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    its the seo mod fault:

    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getClassName() on a non-object in D:\\wamp\\www\\backup\\wcf\\lib\\system\\event\\listener\\SEOOutputReplaceTitleListener.class.php on line 26, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/
    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP Stack trace:, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/
    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP   1. wcf\\system\\WCF::handleException() D:\\wamp\\www\\backup\\wcf\\lib\\system\\WCF.class.php:0, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/
    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP   2. wcf\\util\\HeaderUtil::parseOutput() D:\\wamp\\www\\backup\\wcf\\lib\\util\\HeaderUtil.class.php:0, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/
    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP   3. wcf\\system\\event\\EventHandler->fireAction() D:\\wamp\\www\\backup\\wcf\\lib\\util\\HeaderUtil.class.php:117, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/
    [Tue Sep 23 10:07:31.182437 2014] [:error] [pid 3736:tid 1656] [client ::1:58330] PHP   4. wcf\\system\\event\\listener\\SEOOutputReplaceTitleListener->execute() D:\\wamp\\www\\backup\\wcf\\lib\\system\\event\\EventHandler.class.php:189, referer: http://localhost:81/backup/index.php/Login/

    On my localhost i can access the error logs :)

    Did u checked ur webservers logfiles?

    Now i did, the error logs says nothing(the apache one) , just some missing files:

    [Tue Sep 23 09:21:39 2014] [error] [client <ip>] File does not exist: /home/hometh1q/public_html/404.shtml
    [Tue Sep 23 09:21:39 2014] [error] [client <ip>] File does not exist: /home/hometh1q/public_html/favicon.ico

    php is also not giving any errors when using

    ini_set('display_errors', TRUE);
    ini_set('display_startup_errors', TRUE);

    after the
    tag in index.php

    //edit: This seems not to be a BB bug, its caused by an addon.. Will find out who is the badboy!


    I just tried Banning a test user of mine with the infraction list(xx points= xx time ban) and instead of giving that person a message on screen and blocking any further access it just gives a WSOD without any information when the user is logged on.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Setup at least one suspension to 5 points(as example).
    • Let it expire after xx time, 24 hour or so.
    • Set the suspension type to 'Ban'.
    • Warn the user for that amount of points via the infraction list.
    • Use a other browser to visit the site with the warned user, it should give a white screen of dead.

    Notes of interest:

    • There are no strange errors in the forum error log.
    • The board stays working fine for any other users.
    • Internet explorer spits out an http500 internal error.

    i'm not sure if this is a bug caused by WBB itself or a addon, but there is no addon that should change session settings, the only addon i can suspect is the SEO addon, since is rewrites index.php..

    If you can't reproduce it, i'l go after the logs, if i can find 'm ||

    Hi all,

    The current infraction-list on the warning-page is great if you don't have a big list of warnings, but in my case we use a pretty big list and it makes the warnpage pretty long and you have to scroll down to see the tekstbox.

    What i suggest is as follows:

    • Put the list in a selectbox so the page does not scroll and the page stays clean!
    • Make that a user can search in the selectbox, you can use the Jquery Chosen-plugin for this, see for example:

    It will be tolate for 4.1 i think, but maybe you can take it for a future release, just a suggestion :)

    Current view:

    Current view: [Blocked Image:]

    Ik heb het ook al gezien maar had toen geen zin meer om er alles uit te verwijderen en filteren.
    Deze vertaling is al een tijdje geleden gemaakt. Ik weet dus ook niet meer welke het er zijn... Let er wel op dat jij eerst alle addons dient te verwijderen (of opnieuw dient te installeren) nadat je een nieuwe taal importeerd. Dan zou het normaal gezien geen foutmelding opleveren...

    Het is dan toch gelukt... addons installe, dan taalpakket erover. Binnenkort maar eens je vertaalwerk voor de frontend verder afwerken.. zitten nog veel Engelse teksten in ;)

    It seems I'm going to have 12 years of messy posts and signatures to clean up as there's quite a few bbcodes that are different.

    Thanks for your reply, I don't like the burning board urls so I do want to change them but I'm not sure whether to change them via the mod now and risk it not working later or wait for 4.1 which I believe includes url changes and then go from there.

    I read that 4.1 will be backwards compatible, so changes with mods you made on 4.0.x will still work on 4.1.x. Atleast thats how interpreted it. Best is to read my post history with a moderator here..

    You might want to check the error logs then, if there is a typo somewhere, that would yield an error.

    Hi Alexander,

    I asked around and somebody gave me this code:

    Apache Configuration
    RewriteRule ^(topic|forum)/([0-9]+)-([^/]+)/page-([0-9]+)$ $1/$2-$3/?pageNo=$4 [L]

    It works as in, pageNo=x and page-2 are working, but this is going to give me duplicate content, thats not what a website owner wants.. Since i don't have access to the apache error log(Cpanel, shared hosting) i can't find the error giving the WSOD.

    hmm, this gives me a white screen of death, even with enabling index.php again...

    Htaccess contents:

    Hi all,

    i just converted an IPB board to WBB and IPB uses <root>/topic/<id>-title/page-x, where X is the number. thanks to the awesome SEO plugin i can use the same url structure, but i can't get the page redirect, so i don't lose those in google...

    I found this on the official blog, its for vbb, but i think i needs customizing:

    Apache Configuration
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^([0-9]+)-([^/\.]+)/page([0-9]+)$ 
    RewriteRule ^showthread\.php$ index.php/Thread/%1-%2/?pageNo=%3 [R=301,L]

    so the wbb url structure is now the same as IPB(thansk to seo plugin) and don't have any knowledge from regex, so if somebody could help a newbie, i'd like it!

    Thanks in advance ^^

    Download the Dutch Language pack for Woltlab Burning Board.

    Voor het moment is enkel de voorkant (kant die de leden te zien krijgen) vertaald. Het adminpaneel ziet enkel de beheerder en ik zie niet echt in waarom dat ook moet worden vertaald. Mss kunnen jullie mij overtuigen?

    Gelievewel de link in de footer te late staan. Contacteer me indien je die wilt laten verdwijnen.

    Leuk, maar je had nooit de addon vertaling die erin zitten, mogen meenemen... kan je even zeggen welke third party addons erin zitten, buiten shoutbox en security question? Deze addons installeren geeft dan een taal error :)

    Hello all,

    The forum soft here is pretty cheap, but i can't see any renewal periodes and or prices anywhere? So there is no, lets say, 25 € / 6 months for a renewal(updates) and you only pay about ~30 € for a major upgrade? Is this correct or do i mis something?