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    After trying so many possible solutions, most likely this appears to be the issue.

    The challenge will be determining which plug-in. The more I think about it, it could more then a few days on this error. I rarely watch any Youtube videos from my site on my phone. I usually view these on my actual computer.

    Have you tried disabling any add-ons? The fact that it seems to be even problematic on the desktop (at least in my testing), has me thinking something isn't functioning on your site.

    Did you make any changes before this started?

    I deleted the last two add-ons without any change. I don't want to disassemble my site at this point and put in a support ticket.

    The fact that three out of four devices I have get this error leads me to believe that this is a problem with the site. I put in a support ticket.


    Can you try this?

    Edit: Also, try with disabling HTML in the editor settings, then just copy/paste the "direct" link from Share (not the HTML embedded link).

    HTML was already disabled

    Received the same error

    Yes, but do the play correctly or still get the error?

    I got an error with mobile. They flashed an error on my regular computer then played.

    I deleted both videos and still received errors on any video.

    Looks OK in Chrome

    I installed flash, rebooted, cleared cache and got the same error.

    To install Flash manually in your Android device do the following:

    • Make sure your Android device is connected to the Internet.
    • Open the Settings menu.
    • Select Security (or Applications, on older Android OS).
    • Place a checkmark next to the "Unknown sources" check box.
    • Tap OK to confirm your selection.
    • Close Settings.
    • Launch the browser.
    • Search for "flash player archive page" or navigate directly to…lash-player-versions.html
    • On the Archive page, scroll down to "Flash Player for Android archives"
    • Select a version of Flash Player that is compatible with your Android operating system.
    • Tap the link to download the Flash Player installer. Download begins automatically.
    • When download completes, close the browser.
    • Open Notifications.
    • Tap "install_flash_player.apk"
    • When prompted, tap Install.
    • When installation is finished, tap Done.

    My devise does not support flash player

    OK. Out of curiosity, do you have YouTube app installed? If that's the case, could you try uninstalling the app, then reboot, clear browser/device cache, reset network settings and check again?

    It only allows the app to be disabled.

    I tried Explorer and Google on the Android devise. Nothing locked about the phone that I know of.

    Cleared the cache. Rebooted the phone. Tried loading videos while not connected to wifi from my phone. Tried using the blue temptation default theme.

    I tried it with my 4.0 installation and I didn't see this problem - my iPhone plays an embedded youtube video correctly. Let's rule out the obvious first: you cleared the forum cache and activated HTML in the editor settings before you embedded the youtube link, right?


    Embedded Youtube videos get an Error and wont play.

    Linked videos that open Youtube directly so play.

    Youtube works on my laptop computer but does not work on my IPad or Android Phone. I tried the phone in 3G to see if it was something with my router and received the same error.