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    You have to add an own template group first, which you have to assign to your style in the style editor (Design -> Styles -> List styles -> Edit style -> Global -> General -> Template group). Then you can edit the template and copy it in your created template group. :)

    thank you!

    do I need to edit the title for each file?


    Just edit your index.tpl in the template editor:
    ACP -> Design -> Template Editor

    Black Ryder,

    I did what you told me to do but in my templates I have Standard templates and mobile design (32). Under Standard templates > template name > index > edit template. The page changes to Mobile Design.

    At the top it shows in yellow "Standard templates cannot be changed generally. In order to change it, you can copy this template into an own template pack."


    did u enable it? by going to your admin panel/system/options/modules on/off and user its at the bottom :)


    Sorry for the late respond and thank you for the quick reply.

    Everything is working perfect. purchased the mobile detection a long with a nice mobile design.


    How do I make my title change?

    example: "Main Page - Major Sports Talk" to "Major Sports Talk - Main Page" is there a way to edit and remove the wording "Main Page" and only keep the site name?


    how can I change the urls?

    example: "" to ""



    I just purchased mobile detection from the plugin store. Installed it successfully to my forum but I can't get it to work and I tried to get support on the website for the plugin but everything is in german and I don't understand anything. Will someone help me?


    I've been using different kinds of forum-software but nothing like burning board 3. In the user groups section there is "Everyone" and "Guest". What is the difference?

    Usually its only Administration, Guest, Moderators, Registered users, and Super Moderators in the other forum software.


    I currently have phpbb 3.0.x and just purchased burning board 3. I tried using the data importer to import my forums, users, etc etc to my burning board 3 but i am having trouble with the "Source database information". Does anyone here know how to transfer from phpbb3 to burning board 3?