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    Yes, and woltlab uses standard. They test ist, against different forks and versions of mysql server. MySQL, Percona, MariaDB. So now comes an update of MariaDB, and it does not work anymore. All other forks and all other versions work. So where is the error? Yes, in MariaDB. What should they do now? Yes, file a bugreport at MariaDB. Should they do something different? Well, maybe can take a look for a workaround, but that's not really their task, if they are using standards (and SQL is one), and the other software like MariaDB has problems with that. This is not a fault of Woltlab. Fullstop.

    It's the same with HTML. You can use CSS and HTML Standards, and it will look different in all browsers, because each browser has a little different implementation of how they make something or how they will show something. But is this a fault of WoltLab? No. They are trying that everything looks the same on all Browsers. But e.g. the IE changes his engine with a new version, and show buttons as checkboxes, is this a fault of Woltlab? No.

    WoltLab can tell me it's MariaDB until they're blue in the face or until the cows come home. But every development I'm using has no issue with MariaDB. None whatsoever. So I would very much like to know what distinguishes them. The argument that they're using real “Prepared Statements”, doesn't hold because IPB and XF are using real “Prepared Statements” without issue.

    What is this for an argument? Software differs. Everyone is doing something different, the Queries might a bit different and so on. And that's the reason why something works on other systems, and something not. But you are always coming with "the other do" or "it works for the other". But Woltlab is not the other. They must do something different because otherwise they would only be a copy of the others. But it seams that you cannot accept the fact. You really should write your own software to be satisfied, because you will never be with any software you are using.

    And there are many reasons why other Prepared statements work, and some not. But what should Woltlab do? Rewrite everything, so they using the exact thing others do? Which might be maybe more complex? Only that that's an workaround for the error of a software that is not the reponsibility of them? I don't think so.

    Aslan, you should change the menu point "Buy Woltlab" in German. Because it should be "WoltLab kaufen" and not "Kaufen WoltLab".

    But the thing is, I don't want to buy woltlab... And Alex won't let me buy WoltLab if I wanna ;) Therefore it should be "WoltLab-Produkte kaufen" or in english "Buy WoltLab Products".

    Just a thought.

    Why can't you just accept, that maybe you did something wrong on testing... Because it's proven that it could never worked.
    I really have enough of your discussion. Please accept that it's not a bug, and they will consider how about they will continue with your feature request.

    Have to enabled these permissions in your Facebook App to be reviewed? Because these App-Permisions have to be confirmed by Facebook, therefore Woltlab cannot insert what they don't get from Facebook.