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    I'm looking to add an empty custom HTML element to Redactor, like an img by another name, ideally like

    <myelement data-attr1="value1" data-attr2="value2" data-attr3="value" />

    Can also do <myelement ...></myelement> of course

    Serverside with HTMLPurifier I can do $parameters['definition']->addElement('myelement', 'Inline', 'Empty', '', $myArray in setAttributeDefinitions @ MessageHTMLInputFilter

    In JS I insert the element by this._editor.button.toggle({}, 'myelement', 'func', 'inline.format');, redactor plugin is registered and all that.

    But Redactor puts the caret inside the element and lets me put text and elements there, that's not what I want.

    I just want an empty inline element in Redactor that I can style for click/focus (to edit) and show the data fields as pseudoelements

    Any pointers please? What am I missing? Thank you

    A user notice set to only show in a specific board has bugs in the "Active Thread" section.

    • Created By field is not restored when going to edit
    • Date fields do not appear to work unless Created By has a value

    WSC on IDN domains could be better. Currently only punycode URLs are accepted as internal links, unicode version of same URL is shown as external link. Browsers copy/paste unicode nowadays so that is not ideal.

    Ideally the application domain and cookie domain settings should just accept unicode and hide the punycode details


    I'm trying to update a user option through ajax.

    My code is:

    $proxy.setOption('data', {
    actionName: 'update',
    className: 'wcf\\data\\user\\UserAction',
    objectIDs: [ {@$__wcf->user->userID} ],
    parameters: { 'options': {
    {@$__wcf->user->getUserOptionID('myOption')} : myOptionValue }

    This throws PermissionDenied unless user has admin.user.canEditUser permissions.

    However UserAction.class.php implies that the user should be allowed to edit his own options outside of ACP:

    It seems to imply that it will allow "editing ourselves" but in practice the whole try..catch statement does absolutely nothing; it does some if's and some counting, but no matter what the result is PermissionDeniedException

    To do what the code implies and to seemingly have this make sense the final exception should be put in an else statement like this:

    Wouldn't you agree?

    I see labels on this thread but no response.

    It seems you acknowledge this error and have added it to be fixed by a release sometime in the future? 4.1.4?

    Is there a timeframe for the release of 4.1.4? My forum needs this fix badly.

    My users are seemingly at random receiving fullscreen modal warning "Session Expired, please log in again" upon visiting my forum. However it is not necessary to log in again, the big scary box kan simply be clicked away.

    This error message makes no sense, it happens when the session is only just started and also it is not necessary to log in again. Users are using a single device and receive the error after being offline for +12hrs.

    Okay my bad :) There are 3 ways of doing this:

    • IP based access control in the web server (poor solution)
    • Copy the usersOnline template, insert a check for user group or what you want
    • Hide the online list by permission, copy the usersOnlineInfoBox template, edit to forcibly show regardless of permission setting - remove $__wcf->session->getPermission('user.profile.canViewUsersOnlineList') && from line 2.

    Your themes should not be using custom templates. If they are, copy the template to all the themes when you've got it working. Keep a main template group for your site, themes should ideally use this.

    The root folder ( /usr/share/nginx/html in the guide from digital ocean) needs to be owned by the user, eg chown -R nginx:nginx /usr/share/nginx/html - if nginx is the user specified in nginx.conf or whatever ubuntu uses

    Also, you should remove the FTP server and use SFTP instead - it's basically file transfer via SSH, so if you can SSH you most likely can SFTP.