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    Forget about the horrid buggy state IPB is in for a second, if you think you were censored here, just wait until you see how Charles and the IPB gang treat ya over there.

    Never said I was censored here (or that was an issue). So far all is well on IP.Board (all is well on XenForo too, surprisingly... see how long that last. lol ).

    This will be my last post. I'm handing over this account to @Sami Jalal (who is pending transfer of a few things).

    The issue is not only MariaDB, he also had an issue with how the censor function works... i'm not saying he's a bad person, i just think he always wants to be right, wants to have it HIS way and if they don't agree he gets pissed...
    Ah well, lets close the subject and move on to a other thing :)

    I don't have to be right all the time (nor do I want to be as sometimes I'd do better to be wrong). But when I am right I don't back down. Just as when I do tell the truth... I don't back down.

    I have said this a dozen times and it keeps getting ignored.... But I'll say it again...

    The whole MariaDB issue was not the only reason why I sold my licenses. There are many reasons beyond that.

    I got trolled by a developer for telling the truth and trying to rewrite history (the whole censor argument).

    For example, This single sentence (above) has NOTHING to do with MariaDB.

    Oh well. sorry to see you go.

    I'm not. lol

    It became too much. I got trolled by a developer for telling the truth and trying to rewrite history (the whole censor argument). And I ended up with a product that is incompatible with the software I use (MariaDB) with no work around (something others have provided elsewhere).

    I'm currently using IP.Board. Special shout out to Lindy's who has been wonderful (Yes, I that surprises me too). I have also converted to another free development that not only works, they promoted me to staff ( 8| ).

    So in the end... In the words of the cartoon South Park...

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    you could also argue the other way around: there are currently 682 relases of mariadb availible (number taken out of github) and only 2 of them have issues with the current version of wbb4.
    So if the other 680 Versions work with wbb, whos bug is it ?

    That would be an interesting statistic if true.

    The thing to wait and see for, is what MariaDB say about that bug report. If they confirm it is indeed a bug then everything you've said is wrong.

    Not so... The only thing I've been saying over and over and over... Is this appears to be exclusive in WoltLab. And that's not wrong, because again...

    • MariaDB + IP.Board = Works
    • MariaDB + vBulletin = Works
    • MariaDB + XenForo = Works
    • MariaDB + WoltLab Burning Board = Fails.
    • MariaDB + phpBB = Works
    • MariaDB + WordPress = Works

    I've not yet found any major development that is well known that is encountering this issue. And I have already said...

    I'm not doubting that there maybe some obscure bug somewhere. I've never known any development anywhere, to be absolutely 100% bug free, ever. That's just the nature of code in general. If you dig hard enough, you'll find a bug in anything and everything. It's inconvenient, but true about the nature of development.

    However, I cannot find any well known development at this time, with the exception of WoltLab to be claiming they have an issue with MaraiDB. None. I encourage anyone and everyone, to please show me another major, well known development that is having this issue. IPB and XF both use real “Prepared Statements” and they're not having this issue.

    well, looks like xenforo don't use subqerys together with update selects...
    didn't checked this before because i don't have a test board^^

    Whatever the difference...I don't care... It sucks.

    • MariaDB + IP.Board = Works
    • MariaDB + vBulletin = Works
    • MariaDB + XenForo = Works
    • MariaDB + WoltLab Burning Board = Fails.
    • MariaDB + phpBB = Works
    • MariaDB + WordPress = Works

    ^ That's my bottom line. That is my rosetta stone.

    And being told that I must either $$$$ or wait 6 months to use my software has me in a state of #$#%^&@@ !!!!! Because at the moment, however WoltLab decided to code things... Sucks. Absolutely sucks. I see no benefit in it at this moment in time.

    /end thread.

    Just try it and add the following line in your xenforo config:
    $config['db']['adapter'] = 'Pdo_Mysql';
    This changes the default driver to pdo and then take a look if everything runs fine...

    Everything works fine. :)

    Again proving this issue is only in WoltLab.

    WoltLab has written a software that queries a database server with a standardized language: The Structured Query Language, SQL

    Well, OK, but so has... phpBB, MyBB, vBulletin, IP.Board, XenForo, WordPress... ect....

    Furthermore they are setting a MySQL option which is defined in its API and using MySQLs feature of prepared statements through PDO.

    Alright so they use the API. There are 3 common API's to get your php software to speak to SQL. They happen to use PDO as opposed to mysqli or mysqlnd.

    Using an API isn't new.... phpBB, MyBB, vBulletin, IP.Board, XenForo, WordPress... ect.... All use an API.

    Now there is a query which conforms to the SQL standard and is sent to a MariaDB server but instead of answering with a result the server crashes. Who’s fault is it?

    That particularly query (or line of code). Because I can send a bunch of queries using different forum software and nothing crashes.

    And again: Thats not the case, the default db-class of ipb 4 uses mysqli...

    I really don't see the big deal between mysqli or pdo or mysqlnd. They're all MySQL driver for PHP

    lol, he's not even getting his facts right.

    Don't say something you don't know about. :rolleyes:

    My "facts' are just fine. And here is the FACT... ONLY WoltLab is having this issue. Overcome that fact and I'll admit fault.

    Well, i just took a look at the xenforo source and it looks like the main difference is that xenforo uses mysqli while the wbb uses PDO.
    Looks like they are beeing differently handled by php...

    Huh... Seems my source wasn't being honest. For this I apologize. Although I'm sure IPB is different.

    ( Speaking personally, I prefer mysqlnd over pdo or mysqli )

    A bug report has been submitted to them at MariaDB, so why not wait and see what they say about it.

    But we'll wait and see...

    I guess we'll wait and see.

    I think we've established that. lol :P