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    Depending on the IP adress, you shoule not block an IP infinitely. Most IPs are, in fact, dynamic and change at least every 24 hours. This means, if you block an IP for a longer duration, you might end up blocking someone else who didn't make anything wrong. Of ciurse there are static IPs too, and those can be blocked for a long duration ;)

    Now I am curious about what you get when you buy a branding free license from WoltLab? Do you get instructions for removing the copyright via CSS or language variable edits, do you get a "plugin" that you can install the usual way, which removes the copyright or something else=

    My community is on We're currently not so active, but hopefully that will change with the recent start of our own news subpage, the partnership with another Nintendo communty and other changes planned for the future ;) is another WoltLab-powered site I am maintaining (only on the technical side, I'm neither the owner nor responsible for the community itself ;) ); the design was originally created by another user for WBB 4.1, and I ported it to WBB 5 with some minor changes to better fit the new software,

    Zeldauniverse looks pretty nice, but I don't like the narrow fixed-width design (which is necessary because of the header design; and the content design doesn't really fit the surrounding page design in my opinion).

    Bisaboard looks amazing ;)