, is there a compelling reason right now to upgrade? I am already happy with 4.1.12.

    I got trolled by a developer for telling the truth and trying to rewrite history (the whole censor argument). And I ended up with a product that is incompatible with the software I use (MariaDB) with no work around (something others have provided elsewhere).

    That simply isn't true. I know how easy it can be to get defensive when things don't work out how we thought or wanted. But come on, the bug was confirmed in MariaDB. I've been a WoltLab customer for four months, and even then, I probably could have seen this day coming.

    One time Throwholics called me out for posting image links instead of attachments in a support question. Instead of arguing about it, I edited the post and changed them to attachments. I've seen you claim something like you argue in order to "have a laugh." Sometimes we all need to have one at ourselves as well. As far as I'm concerned, once MariaDB confirmed the bug, you were off the hook, and it was a useful thing that you uncovered. All we had to do was wait for them to fix it (and, since the bug is to do with obeying standards, I'd assume it has high priority). I don't know why you couldn't abide that.