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    OK, so I've sent a few messages and we've both left the conversation BUT the messages are still there in my account and it says I have 4/100 messages in there. How do I clear those completely as we've all left the conversation now so it's not needed.

    If not, can I disable the private chat as I have the cchat plugin which is working well.

    Some of the users imported from Kunena 4 have got the new user group but others haven't as you can see in the image.

    Some are showing as Newbie as they should and others have nothing. How can I update them all together and make sure they are all showing their respective user groups?

    Also, I want to label them all as Users but there is no option to move them to that group - only Administrators and Mentors. HELP!

    When importing threads etc from Kunena it seems to be importing with the date of 1901 and throws up this error and although it's importing users, thread titles and forum names it's not importing the actual threads.

    Could not execute prepared statement: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'username' cannot be nullStacktrace:#0 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\system\database\statement\PreparedStatement->execute(Array)#1 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\data\DatabaseObjectEditor::create(Array)#2 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wbb\system\importer\ThreadImporter->import('2898', Array)#3 [internal function]: wcf\system\exporter\Kunena3xExporter->exportThreads(0, 200)#4 /home/telecoms/public_html/ call_user_func(Array, 0, 200)#5 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\system\exporter\AbstractExporter->exportData('com.woltlab.wbb...', 0)#6 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\system\worker\ImportWorker->execute()#7 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\acp\action\WorkerProxyAction->execute()#8 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\action\AbstractAction->__run()#9 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\action\AJAXInvokeAction->__run()#10 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\system\request\Request->execute()#11 /home/telecoms/public_html/ wcf\system\request\RequestHandler->handle('wbb', true)#12 {main}

    Any idea what's happened?

    On the profiles and threads, how do I show the real names instead of the usernames? Only on the old forum, I registered people under 4 digits as a username and the same as pwd but when they wrote on the site you didn't see that, you just saw their real names?

    Thanks for that.

    How do I go about changing the permissions for "Everyone" even though as Administrator, I am in there - it says I will loose access to the administration section if I change the permissions?

    How do I make the forum I am building totally private to outsiders. I only want those that I register for the site to be able to see the forum or any of the threads so want to disallow all bots crawling the site etc.

    I have disabled the registration but I don't want others to see the posts apart from registered users.


    I've just installed BB4 and just working through the settings to set up a new forum in place of an old one that I have that runs kunena.

    I've come across the edit forum bit where it says "Type of Forum" - which should I choose? And should I choose it and open a new lot of categories etc or do I just export from kunena to smf, then import smf to BB4 and it automatically sets up the forum categories?