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    This is a field that's built into the core of WCF and not a profile field that you can edit.
    I would suggest to make your users aware of the situation and let them change it for themselves.

    Thank you for your reply.
    I would like to ask Woltlab to consider this as a feature for future version.

    I'm not sure, it might be possible having plugin made for it, but it's out of my league. You could also try using UdoZ's welcome message/notification or UdoZ's bot plugin for the welcome message, which can send all new users welcome message/conversation about various features of site and put reminder in the welcome message to set their timezone in their profiles. Then the bot handles the "telling them" to set it.

    That might indeed be a solution around the problem.


    I'm wondering if you can have the time zone as an option to fill in when you register for the website.
    We have members from all over Europe and some have not set up their time right and this cause some problems with the calendar.

    I would like to add this option to the register field and make it an option that must be filled in.

    Thank you in advance


    We are using Burning Board 4.1 for our gaming community and we use the user group to separate the members.
    There are some things already in place when it comes to applying to a group but we would really like to see it flesh out more.

    It would be great if custom fields can be added to structure the application and also add automation in the progress.
    Think of a custom fields like character name for example and about me which we find important.

    This would I think be a solid addition for organizing such communities.

    For a gaming community we are using discord, together with costumeboxes we are adding it to the sidebar.

    The problem is the "change style" button doesnt want to open when using the widget. We think it has something to do how it loads the javascript.
    Can someone with more knowledge about how Javascript works with Burning board please have a look.
    I can not see anything wrong with the current script.

    Code on Github

    To be more precise
    the "div.dialogContainer" from change style does not want to load whit this script running on the page.

    That is not what I'm looking for at the moment.
    The idea is to "feature" a poll in the sidebar to give it more attention that goes away if all polls are there.

    The poll is connected to the forum. You need to create the poll in a post / thread to show it. I will give you an example. It's a really big display cause I am at work haha :D

    Very cool, can you select which poll or does it show all the polls?

    @fauha Thank you for that suggestion

    I saw that and I'm really tempted to buy that.
    Can you tell me if you can connect a poll on the forum with the poll on the sidebar?
    So have same poll (same score) but 2 different location?

    Thank you very much for your suggestion

    That looks good but it adds step to the application.

    If you have a moderated group then you can apply to that group, that system i find good and I do not want to change that.
    What I wish for is that in that field we can add more fields.

    Currently we are asking them in the description to fill in certain kind of information and that works.

    Option to display countdown for an event on the sidebar of the forums, that is linked to an event on the calendar.

    There is already an option to feature events but to have an countdown for an event puts event more attention to it.

    When you create a poll you have the option to "Publicize participants"
    However when you edit the poll this option is sadly missing.

    If this option can be added then that would be really appreciated.

    For group application there now is a simple text box with the words "reason".
    Would like to see the option to add more fields to this like the custom fields you have when you register to the forum.

    Also I don't believe you get any notification when someone post a comment there.

    Discord is becoming a popular voice communication program, sadly I don't have enough knowledge to implement it.
    Maybe someone want to have a look at it to make an easy to integrate plugin for it?

    This the iframe for the api

    <iframe src="" width="350" height="500" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    Says you can use &username= to let users join with their username from the forum.