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    When you perform a clean install, the same fingerprint is sent to Microsoft and it checks to see if your computer has been activated for Windows 10

    What if you reformat? The dutch windows10 page says something like 'you only get the upgrade free, if something breakes down, you need to buy a new license to get windows 10 back, but then yoy buy a new pc and get windows 10 again with free updates[..]'

    the orginale text(dutch):


    Hoe gratis is gratis?
    Gratis is echt gratis… Als je de upgrade binnen één jaar uitvoert na 29 juli 2015 is dit volledig gratis. Daarna blijf je nieuwe updates ontvangen (Windows as a Service), ook dat is gratis. Deze update blijf je ontvangen totdat je pc stuk gaat. Pas als je pc er mee stopt is je gratis upgrade ook voorbij. Maar koop je dan een nieuw pc, zit daar Windows in de meeste gevallen al op geïnstalleerd en blijf je wederom de laatste updates gratis ontvangen.


    YOu should not say those things on "paper"....
    keep it to yourself... you know its illegal...

    Yes, my copy is not legal and I'm not hiding it because the worst that can happen is a deactivation. Also at the very moment i don't have any third party activation program running and its activated like any other copy. It sucks that Aslan can't activate his legit copy because 'something went wrong' with his legit key, maybe calling/mailing MS is a solution? :)

    But I would Google search your full key, just to be sure.

    Why did i do that? *sigh* Well yes, in my case its pretty normal since W 8.1 was KMS activated and its still in W10.. i do think i won't be able to use this key when i reformat...

    Your Windows 10 copy is only legal, if your Windows 8.1 copy has been legal. ;)

    Yeah, i know... but my windows 8.1 was not legal and it activated in windows 10 when i did the upgrade. (it was activated on 8.1 and it passed the genui check). Any how, i like windows 10 :)

    Random thought...

    I don't like to discriminate against people. I must prefer to welcome,

    If you like i can export my dutch lang file for 4.1.x, its far from perfect, but the whole user/mod interface has been translated. Best to install it after you installed the needed addons... PM if you want it.

    For software development and copyright protection, for example, Woltlab Dev... Within America is usually best.


    Random funny thing:


    Universal Pictures in France has been seeding a pirated copy of its latest blockbuster Jurassic World from its own servers.


    Among the block requests was a link to “”. The Internet Protocol address “” is typically reserved to describe the “localhost” or machine on which a program or user is operating. This indicates the pirated copy of the movie was being hosted within Universal’s own computer network.

    I'll check out allinkl for another project. But for Woltlab Dev, it needs to be American or Canadian. The reason being that Germany is a little too strict concerning software development and releasing. I want people to feel more free to develop and release a wide range of products and services.

    Why not a host in a other EU country? I mean, you got french, Holland, Belgium.. the EU is bigger the Germany.(no offense, oh great Germans!)

    Time to trim down the subforums on my board, more then >30 boards and only a few really active.. with the label function of WBB it's easy to organize the board without to much needed forums.

    Never seen the show, but people I know recommend it. Is it really all they say it is or is it good, but drawn out?

    Want to have a decent action show, without to much thinking? Go for The last ship, its has a decent pace and a thin story line. Give the first season a a chance, its only ten episodes...