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    I installed the wbb4 locally, but in a root server (not the same where the forum is hosted now). This root server where I installed the board locally is online and is a game server. I believe that this would make the computer part of its network. I didn't install the board in my home computer. I simply connected from there to the root server to install and manage the newly-installed wbb4.

    Yes, the old forum is online, while I'm installing wbb4 in another server and locally, just to first familiarize with the new platform and set things out before the official switch. I'm using xampp and installed wbb4 in the localhost ( and not "live." That might be the socket issue you mentioned. Is there any way to import database backup to a local installation?

    Yes, here's the complete error:

    Connecting to MySQL server '' failed:
    SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Ein Verbindungsversuch ist fehlgeschlagen, da die
    Gegenstelle nach einer bestimmten Zeitspanne nicht richtig reagiert
    hat, oder die hergestellte Verbindung war fehlerhaft, da der verbundene
    Host nicht reagiert hat.

    Where could I set/check the way the importer is trying to connect with the old forum?

    I successfully installed wbb4 and I have been trying to import the backup to the new platform but to no avail. Keep in mind that I have followed all the steps suggested in the Migration to Burning Board 4 thread. Nothing seems to work. I keep getting this error: Connecting to MySQL server '' failed:
    SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Ein. Of course, the credentials to access the database are correct, and I also made sure the Table Prefix of the source MySQL database correspond. Needless to mention that I set the importer for the correct board 3.1.x etc. So, I'm at loss of ideas. My question is: can I import the database locally and import them through 'localhost' instead of via remote connection to the old forum?


    Yes, it was something so obvious and still didn't see it. I pointed to the right MySQL database and I was able to finish the installation. I really appreciate the quick and helpful responses. I believe we can close this thread.


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, the account has the appropriate permission. Everything is up to date and services 9MySQL included) on and running. I can't fathom what in MySQL may no be working. I haven't tried to connect to MySQL via CMD. Honestly, I wouldn't know how. I'm familiar with CMD, but never tried this operation. Any advice you could throw my way?

    Thanks again.

    Hello. I tried installing the board several times, making sure that it meets all the requirements, but it won't go further than 39% of the installation process and I see the following error: An error has accured while trying to connect to your database: Connecting to MySQL server 'localhost' failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1049] Unknown database 'wcf'

    I don't understand why it wouldn't recognize the database in wcf. I tried a local installation in two other machines (a Macbook and another PC Windows using different webserver applications) and both times I got the same error as above. However, in those cases I could continue the installation changing the number in the installation number tab to 0 or to 2. For some reason using 1 never works for me. Of course, they were first installations and there wasn't any previous version of the wbb installed. This time not even the above mentioned trick works and I'm simply stuck.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Where can I buy the community gallery plugin? I see it on list if I search for it in ACP > Search packages, but it doesn't let me install it with my serial number and license code credentials. I guess it's because it's not free anymore? I looked for it in the Plugin store but couldn't find it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    Never mind, I just saw it on the homepage. I must getting blind :huh:

    People should always explain later how they fix their own issues.. :P I can't count on my two hands how many threads I came across whilst looking/searching for helpful ideas, suggestions, and tips on how to fix things, where the users said they fixed it but never explained HOW they fixed it. It's irksome, cause I could have fixed the issue immediately but instead found myself asking staff via private messages and getting the issues fixed hours or days later.. lol.

    Amen to that. I was surprised to have found so many posts that would have been so helpful had the members who started simply shared the solution they found instead of closing up with the typical "fixed, thanks." Not to mention that if others join the thread seeking that solution, seldom they receive a reply by that member who "fixed it." Selfish much? Fortunately, there still are quite a few people here very willing to help.


    Does anybody know where to insert the html code that allows to have Google translator tab show on every page? Do I have to paste the code into the header.php file? Or I can do that by manipulating the templates? If so, which file(s) that I found under ACP > Design > Templates should I look for?

    Thank you

    He probably edited the .htaccess file. I couldn't find the plugin to change the index. I tried editing the htaccess file, too, as suggested in other similar threads but to no avail. The main page is still Forum and not Portal.