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    So, if I understand it correctly, I will receive all updates as long as my subscription is active, whatever version comes along ?

    Does it also mean that if I skip a year of subscription, I can simply renew it whenever I want updates again ?

    I don't think I need technical support of any kind, so my choice will be entirely based on the update process.

    Thank you very much for your quick answer !

    EDIT: also, any way to apply my country's VAT (Switzerland - 7.7%) instead of the German one ?

    EDIT2: nevermind, automatically applied at checkout. Brilliant !


    I purchased a license for version 4 a few weeks before version 5 came out, and was extremely disappointed to see that it was not possible to update to the latest version that I didn't even know was planned, nor was there a discount because of that.

    So my quetion is : should I purchase a license extension for version 5.2 now, or should I wait for the next big release ? Any idea when that would be due ?

    I really don't want to buy this version if the next one is coming in less than a year or so...

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    Here is the thing, you can not have bigger windows without making bigger holes in the wall. However you look at it, you will need to have to change the very structure of the house. Rearranging the furniture won't help. So yeah, the answer that the house - in its current form - is not suitable for bigger windows is the only correct one.

    And I'm asking the possibility and price of the structural change. If you can't give me that, let someone else help and PLEASE go be useless somewhere else.

    I'll write the plugin myself. The only thing I don't want is to do research on what class I need to edit, if I don't need to do that research, for example if someone else did it before. I will do it otherwise, but I will NOT mark this thread as solved, or close it, just because YOU are not able to do it.

    Now, thank you for letting other people, who are actually able to answer to my request, post their solution.

    If a room in my house needed a bigger window to bring more light, I wouldn't want the contractor to say that that room isn't suitable for drawing, I expect the contractor to find a solution to the problem and to give me the price to pay for a bigger window.

    How I use my room is up to me and me alone.

    Thank you for your advising other people, you are of no help to me, and trying to discuss this further will only dig your situation further.

    Not sure it's possible to fix

    I didn't find any option indeed, however it's very probable that this may possible with a plugin.

    I do not yet know whether the "recent activities" has its messages stored in a table of its own, or if it's taken directly from the other messages, but in both cases it shouldn't be too hard to enhance its parser.

    Maybe someone can tell me if this problem still exists in the newest version of WCF ?

    WCF version 2.1.8 pl 1
    WBB version 4.1.8

    A friend created a new conversation with me, with the title being ";)" (without quotes).

    Every other conversation works flawlessy, that one triggers an error and crashes.

    Error message :

    Screenshot :

    List of installed packages :

    Hi !

    I recently bought WBB, after intensively testing it on a test version ( :whistling: ), and I'm really very excited so far. Setting it up is a breeze, the plugin management is just perfect, and all the small touches like "selection quotation", or the personnalized dashboard, etc, are small but really neat features.

    I could do everything I wanted with it, and I'm really REALLY happy with how it works. But I have a smallish problem.

    I have a section dedicated to help, and in that section, one of the subsections is "forum help". In that subsection, I want to allow guests to post their own threads, needing moderator approval : my userbase being mostly 10 years olds, they might not be able to register for some reason, and I don't want to have a lot of "how do I login ???" topics showing in that section, that won't be 100% dedicated to guests either.

    Well, I set up the permissions to create thread, reply to own thread and edit own posts, and of course see threads and enter forum. They are able to post, and the topic goes into moderation as intended. Only problem I have is that right after the thread's creation, the guest will be "welcomed" with a "you can't access this page" error, and his thread won't appear at all in the forum list.

    Is there any way for this to be fixed ?

    Thank you very much, and keep the good work, this forum software is, by FAR, on top of the list of 2015, in my opinion !


    As a possible workaround, would it be feasable to have threads made by guests be hidden to all non-guest, non-everyone group ?