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    Hi, I did my search about this but couldn't find a solution

    I need to change the default icons to a different one, I only want to replace it, I won't be using diffrent icons for diffrent forums, but only 1 instead for all.

    The best I found was this How can i do this wich is from 2012 and I can't find the forum list in content.

    thanks in advance.

    Admin - > Appearance - > Syles -> your style -> advanced settings

    I added

    background-image: url(pic location url);
    background-size: 100%;

    I don't know if there is a better way, if so I would like to know.

    You don't need to add a .htaccess, the important directories are already protected by .htaccess. Denying access to the entire WCF directory is bad because a lot of resources are loaded from there, for example JavaScript, Styles and the icon font.

    So I shouldn't use the above suggestion and leave wch folder as it is, available to public ?

    Atm I did Andrea's suggestion with htacecss to root and I'm getting a 403 in the location of the /wcf/ so I don't know if that's ok.

    edit we posted the same time.

    Quote from Throwholics

    I guess this is the important part.
    If the webserver/webspace is not limited by this on default (most webspaces are! (so if no index.php index.html is available nothing will be shown)
    then one would need to add exactly what Andread stated above. is it just a "flaw" from the webspace you are using @spaced
    The directory listing should not be permitted on default.

    so that's the solution then. thank you for clarification.

    Your post confused me a bit :)

    You are saying denying access to WCF is bad idea.

    but then yo are saying files should be protected by htaccess.

    I have added an htaccess with deny from everybody to that folder, I haven't spotted any problems (yet) you have experience with this ?

    What is other people solution for this ?

    I just noticed when I got to my website, many files are available to everybody

    files such as

    acp and more

    From system -> packages -> Manage application I can find it WoltLab Community Framework and if I try to edit it, it allows me to change/redo? the path.

    Do I need to do anything to hide from people ? htaccess ? rename the path (is that safe?) or I'm getting paranoid over nothing ?

    thank you all.

    EDIT I meant WCF