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    Sure. Through the years, I have also tried and used with success the various Wamp, EasyPHP, and Mamp (for Mac OS), but sometimes when you start with one program that serves you well, you tend to stick with it ;)

    There are numerous reasons why some lurk about on your forum a lot saying nothing most of time, I wouldn't just put it down to the social media mentality.

    I agree. Besides, the need of instant gratification that Facebook satisfy isn't all that different from chasing Likes on a forum board. They are just the symptoms and not the cause. That's the trend today, which is why most developments adopt it.

    Depending on the forum niche and its focus, having a shoutbox may allow to spark things up a little -- and that was always my experience at least a couple of two very different forums I used to run. I currently installed shoutbox on my forum, and members use it to greet each other, exchange some jokes, but then they rely on the actual forum for their discussions. I lead by example, and encourage them.

    It's true that a shoutbox could be a hit or miss, and also true that some lazy leechers could hang out on a forum for a lifetime and never post a word, but I still think it's worth a try for the reasons explained in the posts above by GTB and myself.

    I agree that some time ago such programs had issues, but today they have become rather intuitive and easy to configure. The most common problems you actually see today are related to users not being able to start Apache or MySQL, usually because they share common ports (80, 443) with apps like Skype. If that's the case, the trick is simple, instead of fumbling with Xampp config files and change ports (which perse isn't really harder than editing the file and type another number), simply close those apps before starting Xampp and all goes well.

    Concerning Xampp version, I used the one having PHP 5.6. Only the 32bit version of Xampp is available for Windows, but it works without problems in a 64bit system. For instance, today I installed Xampp on Windows 8.1 64bit and ran a wbb 3.1.8 test install in it, which went without hiccups. Xampp should work well on Windows 10, too.

    Really, you shouldn't encounter any major issues, and using Xampp will simplify things and allow you to test all you like in safe environment. If you have any problems with Xampp, I'm happy to help you out along the way, but I'm sure you won't have many.

    That's a fair point, but with it being hard to get people posting on the forums it helps with offering something else for using also besides just the forums. I mean, quite a few forums of late have started installing shoutboxes because it. TAZ, and a quite a few others besides you're aware off same as me are all using them now.

    I believe you are correct. For a while, I also bought into the myth that having a shoutbox/chat would detract from the actual forum by becoming a distraction and discouraging members from posting, but first-hand experience proved me wrong. In my case, the ability to chat in real time, allowed members to feel "closer" one another and with the forum management. The informal chit-chat triggered discussions and topics that members wanted to expand and discuss in more depth in forum, using polls, images, links, etc.

    Of course, relying heavily on the chat could backfire, but if the forum staff acts judiciously and keeps an eye on things, having a chat could actually add a welcome flavor to a forum. As for everything in life, it all depends how things are done.

    Hey guys this is a shoutbox for small text passages "shouts"... If you want more features simply use he amazing chat of Tim....
    Use even he beta 3.1 which supports invites. its great!

    Tim's Chat is indeed very good, but by design it cannot be placed on the dashboard and used as shoutbox. Tim's chat is intended to be used as a full chat application, having its own dedicated section. And that's something I don't need on my forum. Just like @GTB I use shoutbox on the dahsboard to encourage activity and make the overall landing page feel more vibrant and inviting. I also use cChat, which allows private and groups chatting facebook style -- members seem to love it for that.

    I guess GTB and I are simply pointing out a good product that almost meets our expectations, such as Shoutbox, which we think it could be further improved upon and polished, in order to make not just good, but excellent ;)

    The submit button located inside the chat input box causes problems if you show it

    Yup, I keep it disabled, in fact. Also, if you install the emoticons addon, its button gets in the way in a similar manner, and it could be annoying when using the shoutbox on mobile. It does need some polishing, although the author seems to be on the good track, and I support and encourage his effort, which is why I bought the addon a while ago.

    I wouldn't necessarily see having better editing capabilities as bloating the chat. It doesn't need to be a full editor, but it'd be nice, if users could change font color, add emoticons from the editor tab, align text, add bbcodes, etc. Of course, it should be an option that the admin could enable or not in the ACP, depending on the forum's focus and niche ;)

    In fact, it gives more of a reason to actually use the Dashboard as landing page having shoutbox located on that page only.

    I agree. Aside from needing some fine tuning, and maybe an editor toolbar as shoutbox addons for other platforms provide, Modern Shoutbox is a nice addition that could make Dashboard more appealing.

    Now, if we only had a powerful, flexible, and fully supported portal plugin (that is not mobahner's), we would be all set ;)

    They got released just now. How was that for timing after your post made... they came an hour later. Do more moaning Adam, things get done faster... :P

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    I don't technically, moan. I do however have the good talent of stating the obvious, when it's being ignored or neglected.

    I didn't install anything with a third party program like Xamp

    Ah, considering we were talking about a local installation, I automatically assumed you did -- my bad. Both Xampp or Wamp simplify the bundled installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP in your system, and make life easier when you want to test wbb locally.

    You should give it a try, just make sure application that use ports 80 and 443, such as Skype aren't running when you launch the webserver.

    I just installed Xampp on Windows 7 Ultimate, and I had no troubles, error, or hiccups installing wbb 3.1.8 in it. Why make our life harder when some tools can make it easier? Give it a shot ;)

    Thinking of it, I believe that cache settings isn't the problem here, since you are using a local installation, and the main cause could actually be related with file permissions.

    If you installed Xampp under C:\... then UAC (User Account Control) could be in the way -- try disabling it in control panel, and see if you keep experiencing those errors during wbb installation.

    Windows doesn't allow to change and fine tune file permissions the same way as Linux does, (it's more like all or nothing) and installing Xampp under C:\ (which the system considers Windows 'root') might actually trigger PHP errors related to permissions. First off, you want to check PHP-log shows warnings or errors concerning file permissions. If that's the case, you will have to find out under what user name Apache is running (via Administrative Tools, Services), and then add read/write permissions for that user in the appropriate folder.

    Not the same concept in our case. A deal could have no likes/dislike and still get voted up - it will still show up in the shop/deal portal page sidebar. Besides, the deals that get voted up would raise to the top of the page, those voted down would head toward the bottom, despite the likes/dislike received. In addition, the admin could have the ability to decide how to sort a voted up or down item on page.

    @Throwholics @tjk and @Sonnenspeer I attached a screenshot showing deals about video games (but it could be any sort of product) to let you better appreciate the idea behind this suggestion:

    As you can see, the deals can be ranked according to various categories; this isn't simply about posts. Using exclusively Like/Dislike system won't cut it in our case ;)

    I wish there was a plugin that would allow members to vote up or down a thread in similar manner to what reddit does with its posts. In our case, if having a deal section in forum for instance, people could vote up or down a certain deal, depending on the hype, popularity, convenience, etc. That would be also useful if a site had a marketplace or a shop, in which a product could be ranked not only on like/dislike, but also by people's direct votes to make it popular or not.

    This is just a suggestion, but I hope that some skilled developer out there will eventually consider making such plugin.

    I assume you are trying to install it on locahost? If my memory isn't tricking me, I remember I encountered a similar problem twice back when I used wbb 3.1.x The first time I think it was a simple problem of folder permission in Xampp, once I set them to 777 the errors disappeared. In the second case, it was related to PHP caching addon. Disabling all but memcache fixed the problem. Give it a try.

    Hopefully, someone with more insight or experience with this problem might be able to chime in and help.