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    I would like to add a page with its own content and assign a tab to it.

    I was looking at adding extra TABS and creating a custom content page

    You can achieve this in two ways, each requiring either an addon or a CMS app.

    The addon is called Dahsboard Custom box, and I am currently using it with good success on two WBB installations. You can find the plugin here, but to download it you first need to register with that forum. Although the site is in German, the download link is easily found on the page. I have been using this addon since WBB 4.0, and I can confirm it works well with 4.1, too.

    The other option is installing codeQuake Fireball CMS, which not only does it let to add tabs and insert texts, but it also allows you to create entirely new pages for your forum and insert whatever content you want in it. The app is still in beta (RC2 at the moment), but it already does a very decent job, and it's stable. Also, its learning curve isn't steep; you just need to spend some time familiarizing with the process of adding new content, but it's all pretty intuitive as you will see. I gave a very dumbed-down example here.

    However, I think that we would all benefit from having a simple CMS integrated in core. It would be awesome if we could simply add new tabs and pages directly from the ACP without requiring external software. Including such option would make WBB even more appetizing.

    While we wait until this will be included (hopefully), you can go around the problem with what I suggested above. Both ways allow you customize your forum as you like.

    Hmm ok, I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying that for me and taking the time to create the example in Photoshop, although I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    Personally, I think that using a scroll bar in a drop-down menu would detract from having a smooth forum experience, not to mention that it would add an old-fashioned feel to it, which may clash when having a modern/flat looking board. I would prefer having sub-categories stacked or listed with bullet points than a visible through a scrollbar in a drop-down menu. But I am only using the pictures and descriptions above to imagine how it would look. Who knows, maybe seeing it at work could make me change my mind.

    You could always limit the length of that drop-down box so if too many sub-forums are listed in it it starts scrolling them in it rather than always growing longer

    We basically posted a reply at the same time, I didn't see yours :D

    So, the length of the drop-down can be limited? That's good, but how would it look then? Some sub-forums will appear on the drop-down and the rest can be scrolled down, still in that pop-up menu?

    One of, if not the biggest XenForo forums is 56M messages, tons of sub-forums. The drop down link for sub-forums would not work for them, take a look at all the sub forums.

    I'm sorry, maybe I didn't explain my thoughts with enough clarity. While the forum you link does show various sub-categories, it uses the bullet point list, but not the drop-down menu on the main category that GTB mentioned. I would like to see a big forum with that system in place, and check how long the drop-down menu is when it expands.

    I see what you are saying, and I agree that having a drop-down menu on a main category that lists the sub-forums is an effective solution. However, I wonder about the menu length if a big board has several sub-forums under a certain category; the long drop-down could fill up the length of the page, and it would be ugly. Maybe you have another example of a big xn-powered forum having many sub-forums that shows if that actually detracts or not from category-browsing experience?

    Let me better understand what you have in mind. Would you like to have this view as you described it as an option or be the default one? I'd prefer having the option to chose either in ACP, as I don't mind the stacking, and I'm not really fond of bullet pointed sub-forum lists: if a forum has a lot of sub-categories it might feel like viewing a power point presentation more than a forum page.

    Yes, try what I suggested, and let see if in the meantime someone with 3.1.8 experience encountered similar problems, and is willing to share.

    But I have another question in the meantime. Did you remove MySQL, Apache, and PHP that you installed manually before trying Xampp? I just realized that I forgot to mention that. Maybe those errors are "leftovers" (and possibly the result of some conflict) of one installed with Xampp.

    Yes, it's a "full" WCF-Plugin when you tar it, so it could be updated without changing the plugins that are using it.

    Sadly, while this solution works with some plugins, it doesn't for others. I believe it's time for WCF to support a WYSIWYG editor in ACP.

    Yeah, unfortunately while many Germans can read English with it being a universal language. Most Brits can't read German because they've never had a need to learn it.

    Yes. And posting something in English shouldn't be the reason to label as Duplicate a thread that discusses a topic for the first time in a language that's not German (only because German speakers can read it).

    Thus I just marked this topic as a duplicate. Feel free to discuss this suggestion further, though. It is just for our book keeping

    I can understand that from a Moderator/Admin point of view. However, since discussing the same topic in two different languages places a barrier between them, in fact making them virtually "different," makes me think if it's time to create another Label category for such misleading cases? Instead of Duplicate, they could be tagged as Bilingual or whatever terms you think it would fit better. When tagged as Duplicate, threads tend to be dismissed quickly or get ignored altogether.

    That was just a hint for German speaking users ;)

    Ah ok, thanks for pointing that out :)

    So, you confirm that WCF doesn't support WYSIWYG editor in ACP, and a way to circumvent this limitation is if developers would include codeQuake's WYSIWYG-ACP editor package within their own add-ons? Or could those files be zipped in a tar.gz package and installed directly in the ACP through the regular installer? So, addons using an editor could have the ability to "upgrade" to WYSIWYG?

    Well, not speaking German I wouldn't have known. Besides, I wouldn't want to hijack a thread in German language with my English, which is why I'd like to encourage some discussion on the topic in English (for the non-German speakers interested in this topic) in order to see if this is something that can and will be implemented or not.

    On that thread you linked, it appears you suggested that only applications, such as CodeQuake's CMS or others, could provide support for WYSIWYG editor in ACP, while "mere" addons cannot. Is that what you were saying here?

    Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, but it's my understanding that WCF doesn't support the implementation of a WYSIWYG editor in ACP, and addons are forced to provide a basic editor (usually having just text or the ability to insert code and bbcode). If that were true, it would hinder developers' ability to provide more flexible and powerful plugins that could be easier to use, since not all forum owners know their way around HTML or PHP.

    As I said, maybe this is not how things are, and I am completely off the mark. In that case, I'd be grateful if anyone who would clarify this for me, because through the years, I have stumbled across a wide number of addons (I am not talking about those full applications that include their own editor) that cannot or maybe don't want by design use a full editor in ACP.

    If that's something that WCF is currently lacking, please consider implementing it, as it would make things a bit easier for everybody ;)

    You are welcome. It does sound like you'll have your hand full this weekend :)

    I'm sure you have missed setting up, designing, and organizing sites/forums, and even more if you used to really be into it in the past, as it sounds you were. And yes, give Xampp a try and see how it goes. If you'll need any help with it let me know.

    Enjoy your weekend, and the party ;)