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    Understand all that, thanks.

    It’s still an irritation even when not using the templates. I would switch it off, for sure, if I could. I don’t want content restoring unless I ask for it.

    I’m surprised there’s not a single function called PasteDraftContent() or something, which could be commented out in the editor framework. So it does everything else, it just doesn’t stuff the text in at the end.

    But, I’m “not constrained by actually knowing much about it” so I’m sure you’re more likely to be right than me ?

    No, I’m talking about the post editor.

    More often than not it seems that the recovered text is a previously abandoned post (meaning I don't want to see it again).

    In case it isn't, the ability to restore it would be very nice, but manually, via a button labelled "Restore Draft" or something.

    It’s only become an issue worth raising now that we’re using the thread template plugin, because if there was previously saved text, it’s overwriting our template, making it worthless.

    I would like a quick visual indication of WHO can see the current subforum.

    I'm thinking a button or link to click that displays a popup list of the members who can see it, with an indication of whether they can create threads or not.

    Or the same for Groups that could see it would be good. So maybe one button for Groups, one for Members.

    The button or link could actually be in the forum list or any other place that clickable links to threads or forums appear. (In the case of a list of threads, the button would indicate the permissions for the forum it lives in).

    This button or link should be visible only to members of a certain group (so that we can limit it to admins and mods if we decide to).

    Or perhaps the list could be a box that can appear in a sidebar, instead of a popup.

    Maybe there could even be a search field to query what kind of access a given user has to that area.

    Would this be complicated, and if not would someone like to write it for me, in exchange for suitable reward? :)

    Yes, it is.

    Create your own box that is displayed only on the thread page, but use "Template" as type. Within the box, you can use template-scripting to check the threadId and then either show or don't show the message. An empty box collapses without taking any space.

    It should be as simple as {if $thread->threadId == XXX} Show message {/if}

    You sir are my new favourite person ?

    Thank you very much.

    I am however finding that this

    before {if $thread->threadId == 5444} Yes {else} No {/if} after

    returns this:

    before No after

    when I was expecting

    before Yes after

    The threadID is known good, I can pull the thread out via sql straight to the DB.

    So near and yet.... :)

    There’s a thread containing mostly YouTube videos, and because of how slowly pages load due to all the videos caching, we want to display a banner asking people to use spoiler tags to enclose YouTube videos in this thread.

    We’ve done it so far with adding “ (Please use spoiler tags!)” to the end of the thread title but I’m looking for a better solution.

    Only thing I can think of is create a dedicated user, then change the thread starter to that user, and configure the notice to only display for threads started by that user. (I think that’s possible).

    But that is a very ugly solution :(

    Is it possible to set up a Notice so that it will only display for a certain thread?

    I see that it is possible to choose "Thread" in the "Requested Page" selection tree, but one of the options is NOT thread ID, and the options that are there are insufficient to narrow down to one specific thread.

    Actually, its not.

    If you only need this on a per-group basis, then yes. But as stated, the plugin should work on a per-group and per-board basis, which means you would have to create the complete infrastructure/business logic for different, numerical permissions per board per group from scratch, since that is not something WSC provides out of the box.

    If its only about adding a user group permissions for the time to post again, and then adding some ELs/TLs to enforce it, then yes, you'd only need 1/10th of the money.

    The business rules should be "If this is in subforum X and the thread starter is the current user then if the last post by that user in the thread is less than Y hours ago, disable (or remove) the ability to make another post (hide the Submit button, remove the edit window, don't really care).

    I don't know how complex this is but here are my thoughts:

    - A table of subforum IDs for which the throttle system is applied

    - A table for IDs linking user group IDs and subforum IDs to numeric time values (an integer, of seconds or minutes)

    When the page is rendered, a lookup is done as in "select NextPostAllowedTime from tblBumpThrottle where userid=X and userGroupID=Y and subforumID=Z" and if it's greater than Now() then prohibit the post.

    I have a fairly limited understanding of how this would be done but does that sound roughly right?

    Here is a maybe better description of this (dated 2015!)…ostID=1486012#post1486012

    Even better if you fancy doing it for love.

    But I gave up hassling you for progress last year because it was clear it wasn't going to happen, whether for love or money or anything else.

    The offer stands.... we badly need the plugin and there's £500 or a big hug on the table. If you're not driven by money, maybe someone else in here is?