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    About the WBB 4.1 update cost .. A bit expensive for such a little update version...

    I'm sorry but i would just give my opinion about the new wbb release ( 4.1 ). This release look more like a bugfix release ( with few enhancements such as the integration of a new WYSIWYG editor ) than a true major release which can explain the update cost. Seriously, I've not read the full changelog but by reading the announcement on your forum, I can say that I'm a bit disappointed...

    @Alexander Ebert I can understand that you need money for live but as a developer, I can say that it's not really serious ;)

    Hello ;

    I'm new there but I'm also interested by a shop interface into the filebase extension. I've looked at the code and it seem that this extension is almost ready for shop:

    - Some features, even if not really accessible can be enabled trough the configuration file (feature allowing to set prices and so on...
    - An action for purchasing is already provided too, which simply thrown an 'nonexistent link' error ATM.

    To resume, I bet that we can review this action easily to make it talking with an external billing interface, isn't it?

    Hello ;

    It's my first post there so I hope you'll not be too much rude with me ;)

    We migrated our forum from mybb to WBB4 with success. However, we want allow transparent access to our forum through another domain, using proxy feature from Apache.

    To resume, for a specific domain plugins.domain.tld, we added the following rewrite rule, which works very well:

    Apache Configuration
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$0 [NC,L,P]

    However, even if this works, one problem still persist: When an user click on any link in the page, he get redirected to the base install site (domain). This is because generated links are not relatives.

    My question

    Do you provide a way to force wcf or wbb to generate relative links instead of absolute links?

    Thank you.