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    I have aligned the forum name with the left boundary, because the available space in limited on smaller screens and forum names can run much longer.

    I would have had zero chance of working that out, that CSS is insane!

    Thank you :)

    Thanks marcbelgique , I'm still experimenting too. CSS is insanely complex 8|

    Casn you find a way to display the thread information? I've tried many variations around this but it doens't work:

    .wbbThreadBoardLink {
       display: none !important;

    Thanks again for your input Alexander.

    My issue is that the functionality is being compared to the old version, and honestly I don't recall what was in the mobile view of version 4.1 but I do remember we had that plugin that allowed us to enable a lot of the fields that were hidden by default, which we don't have for this version (yet, as I understand it).

    I think my colleagues have got a rose-tinted view of what the old version was like, but I am having a hard time persuading them that the drop in our participation levels from May 1st isn't as a direct result of the upgrade to the software. I'll persevere -- I'm firmly on your side :)

    Alexander Ebert Your point about the "pinned" avatar is a good one.

    I did consider a secondary style for moderators.... this may be the way to go.

    But are you saying the checkboxes would appear for all users? I thought they only appeared to anyone for whom they had meaning and that that is basically moderators?

    I take your point about font size and the clickable overlay. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

    Given what you say about the landscape tablet view, is it possible to gather ALL the settings for that view, and force them on all the other views as well? I'd like to see what that view looks like when rendered on a smaller screen.

    Thank you both of you, this is looking very promising now, and between the two code snippets we have almost all we need, but when I try to get the best of both worlds I'm failing spectacularly.

    This is with Alexander's code:

    It's almost perfect except for the lack of checkboxes for mod functions.

    With Marcel's code (adjusted to font-size 12px):

    Which is almost perfect except for the alignment of the bottom row which needs to be aligned right as per Alexander's.

    If I add the code from Marcel's that hides the shadow box and displays the checkboxes:

        .messageGroupList .tabularListColumns > .columnMark {
        display: flex;
        .mobileLinkShadowContainer > .mobileLinkShadow {

    it looks like this:

    How can we add the checkboxes without messing up the rest of it?

    There's one more issue which is that the avatars are not overlapping sensibly.

    For example in this screenshot below (using Alexander's code) the entry from "Packrat" that begins "Alt-Bardster's" has the Pinned icon, which is fair enough as it's a Pinned post, but can the main icon be the Packrat avatar, and the Pinned icon be a smaller one in the style of the "I'm a participant" avatar as in the

    "What needs fixing" thread?

    This is not a showstopper, but I am sure that I will not be the only board to adopt these changes, and since presentation is everything, it would seem to make sense to get it looking its best.

    If you Alexander Ebert  marcbelgique are getting bored of this, please be aware I am happy to pay for this work, it's absolutely critical to our forum.

    Thank you :)

    I was meaning more like

    @include screen-md-down screen-xs screen-sm screen-sm-down screen-sm-up screen-sm-md screen-md screen-md-up screen-lg {
        .paginationTop {
            display: block !important;
            margin-top: 20px; /* wastes slightly less space than the default */

    but this doesn't seem to work so I have had to do them all in a block each.

    @include screen-md-down {
        .paginationTop {
            display: block !important;
            margin-top: 20px; /* wastes slightly less space than the default */

    It's hidden by CSS only ;)

    That's great, thank you. (Is there any way to put all breakpoints on the same line? I have had to repeat the entire structure=, once for each breakpoint).

    Identifying the CSS to use is proving problematic. How for example can I find out what to use if I want to un-hide the author of the last post in a thread, in the thread list view?

    And the "thread contains your own posts" mini-avatar?

    I'm sure once I know where you are getting the classes from it should be straightforward for me to find the rest myself.

    Is it just inspection of the page using Chrome's developer tools, or do you need deeper knowledge of the system?

    Thanks for your help Fighter456 .

    The information missing is mainly these but there are possibly others. This would be an excellent start!

    In any list of threads:

    -- Latest commenter name & avatar

    -- Number of comments in the thread

    -- What forum the thread is in

    In any list of posts:

    -- Checkboxes for moderator functions

    At the top of any thread:

    -- Page numbers

    -- Breadcrumbs

    Looking at that SCSS documentation (thank you for that, though it underlines how my technical knowledge in this area is quite lacking), I think the preferred view even though the problem devices are signifcantly "thinner", would be something like a horizontal tablet (screen-md-down). That seems to have all we need but not carry the huge desktop headers.

    Is there any (relatively easy) way to change the media breakpoints, to leave only two, being:

    Max width 1024 (screen-md-down)

    Min width 1025


    I have no idea whether this will achieve what we want, but I would like to give it a try.