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    @Rasty I did not know this about TapaTalk running on Woltlab Burning Board (WBB). Was this what happen on the final version or just the beta? Because if it's only the beta, than it's a beta for a reason (guaranteed to not be stable and have bugs). But if this happen on the final release, that is disturbing

    It was the final release. I installed a updated version today which fixed the privacy problem. Hopefully the new customer service guys understand the importance of communication. They announced that there was a privacy concern today at my request.

    The largest gaping problem is that the user groups are meaningless in the wbb version of Tapatalk which left the moderator (private) section open to anyone being able to read the posts by going to my profile and looking at the threads I started. I doubt I'm coming back as a customer because I can't monitor the app every day to see what mistake is being made by tapatalk today. Maybe your next accidental beta release will really leave something wide open.

    Sorry but it's become complete amateur hour at Tapatalk. I've got at least 3 threads for help on the Tapatalk support forum from my previous Kunena site that are three months old without a response.

    This isn't fixed. I just deleted the tapatalk plugin because the private sections of my site were visible to anyone by going to the user profile and looking at started threads.

    I installed a updated copy on June 13th so I'm not using a obsolete version.

    Thank you. I do understand this part. I can load pictures with a zip file but was interested to know if as an Admin I can edit the username of the pictures. I have pictures from about 50 people and don't want to access their accounts.

    The ability to enter gps locations for pictures in addition to the current street addresses. Some of the best pictures don't have a street address.

    I need to load 1800 pictures into our site. The pictures are from multiple users. I have the pictures stored on my hard drive. Any suggestions on how to load these pictures into the gallery for my users under their user name?

    When I try to upload pictures as a Zip file it shows that it is upload but then it just gets stuck.

    I tried to change the background color and received the following 404 error when I hit submit.

    Not Acceptable

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /acp/index.php/StyleEdit/1/ could not be found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Looking at possibly purchasing software to convert from a Kunena based forum to Woltlab and have a couple of questions

    1) I know I would need to import from Kunena to SMF then into Woltlab. Is this something that is included in the installation service or can be done by a professional?

    2) Will users be able to upload pictures directly into a blog article without using URL or from their gallery?

    3) Is it Possible to add a sub-parent category to the blog?