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    Is it possible to remove the requirement for email when people registering on the forum ?

    And give the option to add it from their user settings. Just like Reddit does it.

    I feel there are more advantages than disadvantages having this option.

    I have 2 usergroups and I want them to have their own background when a user posts.

    For example when a person is in usergroup A inside his posts there is background inside.

    If a person from usergroup B posts the image is differet.

    People in other usergroups don't have any changes.

    here for example where I want to add the image for background.

    is this going to work in robots txt ?

    User-Agent: *
    Disallow: /18-rss-category-name


    nop it doesnt work

    I did this

    Disallow: /index.php/Board/18-rss-category-name/

    but the topics inside changes the board to threads

    and are something like this


    so my robots command is useless here.

    This is self explanatory I believe, you mark a thread and it's visible on top of your forum or in a separate page. Great way to point out important threads to your members.

    Hi thank you for the reply, I have finally figure it out, here is what I did I hope this way this way is OK.

    I made a new .php file and copied the content of TwitterUserOptionOutput.class.php

    I name the new file the same way myfileUserOptionOutput.class.php
    and here in red is what I replaced

    and in properties - > PHP Class Name for Output the following wcf\system\option\user\myfileUserOptionOutput(without .class.php that was causing the error I think)

    Ok here is where I'm stuck

    I tried to copy the php from twitter wcf\system\option\user\TwitterUserOptionOutput

    I made a file with a name I want and name it FILE.php

    I copied all the code from TwitterUserOptionOutput.php and replace the twitter links with the website I want to link too.

    I add the file location in PHP Class Name for Output but I'm getting an error when I submit Unable to find the specified class.

    Hello all, I'm stuck at this point, I tried several options but I can't figure it out.

    I want my members when they join the website to add their username from a specific website

    What I need to know is how to make it so when they type their name it gets linked automaticaly with that other website

    For example if they have account on

    So the members just type their name in the required field (in my case = spaced ) but it links to

    at the moment in custom user filed, I have it in category contact options and in properties the option type : text.
    members can write their username like this, but of course it doesn't link to their profile.

    so my my question where do I put the ?

    thank you for reading.

    thanks for the answers, I will do that too, I was wondering though isn't it possible to just replace the image instead?

    Like go here ^wcf/images/avatars/avatar-default.svg$ and upload + replace the avatar-default with my own ?

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to change the default avatar to my own picture,

    for example at the moment is this

    I want to replace that with something else.

    It seems google trying to quote post and crawl those from my understanding, I see the results as access denied (403) in the webmasters page.

    It doesn't make sense that it's trying to crawl quoted posts. How do I stop them from doing that ?

    I have check the links, and the quote is always the first message from a post.

    OK I have restore my website, I'm trying to install again the calendar but I'm getting an error

    I download the update file (instead the setup)

    The file name is com.woltlab.calendar.tar.gz when I upload this I'm getting this error Uploading of specified file has failed.

    inside this file there is this com.woltlab.calendar.tar Do I extract and upload the .tar or I need to upload the tar.gz instead ?

    well my community went offline with an error

    Fatal error: An error occured. Sorry. Information: ID: b5f4b014779531c50bd6df436abced24a46cbc8e
    Please send the ID above to the site administrator.
    The error message can be looked up at “ACP » Logs » Errors”.

    I have opened a ticket.. I can't access the site now.

    I already have the forum installed and just bought calendar to add it to my website, I'm confused with what package I need to download and install on my website because from what I can understand calendar can be installed as a standalone.

    Do I download the setup file ? or just the update file instead ?

    thank you all.

    I know about font awesome and I think it's awesome indeed, but unfortunately I need a specific icon that I have on my pc, does this addon allow me to use my own or just font awsome ?