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    You shouldn't get the wrong idea that they are keeping done/undone just because they consider them more proper words for this context. A simpler reason would be that they are words far too embedded to be tracked down and removed. Changing them would probably break something. I believe WoltLab staff is aware that this unfortunate word choice has triggered some annoyance within WBB customers, and are probably planning to change them in a later release -- not likely 4.x.

    This are two phrases for the same thing.

    If you are referring to done/undone and resolved/unresolved I'm afraid you're mistaken. Undone doesn't mean that something is "not done" or not finished yet. Undone was widely used in the 18th century to define ruin and decay. Occasionally, its infinitive form to undo is used to express the action or intention to roll back to a former/previous state. Nowadays, Undone it's mostly avoided in colloquial English, and certainly it doesn't mean "unresolved" as you seem to claim.

    This is mainly a support forum, and members usually start threads to ask questions that need answers, explain problems that need resolutions, and occasionally to chat about various topics. Logically, answered/unanswered and resolved/unresolved would still be better choices than done/undone.

    Actually, it's an "update server" list. Without the "s."

    In the proper (compound and hyphenated) form, you say "server-update" still without "s" or in your case, update-server, again not including the "s" because it implies a list of items - plural. Note that in this instance, "server" is a noun acting as a modifier and following the other noun "update." This rule is true for all compound noun words, where the first noun or adjective modifies the noun it follows, and it must never be in its plural form. In short, Update-Servers is incorrect. Update-Server is correct.

    It is possible to use the plural form in open or hyphenated compound nouns, but a quantity must be specified and should precede the compound word:

    five women-doctors
    ten tennis shoes

    The case is similar to user groups list

    It's actually "group list" = a list of groups, not "groups list," which is incorrect.

    The list is not the package, the packages are listed into the list. This column is counting the packages into the list. How many packages are on this server? 14 packages.

    A list of packages in proper English is a Package List. A list of members is a member list, notice the recurring singular form for countable nouns such as "group" and "member." A Package is often used in its singular form because it contains or lists various items. In our example, The Package menu on the ACP displays the "package" update available in each server. The cases when when Package is used in its plural form "packages" is when it is followed by general attributives, for example something that comes "in packages," and not "packages of" something, as you insist.

    Package is a countable noun that describes various items designating or relating to a set of terms, products, etc., which are offered or agreed as a whole, such a updates. One package can contain several software updates.

    Once again, in this instance, the menu reading the word Package is correct and not a mistake.

    It is possible to use the plural form in open or hyphenated compound nouns, but a quantity must be specified and should precede the compound word:

    five women-doctors
    ten tennis shoes

    Actually, the singular form of "Package" used in a context/drop-down/label menu is correct and not a mistake.

    Package is a countable noun and by definition it is composed of individual parts (i.e. a package can often contain several items). For instance, "All ingredients are listed right on the package," or "He ate the whole package of crackers for lunch," or even "a software package [=a group of computer programs that are sold together]."

    The menu in examination -- and here I am referring to the noun visible on the front end -- describes the "Package List" or "Package Servers," which contain various items - the servers links.

    Therefore, the menu Package in this language variable is already correct and follows proper English grammar rules as it is, and does not need to be corrected.

    Maybe the variable could be changed into: "wcf.acp.updatePackage.Servers" which would flow better grammatically, although I believe that as it is, it must be following coding conventions that I'm not familiar with, because I am not a coder.

    It could just be my imagination but the site seems to be loading a lot faster now

    Yep, it does load a lot faster. I open it for the first time earlier today and it took a long handful of seconds to open. I cleared cache and tried again and it's way snappier.

    Ah yes, you have EasyLink, and I used that too actuall. I know that I renamed the package names also in the CSS of the template as well. I just can't recall exactly how and where, and I don't have a way to verify that at the moment.

    They have to be added if you are using user friendly URL's.

    emm.. as I said, I never added more than one .htaccess, just the one in the root folder, and included all the rewrites there. This is the file I used:

    I just placed one .htaccess under my site root folder (commonly /public_html) and add all the re-writes there. I never included other htaccess files on the site folders; I tried to keep things tidy as much as I could. That setup never gave me problems and was able to rename all the packages names.

