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    No profile cover photos, no reactions... nothing to improve the front end for users. All I'm seeing is a release to gather more money.

    Not everybody needs those functions and to other people, the back-end changes are more important then 'reactions' or a 'cover photo'. That's the reason plug-ins exist, to expand the functionality of a software package...

    i' more than happy with the new contact form, sitemaps and the other little extra features... And there is only so much you can do..

    As for the cover photo: There is a add-on that does this, you can find it here.

    When you float a image 'left' inside a quotebox, it goes outside the qoutbox. But when you view it from the post itself, it looks to be okay.

    Screenshot from the editor view:

    The example below will look okay from the person seeing it as the rendered post.

    I'm using

    Firefox 54.0.1


    [Blocked Image:]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer vehicula enim magna, finibus placerat diam tincidunt vel. Maecenas a sem in est feugiat auctor sit amet rutrum ex. Cras id lacus scelerisque magna consectetur interdum. Nulla nunc nisi, lobortis in magna non,

    Which are entirely ignored by Google for many, many years already. The only exception is, that the meta description to get presented to the user when showing search results, but they are not used to calculate any sort of relevance/ranking score.

    This is the first time i hear about that... The description is still important, at least that is my own experience ..

    This fixed it for me:

    location /forum/ {
        index index.php;
        try_files $uri $uri/ @forum;
    location @forum {
        rewrite ^/forum/(core/|cms/|wcf/|calendar/|filebase/|blog/|gallery/)?([^.]+)$ /forum/$1index.php?$2 last;

    Thanks :)

    So i just cleaned up my nginx vhost with the following BB nginx code:

    location /forum/ {
        index index.php;
        try_files $uri $uri/ @forum;
    location @forum {
        rewrite ^/(forum/|cms/|wcf/|core/|calendar/|filebase/|blog/|gallery/)?([^.]+)$ /$1index.php?$2 last;
    <drupal Vhost code goes here>

    but with this i can't install a package and i can't access anything other then topics and the admin control panel.

    The setup is as follows:

    domain.tld(drupal site)
    domain.tld/forum --->burning board

    There probably is not a setting for it. I don't think article comments get displayed on Dashboard page under "Recent Activities", they don't get displayed for guest comments left on articles and new articles themselves are not displayed under recent activities. Not sure about member comments left on articles, but all in all - that might be why there's no setting like that for it with comments left on articles. They are not treated same way forum threads/posts are.

    That explains something.... I think its a little oversigh: Even the comments on profiles get there own settings, but not the articles... seems like a feature for the next major version :)

    I was just checking my notification settings in the user control panel, but i can't seem to find the settings for the article comments? i'm just asking if they are missing or that i miss something, somewhere? I do find phrases for those notification, just not the settings in the user control panel.

    I was trying to find out why the 'og: description' tag is not read by facebook when sharing an article from the cms, it seems the app_id metatag is missing:

    Share App ID Missing The 'fb:app_id' property should be explicitly provided, Specify the app ID so that stories shared to Facebook will be properly attributed to the app. Alternatively, app_id can be set in url when open the share dialog.

    I think this is the problem why its not reading the og:description tag...

    At the time of writing there are several addons that enhance the search engine experience by adding custom metatags to the forums and noindex control, but these are all separate addons and it would be nice to see more user control if it comes to the metatags.

    Like i said before, you have the ones that are automatically generated based on the forum description and the article teaser, which is nice, but i'm pretty sure that the more advanced users like to control those tags themselves without generating them.

    Here is what i find missing:

    • Meta description and tags for articles like you have for pages(so the creator can enter them).
    • Metadescription and tags for forums themselves.
    • Page Title field(for forums and articles!)(this way you can make more use of spreading your keywords that are important over three different places, which in term allows for more freemdom)
    • Prevents search engines from indexing this page.
    • Prevents search engines from following links on this page.
    • Prevents cached copies of this page from appearing in search results.

    I know some people will see the the page title field as overkill, but it allows for so much more freedom... Lets take a look at an real life example about a news item about a music festival:

    Page title:GMM 2016: Metallica, Deep Puple, Black Sabbath

    <article body text>

    Meta Description: These are the news names for Graspop Metal Meeting 2016: Sabaton, Epica, Avantasia, Nightwish,<other names till 255 chars has been reached) 

    Meta-tags: <Empty> Since tags don't have any relevant meaning, i let those ones empty.

    This allows the editor to but the most popular names in the page title(most important place) and the lesser names in the description field. Off course this allows for spamming search engines, but that's up to the author/admin to decide.

    The fields in bold are the most important to me, but I'm pretty sure its the same for other users.

    So what do i suggest exactly:

    • Meta description and page-title control for articles
    • Meta description and page-title control for forums

    So why not use an add-on for those things?

    Well, the functionality is already partially in the core and it would be pity if it would not be used in the other parts of the (forum) core..

    I hope i made it somewhat clear by adding examples and let the discussions start8)

    When the user tries to login for the first time(beginning of a new session), the user gets the following error code:

    When i hit F5, it goes trough and it gives a 'Acces Denied' box, but i can freely accesses the various settings on the left and not get an error.

    This only happens the first time an session is created, during the session i can access the site without a problem, it only occurs during the first login.