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    Ah yes, that's not possible as far as I know. But it's still easy enough to quote the paragraph and delete what you don't need, leaving only the sentences that you want to quote. Although I find this need of yours a bit unconventional, since when I quote multiple people or only one who also quoted others in his message, I prefer my reply showing all the nested quotes, so who's reading or is interested in the discussion doesn't need to scroll up and look for references, because they are already there. In sum, you like more xenforo's ways, while I don't, and I prefer WBB approach. My that's just my 0.2 cents, and I understand your needs here.

    Anyways, maybe there is a way to select and quote single sentences you'd need to include in your post, but I haven't found it yet.

    Click on the dropdown menu located on the right corner of one's post, and then on the button "Quote." This way you can quote one message or multiple posts and authors. Once you click on Quote, you'll see a grey tooltip on the right bottom corner of the screen - Quotes (x), which allows you to select them and decide the order in which you want them to appear on your reply. Once you include those quotes in your message you can either keep them as they are or simply delete those you don't want to show there.

    It really is that easy ;)

    This is why I prefer WBB quoting system over the competition. For instance, I actually like that I can see the quotes nested in one's reply, so I know what the author is talking about and referring to without me needing to scroll up and read the related posts. Sure, on a phone screen you might need to scroll down a bit to read those quotes, but the fact that they're all in one thread makes it all the more coherent and easier to reply.

    Or you can just select the text you need. After all, those who use their phone a lot already do that when they copy and paste text from a web page or use word processors on their mobile device ;)

    The are just two different approaches. XF only shows the last post of an author that might have quoted and included 5 posts in his reply. WBB actually shows those posts, so the readers has a better understanding of what the author of the last post is writing about and can refer to those quotes without going back to them. You can always add Spoiler or as I mentioned above, just select the text you want to quote, without quoting everyone else.

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    In fact, I just selected the text I wanted to quote, and didn't need to quote the whole post including what we said before. You can single out words even, and that's all that will show up, and not all quoted posts. A click on the author's name on my post, and you can see all those posts at a glance.

    Could you be more specific? What do you mean by "just last quote"? You can either quote an entire message or just parts of it at your discretion. This is easily achievable by selecting the text with your mouse and choose either Save Quote or Insert Quote.

    Or you do have spacing problems between quotes from different posts? In that case, you can simply switch to BBCode editor and remove the break lines and fix the spacing between quotes and replies.

    Or maybe you could attach a picture showing the problem.

    Some hosts, depending on the the webserver they use for share accounts, and the resources allocated for those racks, also implement another cache engine, basically it's a third "layer" of cache that affects all customers hosted in that machine. This cache engine could clash with the software or forum script you run in your site. All I had to do was add a rewrite rule in my .htaccess which opted me out that cache engine, and all was well after that.

    If I'm trying to reply topic (Reply button) - censorship is failing. Submit button give result with message "Your post requires manual approval and will not be displayed until then" and post content disappear (not in quick reply editor, not in thread, not in moderation queue what suggested message - just disappear). Topic is OK, just my reply doesn't show up but also disappear from quick reply editor without any information what really happened.

    Aha, yes man, I got that. In fact, you just described the exact problem I had back then, but it wasn't related to censorship; it would happen no matter what whenever I tried to reply to a post. The problem was on the host side, and had nothing to do with WBB. They were using LiteSpeed webserver with overly-aggressive cache engine settings. Once I disabled that cache engine for my account, the problem was fixed. This makes me think this is an issue that's related to cache/user session/cookies somehow, as mine was.

    So you changed settings in Admin CP in forum from DiskCache to Mem because your server host offers it. Did you also after doing that empty all cache, using the admin cp setting to do it?

    Yes, I guess it'd be logic to have the same cache settings in host and ACP, and clear forum cache after changing.

    @PolUser changing from memcache to Diskcache and vice versa didn't fix my problem at the time. I had to submit a ticket and ask them if they were using their own caching engine, which they did. Once they opted me out, the problem was fixed. I also wanted to ask you if you are currently using CloudFlare?

    - server - New Thread: OK, censorship is working
    - server - Quick Reply: Fail, I get that message about moderation (Your post requires manual approval and will not be displayed until then) and post content is missing.

    Not being able to post when there is a censored word is expected, while seeing a moderation notification and losing the post is not. The fact that it doesn't happen in your local installation suggests there could be a problem host side. As I mentioned earlier, I had that same isse a while ago, and I fixed by submitting a ticket to my host support and asked them to opt my account out their caching engine. You could do that, and also submit a ticket to WBB support, as they might have more insight and may advise you better.

    I personally don't like repeated backgrounds images as you can always notice the loop, unless it's a solid color or very precise pattern. I think that a fixed background simplifies things and generally makes a site look better.

    i mean full background

    GTB is correct, if you want to change the full background you can easily upload it via FTP or using File Manager in your host admin panel. Just replace the existing image blueTemptationHeader.png with the one of your choice, making sure you give it the same name, and then navigate to Style > Edit Style > Advanced > Individual CSS and LESS and append at the end of the file the code below, which will fix the image and the forum can scroll above it.

    body { background-attachment: fixed; }

    Yeah, in my case, it was triggered by aggressive caching host side. Once I opted out their caching engine, the problem disappeared. I was just saying that many hosts' implementation of ModSec leaves much to be desired, and can create some issues with WBB installations, at least in my own experience.

    My server was using Mod Security with me at first and when running phpBB before WBB. It was a pain

    Don't let me start on ModSec, because it gave me plenty of headaches since wbb 3.1.8. Some hosts set overly aggressive rules, which get in the way and create odd problems that leave you wondering and confused.

    Yes, that's the correct behavior, it prevents you from posting anything that contains a censured word, until you remove/change it. It has always been this way I believe. His problem is that for some reason, using Censorship triggers a moderation action on the post containing a censured word, actually deleting it with a warning that the post first needs to be manually approved by staff, which is bogus because staff never sees that post in their moderation section.

    I encountered this problem before, but not when using censorship. The warning and post deletion occurred for every post submitted, and it was triggered by host's own cache engine. Once opted out the problem stopped. He needs to do some testing. To rule out host problems, he could move his site to a local installation and test it there. If the problem also occurs locally, it's something internal to his forum that he can narrow down, if not, it could be host side and submit a ticket.

    I'm curious about this, because I encountered that problem before. However, in my, it wasn't caused by the Censorship feature per se, and it revealed to be an issue on the host side.

    Does that happen only when you utilize Censorship?