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    An author website is a website where published authors promote their books, make blog posts about their upcoming works, and some even have a forum where their fans can interact. To get a general idea of what author websites look like, here is a list:…tes-with-stellar-designs/

    Could Woltlab be used to build an author website? Does it have any options to create pages ("about the author", "about the books" etc.) and such?

    I am not sure why you create such edge-cases.

    Let me introduce you to Fredrick Brennan, the founder of 8chan (one of the most popular chan forums on the internet):

    Most people who run forums aren't that way,

    While most people who run forums may not be that way, I think that a lot of people with physical disabilities, who have a less active social life, tend to find refuge in the internet, simply because it's a means of socializing. Alongside social media and blogs, forums constitute a very popular medium for online socialization.

    But the majority of the population is not ill.

    That may be so, but laws have to take into consideration the minorities too and ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

    I do not see the conflict? The US regulations still apply to the US citizens. The EU regulation applies to EU citizens. Yes, you now have to abide to both, but they are not in conflict with each other. You can easily adhere to both, by allowing US citizens register when they are at least 13 and EU citizens when they are at least 16. Laws are considered to be conflicting if you can't adhere to both at the same time. But you can.

    The conflict stems from the fact that you can't verify which users are from where unless you individually check every single IP. You also have to take into consideration that some users may relocate with their families from one continent to the other, so you'd have to constantly have your users inform you about their current location. This causes a lot of problems because they could be lying and using a VPN to fake their location. You'd have to get legal signed consent from their parents every time. How do you verify that the parents' signatures are legitimate? Imagine having thousands of members and constantly having to keep verifying and reverifying them.

    Founding a company involves a lot of bureaucratic work and it takes several visits to various institutions, waiting in line, waiting for the approval etc. If you're a person who can't drive or are house-bound due to chronic illness, then you have to get someone else to do all those things for you. If you have generalized anxiety and you use your internet hobbies as a means of relaxation, then the GDPR just added more stress and anxiety to your life. Launching a forum (from buying the domain and hosting to installing the script) can literally take less than an hour. Founding a company can take up to a month.

    I seriously doubt that a fictional username, an email address (which can be a disposable one, like mailinator) and an IP address constitute "deep ways" in which a forum's members' privacy is impacted. The internet has not been the wild west. People have not been getting killed from using internet forums (4chan had a few incidents, but that place was known for being legally questionable).

    Besides, the GDPR conflicts with American and Asian regulations. According to USA law, the minimum age to be online without written permission from parents is 13. GDPR makes it 16. YouTube allows people over 13 years old to create and upload video content without requiring parental signature. There are forums and websites especially for teenagers. One of them even uses Woltlab software. Woltlab doesn't have all the required features to be GDPR-compliant. I doubt that it's a company that runs that forum. I also doubt that every single member under 16 years old from that forum has sent a document signed by their parents to the owner.

    Adapt and overcome? To what? To the unnecessary confusion and ridiculous requests? I'd rather move to a country outside of the EU and geo-block the entire EU from my forum.

    Of you provide the site as private person, then yes, it sucks. But founding an Ltd (or GbR in Germany) and having a corporate address isn't that difficult if you are really serious about the site.

    I think that it's more difficult than you think, especially if you used to run internet forums or blogs as a hobby. Having to found a company just to have an online hobby is a ridiculous request in light of how things have functioned on the internet so far and how things continue to function everywhere else outside the EU. In my opinion, saying that private person cannot be serious about your online community as a hobby is rather insulting. There are plenty of people who have run relatively large (active) forums for years, as private individuals, putting a lot of time and effort into creating topics, promoting on social media etc.

    Thank you.

    Where can I see a list of all the gallery features? Does it support animated GIF images? Can the videos be made to auto-assign a frame of the video as the preview image instead of showing up as a grey video player box? Can it be made to not allow members to post a photo or a video without writing a certain number of tags (something like a message: "you have to add at least 4 tags to be able to submit this photo/video")?

    Is it possible to use different Woltlab apps for different domains? For example, if I purchased the forums, the blogs and the gallery, and I wanted to create a forum community on a domain, and then I wanted to create a photo-based site on another domain, and I wanted to use the blogs app for a personal blog on a third domain, all of them unrelated to the other (neither of them linking to each other or being connected with each other in any way), would I be able to do that?

    Will WBB introduce anything like moods or reactions, like the competition has? The like / dislike system has become a bit outdated. As you can see, facebook and the other premium forum software have introduced reactions and moods that offer the members more ways to express their feelings. Are there any plugins for WBB that are similar to IPB's and XenForo's moods and reactions?

    Our gallery supports only images. If you want to upload videos, maybe EasyMedia would be something for you:…php/Product/66-EasyMedia/

    Is that an addon that improves the WBB gallery or a stand-alone app that replaces the WBB gallery? Will I need to buy the WBB gallery and Easy Media or will I have to choose between one of them? Does the Easy Media thing have a slider of the recent images that can be shown on the forums' homepage, like XenForo and IPB have?