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    I think, this is not possible, because there are much things to do (see Errors and Wishes).

    It has probably nothing to do with this Thread. Since the option won´t be implemented soon enough.
    This option is more than just onced wished, probably everyone could have a use for it.
    But its Woltlabs decision.
    There are so many things that have been made in 4.1 and will be still comming and they probably need such a ton of work to do so.
    And I never and many others won´t use that features, maybe 5-10%.

    But that Feature in this Thread can wait...
    Probably just Tweaks in CSS and a few PHP Lines to see if the Thread is yours.
    But I am not a wfc coder, sadly :D

    There is currently no setting to allow users to see their own threads, as such disallowing users to see any threads will cause them to be unable to see their own threads too(!).

    And that is the bug, because there are a bunch of settings which will just be nullified.
    Since users should be able to edit their own topics, because there is the Permission for it.

    HeyHo guys,

    if you set the Permissions: "Can read Topcis" to false in the specific there is no way that the user can see their own topic.
    There are settings for the groups like "User can edit their own topcis", but that won´t influence the fact that they simply cannot access the topic they created a second ago.

    There are a bunch of Settings that allow the user just to edit/remove and write to just their own topics.
    But "Can read Topcis" will nullify them.

    Just imagine a Topic where Users can submit Bugreports and Apply for a Teamposition, which should not be seen by the outerworld, but they normally could access it. I mean if they report a critical Bug (Where Game items duplicate and so on) and they don´t explain it enough, they can edit/access/view answers on the topic.

    In my eyes it is a bug.

    I heard that one good guy dev simply implements that Feature.
    I mean you have the rights to create, change and do everything with the Topic, but you cant see it?
    Isnt it a Bug or something? xD

    Because how should ya edit a topic without access to it, but you have the rights? xD
    I dont need a extra option, just the bug fix, that if someone can Edit his own Topic (There is a right for that), than he can visit it. Fair enough!

    It's planed for 4.2 ... so it will be not included into the 4.1 which is going to be released at the end of april.

    Ouh I see that now also, it were planned for 4.1...
    And its such a small Feature that it wont break anything.

    I just need a Setting that Users can see their Threads, but not others.
    And for Devs and other kinds, to see all...

    Its a shame that BB doesnt have a kind of Option.
    I mean its very, Very useful for Application Topcis, Reports and so on.