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    I am trying to upload a logo into the blue temptation style. I don't know what permission on my cpanel needs to be changed to allow the upload?

    Need a bit of help

    I have done these steps so far on installing on a cpanel

    1) Downloaded the WBB4.0.11zip file from my account
    2) Unzipped that file
    3) Uploaded the install.php, test.php and WCFsetup.tar.gz file into the public.html folder on the cpanel

    The readme file states that a installation assistant will appear. This has not happened.

    You're missing the point that the agreement reads as though any forum running WBB showing that agreement page is hosted out of Germany. See, if you want the software to appeal to other people other than just German people, little things like that need to be changed.
    The fact is that agreement reads wrong for any WBB forum hosted in another country like mine hosted out USA. Because it's saying my forum comes under German copyright laws when in fact it doesn't.

    It's only a case of removing the German part, you can word it how you like as long as it doesn't make the assumption all WBB sites are hosted out Germany and comes under their copyright laws.

    Just change the phrase. It's wrong to expect wbb to change something that clearly isn't broken. It's a generic disclaimer and any responsible forum owner needs to customize it to fit their forum. They created a disclaimer that fits the vast majority of their customers. It took me ten minutes to fix it to my needs.

    How does a user ignore a forum?

    I have the following settings already

    1) Module - Community - "Ignorable Forums" is checked

    2) Community - Forums - "Users may ignore this forum" is checked

    What am I missing? I looked at it from both my regular user test account and my admin account and I do not see any way to ignore a forum or a thread.

    I have a feeling that picture from sociallyunsensored was edited to suit your story. It's the only place your showing "proof" of your version and it's the place you can easily edit threads to suit your story.

    I'm much better with grammar than knowledge of Woltlab's software.

    While I would change it to either Create Blog or Create own Blog for consitency and simply because it is more concise, the phrase "Create an own Blog" ist correct. If you would say "Create your own Blog" this would imply that there is only one blog that is yours. "Create an Own Blog" implies that you can create a Blog - as in one of multiple - and that this blog will be one of yours.

    "create own blog" doesn't work either

    Probably best to use "create blog" or "create a blog"

    Always remember English is a screwed up language

    Calling them complacent is rude. This kind of treatment is why you have been kicked off of how many forum software sites?


    Lets use some logic here and use the term full time equivalent workers. Woltlab has two full time developers and two part time developers. If these part time developers each spend half the time working on programming that Woltlab considers a full time developer then they have three Full time equivalent developers. No logical person will state they have 4 developers and saying that they have 4 developers does not make sense.

    Now let's discuss the fact that badgering them about how disappointed you are in their performance is rude. This is a great development team that has implemented almost everything one could ask for in the product.