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    It does but it also means every welcome message fills up my conversation folder, what I asked in my initial post was whether there was a way I can still do this but only see this on my end if the person that receives the welcome message, replies to it.

    When I say impersonal I mean that it is being sent from a bot not a person whom you can reply to and even say thanks for welcoming me. It may seem like a little thing but for my forum which is mostly female based and my member base ranged from teen/early 20s right through to grandparents or even great grandparents, these types of little touches go a long way :)

    Hello Alexander, I do have it installed but I find that method impersonal. With my vbulletin the welcome message often encourages the new members which can be very shy to reply to me which then can encourage them to post on the forum.


    I would like to suggest adding thread ratings but also with the proper schema so they could possibly show in search engine results.

    I would love to see other schema added also such as templates for articles, reviews, recipes etc I think this is what is most lacking in forums today.

    I'm from Australia, I am in the process of converting my vB4 forum. Just doing a test run first and getting everything the way we want it. I have been deleting a lot of low quality threads to try to improve in google but still over 200k posts.

    If you have deleted visitor messages that haven't been deleted physically then I would suggest clearing them all out first before doing your import as the import will restore them. I was worried that it will do the same with posts as I have a lot of these over the years and there's just too many to prune one page at a time but luckily the import just makes those go *poof*.

    Good luck :)


    I'm currently in the process of getting ready to migrate my vbulletin forum over to burning board.

    One feature that I really do not want to lose is the ability to send welcome messages by email and private message/conversation.

    I have an addon to enable me to send a message but I seem to only have the option to have all welcome messages that are sent filling up my conversation folder or send it closed so that the new user cannot reply back.

    Is there a way I can automatically send the welcome message without filling up my conversation folder but still enable them to reply. What I want is to only see this welcome message if they reply.

    Is that possible?

    Thanks :)

    You can define custom variables within the additional LESS/CSS input field, in fact this field allows for arbitrary input as long as it is well-formed LESS or CSS.

    Ah, I was adding it to the LESS Variable Override section - I didn't realize it would work fine in a CSS document like that.

    Adding custom items to the color palette is possible, but requires an event listener and a template listener.

    I will look into it. I'm still learning the inner workings of this forum software so I will mess around with that when I get a better understanding of it all. I was hoping there might be some xml document per-style where I could easily edit the color palette, but if it's anything complicated I don't think it's worth the trouble :)