    I don't have any live site to test it now, but if memory serves me right, I was able to rename various addons and apps links it by first adding the correct re-write in .htaccess as in the example below:

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine on
    #RewriteBase /
    # Rewrite application /Downloads/
    RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteRule ^Downloads/(.*)$ Downloads/index.php?$1 [L,QSA]

    Then, enabled Controller Alias in ACP and added the entry to make the .php link "prettier," and finally changed the name under Appearance > Page Menu > List Menu Items.

    Give it at shot.

    Yep, there is, and it's still by cls-design, actually. It's called EasySlider, and I have used it through the years in my forums to place a thumbnail slider of the latest pictures uploaded in gallery by members either on dashboard or on top of main forum page (or both). It requires a bit of tinkering with the settings at first (although I haven't tried the latest version, which should be simpler to manage), but once you understand how it works, you can really customize it to your liking.

    You will find the add on here >…hp/Product/22-EasySlider/

    restart from the beginning for the 4 version, and it's necessary to restart from the beginning for the 4.1 version because there is a lot of change. Personally I stopped, too much cost and time for nothing.

    Maybe the team need to change their political on these points.

    Anyway, the product is good, and I thank them for their work.

    Personally, it sounds like you want the cake and eat it too (the impossibility of having something both ways, if those two ways conflict). I understand that providing free translations means devoting quite some time and energy to it in order to have decent results. But you complain about constant changes, which apparently make your work harder because you have to start from scratch every time WoltLab releases a major version or Burning Board. And yet, if you think on it, those very changes are what make WBB the great forum software of our choice. From what I gather reading your post, it seems to me that you are promoting software development stagnation in order to make your life as an unofficial translator easier, and I believe that isn't really the way to go.

    The German community is something else, and I hope one day the English one will be more similar. It's such a great software & system!

    On that we agree. And that is why I believe that the primary focus should be having an excellent English translation. Of course, if volunteer-based translations in other languages turn out to be decent, it's all for the better. Yet, nowadays it's the English language that makes the product more accessible and user-friendly on wider, global scale, at least now that an increasingly number of English-speaking audience is discovering WBB, and that's where the focus should be for the time being. But that's just my opinion, of course.

    They were using the software for business purposes, and they wanted to receive a professionally developed product. It was almost as if they felt that volunteer translators degraded the work, or provided a lesser quality product.

    From what you are saying, it sounds like they wanted the cake and eat it too, which I believe made those volunteers such as yourself feel like their work wasn't worth the hassle.

    I am aware that WoltLab is still a relatively small company, and I can understand if they didn't want to hire professional translators because of the price. I think that for the time being, translating wbb into several languages would be trying to put too many eggs in one basket. The current English translation is acceptable, but not great considering that it still shows odd/awkward wording here and there. I do believe that Burning Board should focus on providing an excellent English translation to begin with, which is what makes a product reach broader audiences nowadays -- for instance, the potentially lucrative American market that I believe WoltLab is trying to win.

    It is my personal opinion that for the moment trying to include volunteer-based translations in various languages would be dispersive, since as I mentioned above, the focus should primarily be on improving the current English pack. I know for a fact that several potential customers across the ocean (and who speak English either as both first or second language) are often put off by the odd and unconventional wording the current English translation displays.

    Translations in other languages could come later on, and possibly tasked to professional translators.

    I'd say that so far it's been great. Vultr is really affordable and flexible, which makes it an ideal environment for any kind of testing and various projects one may have. Known Host is providing me with the best hosting experience I have had in a long while, although it comes with a higher price. But if you don't want to compromise, and are tired of the lack of freedom and compatibility issues that often afflict share plans, a nice SSD VPS could be relatively heavy on the wallet, but still leave you with a smile :D

    I had that before and it was caused by Mod Security. If you can do it yourself from cPanel, disable it and try to upload the logo again. If you don't see the option, ask your host to disable it for you, or to provide you with the htacess string that will turn it off for your account. Also, re-check your file permission, and make sure the images folder is consistent with the other folders' permission (either 644 or 755 depending on what your host set.