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    Isn't that the complete post edit history? We want to retain that, for audit purposes, but remove the facility to "Restore previous content" when creating a new comment or post. We believe this is at the root of the continuing "disappearing image" issue, where ghost attachments are included in a post but the attachment itself has disappeared.

    (Sorry, this has turned into a dissertation.)

    Back in the mists of April 2017 I posted this: A second type of Group, simpler than the current Groups, which I'll paraphrase again here.

    On my forum, we use some Groups simply as a checkbox or flag, to allow visibility (or not) of different subforums.

    The problem is the overhead of creating and maintaining every single Group, regardless that it may only be being used to represent a binary condition.

    I'll try and clarify.

    As you know, when you add a Group, it is created with a set of default permissions, and then you go through and set them all for what that Group requires.

    I'm not sure how the core Woltlab stuff assigns default permissions for a new Group, but when you install certain Plugins, they enable their own functionality by default for new Groups. This means that the flag for "Allow whatever this plugin does" is set to True in the default permissions which are assigned to any new Group. (And possibly even those settings for existing users when they are installed? I can't say for sure but I'd hope not.)

    I do know that when you (or a Plugin, presumably) creates a new BBCode, "Newly created BBCodes will be accessible for everyone. You can restrict usage by editing the specific user group permissions" it reminds us on the config page. So suddenly everyone has access to that BBCode, when perhaps you don't want that Group to have that access.

    Anyway this means that it can take more than a minute, and many, many clicks, given the number of configuration options there are, just to go through a new blank Group and make sure there is no permission assigned to a Group that should not have it.

    This is a huge waste of time (as well as arguably a security risk).

    We work around it to some degree by having a group called zeroPermsGroupTemplate, which periodically we go through and ensure that it really has no permissions for anything, and sensibly conservative default values for numerical fields. Then after we create a new Group we copy the zeroPermsGroupTemplate permissions to it using the most excellent Copy subforum permissions plugin from Sonnenspeer.

    How much simpler would it be if there was a checkbox at the top of the User Group Configuration page that said "This Group is a flag", which when selected DISABLED all the rest of the config pages for that Group, and allowed you to create a simple permissions group easily in just a few seconds instead of a minute?

    Any thoughts? (Other than 'you should get out more' :) ). I'd be particularly interested to know if anyone has found other ways round this issue, and am quite prepared to look very stupid if I'm missing something obvious. Has anyone else even been thinking about this, or using Groups in this way? Or finds it a pain that a Group carries all of that configuration soup around with it despite being used just as a flag? Or doesn't have a clue what I'm going on about?

    Thanks for reading.


    Tabs of tabs! And some of them have lists of tickboxes as long as your arm ?

    Copying User Group permissions to ensure the destination Group has sensible defaults:

    We use a group called PayingMembers to which everyone who buys a subscription is added automatically.

    They can buy multiple subscriptions, allowing access to different areas, but they are always a member of PayingMembers.

    So we have groups like:






    If someone buys a Purchasing subscription, they are added automatically to the PayingMembers and Purchasers groups.

    If they then buy a Selling subscription, they are added to the PayingMembers group (which they were already in) and the Sellers group.

    Then we use the PayingMembers group as a broad-brush permission for all the areas of the forum that any paying member can access -- makes sense of course.

    Now, when their Purchasing subscription expires, they are removed from the Purchasers group, but not the PayingMembers group, because they are still a member of PayingMembers via their Selling subscription (this is desired behaviour and a very welcome change from 3.0).

    My question is, what logic determines whether each auto-added Group is set to false when a subscription terminates?

    (We are undergoing some changes to our subscription structure, and want to know, among other things, what to expect if we manually set a flag that is also part of a subscription).

    Thanking you in advance ?

    I don't remember where I got that string from originally ?

    Have changed it and will report back if it works but it doesn't feel like it will, as that URL, despite being perhaps odd, does definitely work.

    Any ideas where to start on this?

    We have an RSS feed of the Woltlab updates, and it's simply not updating.

    What is actually there on the Woltlab News feed:

    What we've got:

    Our settings:

    That feed URL ( ) appears correct if you feed it into a browser, its pubdate is Thu, 10 May 2018 08:25:18 +0000.

    have tried combinations of update intervals, etc, but nothing works.

    I was thinking of how many days prior to expiry is the notification sent, whether you can tell it to notify more than once, and maybe again after it's actually expired but they've chosen not to renew.

    It would be nice to tweak the content, but I am guessing that is accessible via the translation/language strings.

    Is it possible to have a Label selected by default, in threads for which there are labels available (of course)?

    I can see "Display Order" but I need "Default".

    It would be fantastic if admins could log in "as" any member they want, or even better, could we have a permission for "Can assume other members' identities"?

    Any member of a group with that permission set, would have the ability to "Log on as..." and then pick a member, and they would then see whatever that user sees when they log in, until they click "Revert to (username)".

    Obviously this would be used only by admins, to enable them to fix issues, and test permissions.

    There should also be a corresponding permission "Do not allow this account's identity to be assumed by members of the "Can assume other members' identities"" group.

    I've used this feature in countless environments and it works very well.

    If someone wanted to write this for me, I'd be willing to pay for it.

    We receive a lot of system messages as posts in subforums.

    We would like to style these threads or posts in a different background colour in lists.

    Is that possible, easily?

    Example attached. 1st and 3rd rows we'd like (for example) grey background instead of white.

    Thinking about it, the bottom one would benefit from a third colour, being our support area.

    We want to stop people from being able to switch their profile to Private.

    We have a Location field in the profile, which is mandatory.

    If people set their "Can View my Profile" to "Nobody", the Location field is no longer visible to other members.

    Is there a workaround?

    My moderators spend a long time putting people right because they haven't read the rules. It's very frustrating.

    I had the idea that there could be a little quiz, which people have to answer all the questions correctly, before they are allowed to use certain features of the forum.

    Such as they can't post an advert until they have done the selling quiz.

    The questions and answers (and explanations of the answers) would be set up in the back end.

    Not sure how it would be done, technically, but that's the plugin writer's task :)

    It’s because many a time I’ve been part way through composing a long message when it’s disappeared for one or other reason: power shutoff, PC crash, session times out, cat sits on your keyboard..... you get the idea.

    At times like that, I’m very glad of the Drafts system.

    But usually, the only time I’m aware of a draft is when I go to create a post in a forum and it’s already populated with some old crap from ages ago that I decided not to post, or something.