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    As you can see on your picture you haven't put anything in the public key and private key fields.

    Simply click on the link in the description of the public key and set up your side. You will be provided with the needed keys.

    Enter them in your ACP and everything will be working just fine.

    Best regards

    If you want to use your own images you have to put the following code into your css of your style:

    li[data-board-id="1"] >.wbbBoard .fa-folder-open-o:before {
        content: url("YOURGRAPHIC");
    li[data-board-id="2"] >.wbbBoard .fa-folder-open-o:before {
        content: url("YOURGRAPHIC");

    Be aware that you have to change the board IDs within the code to your desired ones, aswell as the Links to your graphics. You can either link them with a direct link like :

    https ://www.yourgraphic.tld/graphic.jpg

    Or with a direct location