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    Further information:

    1. ZIP files can be attached to a post, and TXT files. JPG files can not, I get this little red message:

    but when the post is Submitted and then I go back to view it, the JPG attachment is there. However when I click on it, it opens in the same browser window, instead of a nice lightbox as I'm sure should happen.

    2. I installed ImageMagick, in case that is relevant.

    I have spent the day wrestling with a vanilla Ubuntu 14.04 and installing LEMP, a couple of times.

    I had a working install of BB on another server (LAMP) so to save time I (possibly naïvely) copied the BB file structure in its entirety from the old server to the new server, chgrp'd from root/root to www_data/www_data, imported the SQL dump from the old server to the new one, and stood well back.

    And to my surprise, it worked! at least, mostly.

    I don't know whether the issue I'm having is to do with the way I've "installed" it, maybe permissions, or something else, maybe to do with the fact it's nginx, and I don't know nginx.

    The issue (and it's the only issue so far..) is that when I try to upload an Avatar, I get nothing.. nada. It looks like it's going to upload, but nothing happens. I've tried to find the directory they are supposed to upload into but I can't. Is it a case of tracking it down and applying more liberal permissions?

    Or, should I trash this installation and start again? I could dump the new database out (it's had significant changes this afternoon), install BB afresh, then import the data from SQL again.

    The final thing I would reiterate is, I am an Apache person. I have never dealt with nginx before, or the weird PHP flavour it seems to need. So perhaps it's an issue peculiar to nginx.

    Final final thing... the more I use the software, the better I am finding it. The Search box in the admin interface is just superb. Great work, really.


    It's doing the same on my other server. [Edit - no it isn't, it's eventually continued and looks ok]

    Does it do anything with DNS lookups at this point? Only I've had to use a hosts file entry on the local machine I'm running the install from, in order to bypass the real-world DNS for the domain in question.

    There are a number of files called that on the server, the relevant ones being in apache and mysql directories but they don't have anything useful in them.

    In the /var/www/clients/clientX/webY/web/wcf/log directory, there is nothing except an .htaccess file.

    Still stuck at 1% :(

    I notice that the table "wcf3_package_installation_file_log" in the database has 1814 rows, and it has not grown for a long time now.

    Thank you for your time and trouble, much appreciated.

    It was all looking so good!

    I have submitted a ticket about this but it's fairly urgent so forgive me if I ask here as well.

    My first install, all going well, everything came up green, then at the bit towards the end where it says not to reload the page, then pops up a dialog and starts counting up from 0%... it's stopped at 1% for 10 minutes or more. I'm sure that's not right.

    It is trying to run this: http://[mysite.tld]/wcf/acp/index.php?&action=WCFSetup

    I have PHP/MySQL/Apache/Debian, all very recent versions.

    Thank you.

    1. I am spending some time setting up our Demo site. When done, assuming I decide to buy the software, can I export my test data for my own installation? Much of the config will be how we want it.

    2. While testing, can I override the 30 second post delay? It's a pain! Can't find it in settings anywhere.

    3. Ok 3 questions. What's a good minimum spec for 50k users (2k concurrent), on all latest Linux, PHP, MySQL etc? Will 8 CPU cores and 16GB RAM do it easily enough?

    Thanks again, honestly, using the software so far has been a joy.

    Wow, fast! Thank you very much.

    That works a treat.

    Is Super-Moderators a subset of Moderators, or are they treated as totally separate groups? Like Admin presumably?

    What I mean is, if I grant permission to Moderators to do something, will permission automatically be granted to Super-Moderators because they are a type of Moderator?

    I am evaluating BB. Looking great so far.

    I have set up a normal user.

    I am logged in as Admin.

    I have set up a Forum.

    How can I permission the Forum so that only Moderators, Super-Mods and Admin can post new topics in the forum?

    I have tried using the Everyone group and the User group, setting Deny on 'Create new topics', but that seems to deny the Admins and Mods permission to make new topics as well.

    It's such a simple ask, I am sure I must be doing something stupid.

    Thank you