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    Not Failed ...

    Login normally and Starting the worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostSearchIndexRebuildDataWorker but still is at 0% after 5 mins.

    The error is because the System (Centos 6) PHP Version (PHP 5.6.1) is Differ From the PHP Ver I am Using in PLesk for my Community (PHP 7.1).

    In system PHP I don't use Memcache Extension and this is the Reason for this error - Warning Notice.

    >worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostSearchIndexRebuildDataWorker

    0% [------------------------------------------------------------]

    BTW ... I am not an expert in PHP so is just a guess. :)

    I use Elastic And I getting this error notice in front of CLI.

    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib64/php/modules/' - /usr/lib64/php/modules/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    WoltLab (r) Community Framework (tm) 2.1.16 (Typhoon)

    Is safe to ignore it and proceed in Re-builds. ?

    My community is Large now and I have big problem using Rebuild Data through ACP.

    For example when I start the Rebuild Post Search Index I always ended with Connection error notice by Cloudflare after 1 minute.

    The problem is that i Use Elastic Search also, and now my Search Index is a mess I think.

    How can by-pass this issue ?

    Is it possible to run all those Rebuilds in Database through terminal commands (Putty) ?

    Please I need some instructions to proceed in proper actions to solve this Huge issue.

    My Community Database getting bigger and bigger every month and as far as I understand I must use Direct Connection to my Server (SQL) to make possible all those Rebuilds and Re-indexes to work.

    Thanks in advance for your Help.

    Lately I have many errors from notifications settings.

    Is this a bad translation issue ?

    Thanks in advance for your help... :)

    If you use another language an English / German then I think the error is in the
    XML file because everything works 100% OK here both with WCF 3.0 and WCF 2.1

    This is NOT correct my Friend.

    The editor in WCF 2.1 build is broken in latest Chrome Version.

    Update Chrome to 58.0.3029.96 (64-bit) And everything will work:thumbup:

    No this is NOT Correct.

    In case you have newest WCF 3.0 installation is ok.

    But in older WCF 2.1 (which I am using in my Community) the Problem is there.. :(

    Maybe an Update or FIX needed, and Alexander Ebert must see this issue which is very annoying ..

    Is An issue with new Chrome Latest Update.

    All other Browsers are working Fine (OPERA - FireFox - Safari - IE etc.etc.).

    I rolback to older Version of Chrome 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit), and all are working just Fine again... :)

    don't think so, have you tried to connect manually from shell ?

    openssl s_client -connect

    you should also update your app api, v2.3 is only available until July 8, 2017…ps/changelog?locale=en_en

    How can I update the API from v2.3 to latest version ?

    I see only the update tool in facebook console, which do nothing except notify me that I will not have any call problems agter the Update.

    But I realy don't know how is possilble to update whthout make problems to any existing accounts (members) who are already registered to my community.

    Confused...... :)

    Is the follownig error related with new settings at nginx configuration file ?

    I have many of those errors now.