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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to customising Woltlab, and therefore would like some direction as to the best way to create a custom sidebar widget on the forums page. Would it be best to create a package for this? or is there an easier way to accomplish this that I am missing?

    Essentially, I would like to create a widget for Discord, using their embed code. It will act as an integrated shoutbox as it were.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,

    - Matt

    I was doing some testing and part of it included playing around with the ban functionality, to which I discovered this:

    When I looked up the error this is what it said:

    This only happens with the date 2038.

    I am using MariaDB version 10.0.17. I'm wondering whether this is the problem.

    I recently switched from vB and love the software however I noticed the "Turn forums on/off" option that is available locally, i.e. in the sense that the changes are only for you and no one else.

    I think it would be brilliant if you could turn them off globally. In our current situation we have created forums in advance and if we were able to disable them until we are ready, all we'd have to do is turn the individual forums back on when we needed them, rather than create the forum and permissions later as soon as they were going to be used. It would have a similar purpose to the "delayed post" feature.

    I'd love to hear what others think about this.


    - Matt


    I know that when you add a predefined suspension you can select a ban length however I feel that this should be available when either straight up banning a user (without the warning system) and when you block their signature and or avatar. The reason is because if an admin has a fairly large community I highly doubt that they can remember who is banned or has their signature/avatar blocked. It would be more or less impossible to keep track of without setting automatic lengths. More or less every other forum software has this.

    Thanks in advance