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    His actual sentence was

    And the post prior to that is


    Debian. Since the very beginning. I never used something else for serious purposes, played with Ubuntu but I didn't like it.

    Follow the logical train of the conversation.


    Your belittlement against others; who would harmlessly seek clarification without assuming anything, clearly shows your mentality.

    Have a wonderful day. :)

    Oh, I usually do have great days since I'm retired.

    And your inability to follow a logical thought process shows an apparent lack of mentality dealing with logical progression of conversations.

    And you are still having difficulties following the chain as I showed above. You attempted to be the snarky one, quoting a reply that was not directed at you attempting to "show your knowledge" by showing that he posted a link to yahoo. It's not that hard to understand what he was most likely attempting to indicate. Your reply in post #9 added absolutely nothing but an image showing the HTML code to the conversation... and then you failed to follow the bread crumbs that were laid out prior for you to READ.

    let me break it down for you

    1 person says he uses Debian since beginning, that he played with Ubuntu but didn't like it.

    Another person immediately afterwords makes a post stating that actually Ubuntu is not much different from - and then inserted a yahoo link which most would assume was an attempt to link to a yahoo search result (since that would be the natural progression of the comparison process).

    I then post a reply based upon that natural progression, to which you reply with HTML code (in a post to me that had no bearing on my statement to him) showing that he linked to yahoo, which is easily observable in his post... and you reply with that to my reply to him with the image, which had NO bearing on my response to him (as I used logic to attempt to ascertain what he was attempting to do).

    Since this IS a BETA board, it would not be beyond possibility that the script could have had an issue with it (like it did with my attempt to use the editor QUOTE button, having to go into the HTML editor to fix it).

    Unless his / her post is a continuation of a conversation which took place elsewhere, outside of this thread, it would still be out of context for everyone else.

    Which (proof otherwise not shown) it wasn't/isn't a continuation of a convo that took place out of this thread. It's a continuation of THIS thread in which was specifically commenting on that Debian and Ubuntu were "not much different". Using a logical though process one would naturally make an assumption that he was attempting to show a comparator that proved Debian and Ubuntu were alike.

    A youngster with half way decent thought processes could look at post #5 and #6 and arrive at the logical furtherance that he appeared to be trying to prove. Of course, that is sometimes above others ability to follow a conversation to it's logical conclusion.

    Which, your reply to me with the image has no bearing on what I was commenting on to him. I'm well aware of how to follow a link (and check the source) - but I also have enough intelligence to be able to ascertain the most likely thing he/she was trying to do - again, by following the flow of the conversation.

    OK... I recently converted as a test one of my myBB sites over. While talking about it over at TAZ I was advised by Dtdesign to be sure to rebuild the data.
    Upon clicking the "Rebuild Posts" I get this error:

    When I click on Rebuild Threads I get this:

    The rest of the rebuild processes work.